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A Rosstastic Story- Episode 19

“Whatever.  But she’s lucky, she doesn’t even deserve a date from me.  I’m too much for her” he said smiling.

“too much for her?” Laura added, giving her a look.  “What’s that supposed to mean Ross Shor Lynch” she asked seriously, raising one eyebrow. 

“That sounded harsh, that’s not what I meant.” Ross said biting his lip. 

“But that’s what you thought.” Laura said menacingly.  Then a honk was heard outside, Ross’s ride had arrived.  A super long fancy limousine.

“Bye Laura” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “I gotta go” he added.

But what Ross didn’t know is that the call he had just made was probably one of the worst decisions of his life. 

“yeah yeah I get it” Ross said, feeling a little exhausted.

“whoah man, you okay there, you’re sweating bullets” Justin said coming down from the top stairs.

“Yeah, our director was just showing me my entrance one more time” Ross told him, “and don’t be talking, it’s not like you’re doing any better” Ross said with a laugh, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“It’s gonna be an insane performance” Justin bragged,

“I know dude, it’s so sick” Ross said, taking off his shirt, and wiping his sweat with it.

“Make sure you’re ready, these two pillars are gonna explode in fire, and then you” the director said pointing to Ross, “you will come out from underneath and you will start singing your second verse”

“ha man, of course, I know” Ross said the director, “this is like the 300th time you tell me”

“yeah I know, my bad, I just want to make sure this performance is perfect” said the director, “you’re an incredibly talented kid”

A couple minutes later, and after two rehearsals, Selena arrived with Laura.

“Hi guys!” Selena said excitedly, rushing towards Justin.

“Ross!” Laura said, as she met Ross with a kiss, wrapping her arms around his shirtless-sweaty body.

“whoah, how’d you get here babe?” Ross asked Laura.

“Selena picked me up in her big fancy van and drove me here…” Laura said, taking a look at the stage. “oh my gosh, this is where you’re gonna be performing?  This is huge!  And all those seats? They’re gonna be filled, right? Dang!”

“Trust me, at the rate he’s going, he needs to get used to it” Justin said, approaching them with his arm around Selena.

“You two are gonna kill it up there” Selena said giving an adorable laugh. 

“Yeah, see that gap right there?  I’m gonna pop out of there and confetti and fire is gonna explode off the ground and its gonna be AWESOME!” Ross said excitedly.

“You have a nice body Ross” Selena said smiling.  Justin gave her a loud double-cough. 

“Oh babe I’m sorry” she said, kissing him on the cheek and cuddling with him, “you know I love yah! But it wouldn’t hurt you to work out every once in a while” she said laughing.

Justin laughed too, a little embarrassed however. “haha, very funny” he said, hugging her tight.  This was their cute little inside joke that Ross and Laura didn’t really understand.

“Thanks” was all Ross said back as he ran his hand through his abs. 

~Later The Next Day~

The next day finally arrived and even though Ross was not happy about it he knew he had to go on the  date with Raini.  He put on a tank top which revealed his strong sexy biceps with a hoodie over it, and some tight jeans.  He didn’t really care about his appearance, and hurried to the open-glass restaurant.  Now that he had finally gotten his license he drove there on his own.

Raini was completely and ridiculously overdressed.  She was wearing a long red dress with a lot of make up and bright red lips stick.  Her hair had been curled and she was wearing a fancy necklace.

“Hello there, Ross” Raini said, trying to sound very formal.  “I am very happy you managed to make it”

Ross laughed, “Raini, you don’t have to act like someone else” he said rolling his eyes a little, “we’re here to have an honest talk”

“Oh thank god!” Raini exclaimed happily, “I’ve been practicing for 2 hours what to say when you finally got here, and here you are, and ahh! I’m making a fool of myself, but I’m glad I can be myself, ahh! Because well-”

Ross “shhh-d” her by placing his fingers on his lips.  “calm down Raini” he said in his cool-guy voice.

Raini sighed dreamily, “awhhhh, you look so hot doing that” she whispered, completely in love. 

Ross sighed, feeling annoyed.  “Alright Raini, I just came because I wanted us to be friend, you know?” he told her.

“You care enough about me that you couldn’t stand us not talking to each other? You’re so sweet Ross! Oh my gosh” Raini said squealing.

“Yeah…let’s go with that” he told her.

“Fine Ross.  Fine, I completely understand” she told him.  “I want us to be friends too!”

“Well, that’s great.  I also-” he started saying.

“You should really take off your jacket.” She said, checking him out.

“why?” Ross said, giving her a confused face.

“Because we’re in L.A, it’s hot in here” she told him.  “And I’m not just saying that cause you’re in the room” she said, giving him a wink.

“fine, whatever” he said, taking off his hoodie, revealing his biceps.

Raini had a little trouble breathing when he exposed his arms. “oh-oh-oh my g-g-g-g-gosh.  Nice arms Ross. HOT.” She said licking her lips.

Ross began to feel creeped out again, “yeah…thanks.” He told her, picking up his menu.

“I love the way your arms flex when you picked up the menu” she whispered, giving him what she thought was a sexy smile.

Ross scoffed with a creeped-out laugh, looking to the side. “yeah…thanks Raini.  But you know, we’re just friends”

“And I’m fine that.  Best friends usually end up together” she told him.

“Yeah…this isn’t working” he said, starting to get up.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll try harder, please stay Ross” she told him.

“fine.” He said.

The waiter came and took their orders, she was shocked to have Ross as a customer and even asked for his autograph quietly.  Telling him she loved his song. 

“Look at this” Raini said as she gulped down a piece of chicken, she pulled out a book that was by her side.  “This is my Ross-book.” She told him, giving it to him.  “I know we’re just friends, but I’d like you to look at it”

Ross scanned the book, in the front it had a picture of Ross and Raini together, with his name sketched numerous times all over the cover, and one-big sketch of his name with glitter.  He opened the book and looked through it inside.  He saw a couple of used napkins, papers, and notes he had written on along with hundreds of pictures of him.

“Are all these objects that I have used?” he asked, feeling creeped out.

“Yeah.” She said, smiling at him.

“Is that a sock?  You carry one of my socks around?” he asked her, throwing the book back at her.

“Yeah.  It smells gloriously.” She whispered.

“Yeah…okay.  I gotta stay focused.  I’m here because, well, if we’re friends, you should be friends with Laura too” he said, trying not to think about the book.

“Oh sure!” she exclaimed.  “Just one condition”

“what is it?” he asked her.

“Kiss me Ross” Raini whispered.

“um…no” he told her.

“A quick kiss on the cheek.  It’ll be fast.  Just like a last-kiss kind of thing, after it, everything will go back to normal” she said.

“I don’t know…” he said looking down.

“Please Ross? Please?” she said.  “I promise, after it, I will leave you alone and I’ll be back to being friends with Laura”

He looked around.  The restaurant was pretty empty.  No one was looking at them.  Just one quick kiss.  No big deal.  He leaned forward and pursed his lips a little, and Raini immediately returned the kiss.  She wrapped her arms around him and stuck her tongue inside his mouth.  He quickly pushed away.

“Raini!” he yelled angrily.  “alright, ugh” he said, wiping his lips a little. “It’s over.  Everything is back to normal” he said, putting some cash on the table and walking away, he left, Raini followed behind, but he told her to get away and drove to Laura’s house.

~At the Lynch home about 30 minutes later~

“Guys look at this! They’re talking about Ross!” Riker said, putting the volume on the T.V up.

“They’re always talking about Ross, what’s the surprise?” Rydel said, laughing.

“But listen to this” Riker said, jaw dropped open.

“This just in, Rising mega-star was caught at a restaurant today with no other than co-star from his Disney show Raini Rodriguez, details and pictures about their very hot date, after these commercials” said the spokesperson on the T.V.

“oh man…” Riker said giving Rydel a look.

Alright, I've been thinking about canceling these series, the only thing that keeps me writing it is your wonderful comments.  So if you like it, please comment.

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3) What do you think of Ross's upcoming Grammy performance with Justin?
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Which should be my next series?

Hey, so I’ve been getting a few ideas for a new series after “Rosstastic Story” ends.  Here’s a few of the idea, pick one of them or none.  Whichever you’d like to see as a story. J

1)   1)    Disney CLASH!  This series would basically be all about what would happen if some of Disney’s best shows combined.  What would happen if Austin Moon ever met Alex Russo?  Basically like a cross-over story between Disney shows.

If you like this idea, let me know in the comments which series you’d like to be a part of it.  PICK 3.

      Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, ANT Farm, Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Ally, or JESSIE.  (make sure you pick A&A as one of your choices, haha)

2)      2) A Vampire Story- In this story either Ross would be a vampire, or the girl he falls in love with.  But most likely, Ross. Hehe.  And well…stuff happens.

Ross would make a very sexy vampire. ;) hehe, right? RT if you agree. ;)

3) A serious sad drama- This series would be all about drama and sad subjects.  For example, it might be about Ross having a terminal disease in which he only has a few weeks left but he falls in love with a girl.

4) Bad Boy Ross- Ross is a player.  (RATED R series) Lot’s of sexual scenes, and sexual content.  But then Ross finds a girl who isn’t all over him, and he becomes interested in her.


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A Rosstastic Story- Episode 18

“yeah…” Ross said, looking out the car window.

“whats up bro?” Riker asked.

“I don’t know, Laura was acting kind of weird.  She didn’t even kiss me goodbye” Ross said sadly.

“don’t sweat it bro, I’m sure everything is fine” he added.

“I hope” Ross explained.

When they got to the house, Ross was surprised to find his parents in the living room with a large envelop in their hands, Riker had a huge smile in his face.

“About time you got here!” Riker said excitedly.

“what is it?” Ross replied

“Justin was here.  Justin Bieber was in our house” his mom said with a shocked face.

“And they were here to make you an invitation” his dad continued.

“A super awesome invitation that we already gladly took for you!” Rydel added

“Alright! What is it?” Ross asked, dying to know what it was.

Ross’s dad came closer and placed his hands in Ross’s shoulders, “You’re gonna be performing at this year’s Grammy awards!” he said.

Ross couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  His eyes widened in shock, and his jaw dropped in disbelief.  “What?” was all he managed to say.

“I am not kidding, Justin came here to tell us that he wants to perform his duet with you at the Grammy’s, Not For You, you start rehearsals next week!” his dad added.

“What?  Whoah.  ME? At the Grammy’s?” Ross asked in shock.

“Yeah, look at this” Rydel said showing him her iPhone.  “Your song is number one on iTunes, it’s doing fantastic!”

“Yeah bro, and you’re super famous!  Everyone wants to know about you, we got calls from Ellen, Oprah and Enews!  They all want to meet you!” Riker told him excitedly.

“And you got so much fanmail” Rydel added.

“Plus your show in Disney is doing so well, breaking records in ratings!” his mom added.

~2 Weeks Later~

Ross new fame was something he was not used to.  He was super busy ALL the time.  He had to go from recording songs for his Disney show, to recording songs for his new album.  When he wasn’t doing that, he was out rehearsing for his performance of “Not For You” for the Grammy’s with Justin, doing interviews in T.V shows, or promoting his newest single with Justin.  Everywhere he went he got hounded by paparazzi and fans, to the point where it was almost impossible for him to go anywhere without being recognized.

Ross had become in an overnight superstar.  Even receiving calls from artists Usher, Pitbull and other famous singers for possible collaborations.  His fanbase was increasing at such an incredible speed where it was almost impossible for Ross to handle.

As for Rocky, things hadn’t gotten any better.  He was spending most of his time in his room, avoiding all possible contact with Ross.  Bella, Raini, Zendaya, and Cody did not do much during this time, but their sudden lack of interest is exactly what made them dangerous.

“Whoah, I got tackled by so many fans today..  IT WAS AWESOME!” Ross exclaimed, getting in the car with Riker.

“haha man, I bet” Riker said.

“It was crazy!  They ripped off my shirt!  They were all like ‘you’re so hot’ and stuff, insane!  Some girl took my socks” Ross added.

“Yup.  You’re getting so big.  You’re everywhere!” Riker said, feeling happy for his brother.

“I know!  I’m gonna hang with Laura now for like 30 minutes, and then Justin is picking me up so we can rehearse.  This performance at the Grammy’s is gonna be sick! And Selena said I was cute, can you believe that?”  Ross said, smiling.

“Yup.  Um…too bad you couldn’t make it to our rehearsal yesterday” Riker said, showing a little sadness in his voice.  “For the 7th time” he added under his breath.

“Oh bro, I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve been so busy!  Haven’t had time for things like that anymore” he told him.

“Yeah, I understand Ross, don’t worry” Riker responded, faking a smile for his brother.  He pulled up to the curb and stopped, “alright man”

“thanks bro!” Ross said, getting off the car quickly.

Ross ran to Laura’s house, the second he knock, the door flung open.  He met her with a hug, picking her up and circling her in the air as he met her with a kiss.  “Laura!”

“Ross!” she said happily, hugging her boyfriend.  “Whoah, you look good” she said, licking her lips as she checked him out.

“ha, thanks.  This is for the rehearsal” he said. “I gotta go soon, Justin sent over some people to pick me up”

“Oh, so you’re leaving soon?” she added, sadly.

“Yes, I’m sorry” he said, putting his hand on her cheek.  “I have to”

“No, it’s fine” she said, trying to pretend not to be sad.  “I’m just glad you’re here now.  It’s just that, well, I haven’t seen you in a while.  We don’t get to spend much time together anymore”

“Oh babe I know, but that’s just while I finish this promo stuff and the rehearsal for the grammy’s, once that’s over everything will calm down a bit, I’ll only have the album, oh and we’ll start filming Austin and Ally so we’ll definitely get to spend time together”

“I guess…” she said.  “but now that you mention that, there’s something that you owe me” she said, bringing the phone. 

“What?  Anything.” He said, giving her a smile.

“Call Raini.  Schedule the date.  So that you can tell her you like her as a friend and we can settle everything” she told him.

Ross rolled his eyes, and put his hands on his hair, feeling frustrated.  “But…” he said.

“No buts.  Please?” she added.  “We need to solve this before we start shooting the show” she said, giving her a puppy eye look.

“Fine.  Whatever.  Just to get it over with.” He said picking up the phone.  He dialed her number and waited for it to ring.

“Hello?” Raini answered.  “Who’s this?” she asked.

“Um, this is Ross…” Ross replied.

“oh my gosh? Really? Ross? What? Why are you calling me?” she asked in confusion, squealing a little bit in excitement.

"um..." Ross said, not very interested.  The very sound of her voice creeped him out, bringing terrible memories back to him.

"you're voice sounds so hot over the phone" Raini said outloud, pretty much fangirling.

Ross rolled his eyes slightly... “I wanted to ask you…” Ross said, took a deep breath and rolled his eyes, “if you wanted to go out with me sometime, you know, so we could talk” Ross added really quickly.

“Maybe you can go to her house, so it’s more comfortable” Laura whispered, smiling excitedly.

“Oh my god, Ross? WHAT?  Is this real life? Sure sure  YES! Oh my god, when? I’m shaking Ross, thank you thank you thank you” Raini said almost losing her breath.

“How about tomorrow night” Ross said in a bored tone.

“Yes, where? Oh my god, you’re so hot Ross, thank you” she said, almost crying.

“her house!” Laura whispered.

“No! Anywhere but her house!” Ross whispered back to her.  ‘Is she crazy? I can’t go to Raini’s house,  I don’t wanna get raped.’ Ross thought to himself. 

“We’ll do it somewhere really really really public with lots of people, you know, so…things don’t get out of control” Ross told her.

“Yes! Anywhere!” Raini said overly excited.

“Alright.  I’ll pick you up tomorrow night.” Ross said in an annoyed tone.  “be ready.”

“Yes Ross! I WILL BE! I’m gonna buy new clothes and everything, I’m so excited.  You don’t know how much this means to me! I love you!” Raini exclaimed.

“This isn’t a date Raini.  This is two friends having dinner, alright?” he clarified.

“Yes, of course.” She added.

“Alright. Bye.” He told her.

“No, don’t go” Raini added.  But Ross had already hung up.

“Can’t believe you’re making me do this Laura.  She’s a wacko!” Ross told Laura.

“She’s our friend!  It means a lot to me because I want her to be my friend again.” Laura argued.

“Whatever.  But she’s lucky, she doesn’t even deserve a date from me.  I’m too much for her” he said smiling.

“too much for her?” Laura added, giving her a look.  “What’s that supposed to mean Ross Shor Lynch” she asked seriously, raising one eyebrow. 

“That sounded harsh, that’s not what I meant.” Ross said biting his lip. 

“But that’s what you thought.” Laura said menacingly.  Then a honk was heard outside, Ross’s ride had arrived.  A super long fancy limousine.

“Bye Laura” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “I gotta go” he added.

But what Ross didn’t know is that the call he had just made was probably one of the worst decisions of his life.  

Hope you liked the episode fabulous readers!  Please comment if you like it, or even if you don't, let me KNOW!  14 comments for the next episode.

1)  Favorite part? Least favorite part?
2) What do you think of Ross's new sudden burst in fame?  
3) Thoughts on the Raini/Ross situation? 
4) Thoughts on anything in the episode?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 17

Ross’s life was changing.  Fast.

“So how did it go!?” Laura asked excitedly as Riker and Ross got on the car, “and what’s with the paparazzis?”

“I don’t even know!” Ross exclaimed.

“You didn’t answer her first question, the meeting went great, Ross is now a millionaire.  As to the paparazzi, I DON’T EVEN KNOW!” Riker repeated.  Riker pulled out carefully, afraid that he would hit any of the paparazzi.

“that’s insane! How did they even find us?” Ross asked in confusion.

“I don’t know, maybe you were spotted, and someone called them” Riker said speeding away.

“so what’s this I hear about millionaire?” Laura asked confused.

“Well, I kind of signed the record deal, they offered me 1.5 millions dollars, plus 2% percent of album sales” Ross said

“what? Damn!” Laura exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you baby!” Laura said excitedly, hugging him from the back of the seat over and over, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

“I don’t get used to that, you know? Your love and your kisses” Ross said smiling to her.

“Plus, add on top of that the money he makes from touring” Riker added

“Touring? I’m not touring without the band, and of that I’m sure” Ross argued.

Riker took a deep breath, “yeah, we’ll see” he added.

They rushed to their home, and Ross immediately told his family the news.

“Are you serious?” Rydel said loudly.

His mom was basically jumping out of joy, and his dad a super wide smile on his face. “You don’t know how proud of you we are” Ross’s dad stated.

“dude, you’re a millionaire!” Ratliff stated, “bro, that’s sick! I’m so happy for you!”

“We must go out and celebrate!” Ross’s mom said happily.

“Well have fun you guys, cause I can’t go” Rocky said, walking down the stairs.

“Rocky” Riker said, a little bit of anger in his voice. “we talked about this”

“Shut up Riker, you’re not my father!” Rocky yelled back.

“But I AM” their dad, said very loudly.  “Rocky, what has gotten into you?”

“If he doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t want to.  His behavior right now is extremely shameful, what happened to being a family?” their mom said, her hand on her chin as she left to the kitchen.

“You’re ruining everything Rocky!” Rydel exclaimed

Ross just stood there quietly, and Laura awkwardly played with her fingers to avoid eye contact with people in the room.

“now you’re turning everyone against me Ross, thank you” Rocky said, pointing at Ross.

“What is your problem!” Ross yelled, “you think any of this was easy for me?”

“Yeah, cause being famous is so damn hard!” Rocky yelled back

“Rocky, up to your room” their father, Mark, said loudly.  Rocky gave him a sad, yet angry look.  As if his father’s words had taken away the little pride he had left.  “I’m sorry Rocky but you’re forcing me to take extreme measures.  Up to your room, you’re grounded”

Rocky bit his lip, and put his head down as he climbed up the stairs. “And I don’t want to see you down here until we get back”

“Jealousy is not a good thing brother” Riker said through his teeth.  Rocky went up and slammed the door hard. 

“What has gotten into him?” their mother said coming back into the room.

“I don’t know, but if this continues he’s gonna get a more severe punishment.  I will not allow it” their dad exclaimed.

“I’m sorry for causing all this” Ross said apologetically.

“sorry for what? For taking an opportunity? No Ross, you should be proud, there’s nothing you need to be sorry for”

            The evening the entire family (minus Rocky) went on the down-low to a very fancy restaurant where they all had a great time, well all, except Ross.  They exchanged jokes, talked, and had a great time eating the delicious food, but Ross just started into space thinking about his brother, and how awful he probably felt alone at home.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” his mom said, “you’re supposed to be smiling”

“it’s nothing, never mind”

“I can’t believe my brother is on his way to becoming a total superstar, wow” Rydel added, as she took a bite of her steak.

“yeah” Ross said with a fake smile, “thanks”

The next morning Ross and Laura hurried to Disney studios to meet up with their Austin and Ally director and crew.  They were both kind of nervous that they were gonna have to see Raini again, none of them knew how it would go.  Ross kissed Laura on the cheek as they got off the car; “don’t worry babe, it’ll be fine”

“sure hope so” she replied.

They entered the building, and quickly let go of each other’s hand.  They didn’t want to make their relationship obvious to the people around them.

“Well if it isn’t the stars of the show!” their friendly director said, meeting each of them with a hug. 

“Hello Kevin” Ross responded

“glad to have you here” he said giving them a stack of papers, “here are the scripts for the first few episodes of the second season”

Then, Raini walked into the set.  But she wasn’t alone, Cody, Zendaya and Bella were with her.  They all had smiles on their faces.  Big smiles.

“Well I’m gonna let you kids talk for a few minutes, got a few things to take care of” the director said walking away.  The wind was hitting Cody’s, Zendaya’s, Bella’s, and Raini’s hair, making it flow as if they were supermodels, kind of like the slow-motion walk in “Mean Girls”

Ross gulped, and Laura clutched his hand.  Fear was actually building up inside of her, but she did not know why. 

“We should go” Ross whispered through the side of his lips, so that only Laura would hear.

“But they’re looking at us” Laura whispered back, barely even moving her lips, still looking at the incoming crowd.

“hi there” Zendaya said with a friendly smile.  Bella scoffed and fave Ross and Laura a bitchy look.  Cody just smiled, and Raini shook her head as she looked at Laura.

“well, is this the Shake it Up set or….” Ross said, breaking the ice.

“No, we are just accompanying our good friend Raini” Bella said, putting her hand on Raini’s shoulder.

“What!?” Ross and Laura said together.

Laura placed her hand on Raini’s shoulder and whispered to her, “Raini, what are you doing? These people aren’t your friends, we are.”

Raini aggressively pushed her hand off and talked loudly, “you, my friends? Yeah, I guess you already forgot about how you backstabbed me”

“yeah, let’s not forget me.  You told me you cared about me Laura” Cody said.

Laura looked away awkwardly and gulped, mouthed “I’m sorry” and went back to her safety bubble next to Ross.

 “I seriously do not know what it is you guys are thinking, but it isn’t gonna work” Ross told them.

Bella rolled her eyes, “so how are you two doing together?  I’m so happy you two got together, I mean Laura, isn’t he tasty?”

“oh my gosh! Yeah, he’s so tasty, trust me, me and Bella would know” Zendaya said with a wink.  Laura gulped, feeling humiliated.

“That’s not gonna work Bella” Ross said confidently, rolling his eyes.

“Well she has a right to know Ross, I mean, you wouldn’t stop screaming might name that night, and I think you especially loved it when I licked your abs” Bella added.

Laura said nothing, and Ross just wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.  “don’t listen to them” he whispered.

“and where did you get those clothes?” Bella said with an evil smirk.  “cause my grandma is looking for a new store to get her stuff”

Laura gulped.  She said nothing.  “leave her alone Bella” Ross said.  “leave us alone”

“don’t worry Rossy, I’m just kidding!” she said, putting her hand on his chest, giving a fake laugh.  “Me and Laura are friends, right Laura?”

“yeah..” Laura said quietly.

“Ross! Get over here, we need to give you something” one of the guys from the crew yelled.

“I’ll be right back” Ross said, kissing Laura on the cheek and walking back into the set.

Ross walked away, trying to keep his sight on the girls, as he walked, all the girls were giving fake friendly smiles, but the second he walked off, their smiles faded.  Ross was too much of a boy to understand girl-world.

“okay, listen here you ugly vampire skin slut” Bella said, giving the bitchy head bop. 

“Bella, please…”

“I’m not done.  You seriously think he’s gonna last with you? Just look at him and look at yourself, you two will not last.  I will make sure of it” Bella said.

“Yeah.  Only reason he’s with you is cause he’s already had us” Zendaya bragged.

Bella pulled out her phone, showing a picture of herself making out with Ross; “like that Laura?”

“oh shut the fuck up you whore!” Cody interrupted.  “I will not stand here and let you insult her” he added, walking forward, hugging Laura.

“but…Cody” Bella said, faking sounding worried.

“I’m sorry but I care about her too much” Cody added.  “Ross might be a dirty cheater who doesn’t care about her, but I do” he said.

“oh…sorry Cody…” Bella added.  “I didn’t know, fine, I’ll stop.” She added.

“Thanks Cody” Laura said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “But, I gotta go, I wanna be alone” she added, running towards the bathroom.

“what’d you think?” Cody asked.

“You did perfectly” Bella said laughing.

“You know what the best part is?” Zendaya added.  “Ross saw the friendly hug”.  The girls laughed, along with Cody…Raini’s laugh was a little nervous and fake.  She had no clue what she had gotten herself into.

That afternoon, Riker picked him up from the set and hurried back home.

“no, we didn’t act an episode today, it was giving us the scripts, and showing me the songs I’m gonna sing and stuff” Ross said.

“whoah, that’s cool.  You’re gonna be recording a lot now” Riker said with a laugh.

“yeah…” Ross said, looking out the car window.

“whats up bro?” Riker asked.

“I don’t know, Laura was acting kind of weird.  She didn’t even kiss me goodbye” Ross said sadly.

“don’t sweat it bro, I’m sure everything is fine” he added.

“I hope” Ross explained.

When they got to the house, Ross

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 16

“It’s a phone call for you, apparently a big music agent wants to talk to you” Rocky said, smacking the phone on top of the counter and storming off the room.

“Yes?” Ross said nervously.

“Hello, Ross? Ross Lynch?” the man asked.

“Yes, it’s me” Ross replied.

“It’s me Marcus Welman here, I just played some of your vocal tracks here to a couple of my supervisors.  They really want to meet you.  This record deal is pretty much made for you”

Ross was nervous, but he still smiled. “um, yes” he responded awkwardly. “when?”

“How about we meet at Hollywood Café, in, let’s say, an hour?” Marcus replied.

“sure.  I’m there.” Ross answered.

“excellent” Marcus responded, and hung up. 

“what am I going to do that?” Ross asked as he took a deep breath.

“I say go for it son, you can’t just let an opportunity like this go by.  R5 will have its moments, and you will have yours” Ross’s dad replied.

“yeah man, it’s not like you’re leaving R5?  I can’t believe you’re actually debating whether you should do this or not. Do it! Do it for me? I’ll be extremely proud of you, R5 will get its big break, and you’ll still be a part of it” Riker said, walking into the room.

Ross smiled at his brother, “thanks Riker.  But you should really tell Rocky that”

“Don’t worry man, I’ll talk to him. It’ll pass” Riker responded

“Alright then, I gotta get ready!” Ross said as he ran up the stairs.  Ross ran up, and quickly started changing, trying to keep his style while looking formal at the same time.

“Ross! Someone is here for you” Riker’s voice said from behind.

“I can’t see anyone, I’m busy!” Ross yelled back as he fixed his collar from his shirt.

“Just get down here!” Riker yelled back.  Ross sped up down the stairs like a cheetah, fixing up his shirt and running his hand through his hair to comb it to the side when he saw who it was.  It was Laura, waiting in the living room with a bright smile.  He met her with a kiss.

“thanks for coming Laura! I missed you” he told her.

“I was missing you too, but I’m here for another reason, well, remember our…” she got closer and whispered.  “our plan for Raini? When are you gonna do it?”

Ross rolled his eyes and pulled away, disappointed that that was the reason Laura had come here. 

“well Laura I can’t now, I’m about to go to a very important lunch with some music agents, wanna come with me?” Ross asked with a smile

“I’d love to!” Laura exclaimed, “so your band is getting signed?”

“not…exactly” Ross replied, his smile fading.

“oh…” Laura replied awkwardly.

“well little bro, you better hurry up, you definitely do not want to be late” Riker said, walking into the room, putting his hands on Ross’s shoulders.

Ross smiled, “of course!” he replied. 

“Did you guys see that?” Rydel said coming into the room.

“what?” Ross asked in confusion.

“You were just on Enews Ross! They were talking about your duet with Justin Bieber, a preview was released and people are going insane about it!” Rydel replied. 

“whoah, really?” Ross asked excitedly.

“Yeah!  You were spotted with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, both which are huge stars!” Rydel said excitedly for his brother.

“wow, that’s pretty cool” Ross told her. 

Riker hurried to the door, Ross and Laura following.  They got into the car and drove off to Hollywood Café, all of them feeling a little nervous at the pit of their stomachs.

“Man, whatever happens out there” Riker said, pulling up to the curb, “good luck”

“dad should have come” Ross said.

“want me to get down with you?” Riker asked him.

“yes!” Ross said, feeling relieved.

“I’ll wait for you guys in the car” Laura told them.

Fancy Restaurant

Ross and Riker got down, and entered the restaurant.  They immediately spotted the table, two elderly guys were there who looked very important, another tall black man stood by them with sunglasses who also looked important, and Marcus was by their side.  Ross took a deep breath and approached them.

“hello, my name is Ross Lynch” Ross said, extending his hand to shake theirs.

They each shook his hand, “strong fella we have here” one of the older men said.

                                    Robert Werberk         Will Cage             Nicholas Smith

“My name is Will Cage, I am head of Hollyscope Records, this is Nicholas Smith and Robert Werberk, we’re very pleased to have you here”

“It is my honor” Ross said honestly.  He noticed his brother standing on the side smiling awkwardly, the men hadn’t even acknowledge his presence.  “this is my brother, his name is Riker, he’ll be accompanying and representing me today” Ross said, signaling to his brother.

“Well hello there Raker” the old man said, shaking his hand.

“Riker” Riker corrected. “nice to meet you all, I am honored”

“He’s also very talented! An amazing singer” Ross bragged about his brother.

“yeah, uh huh, well let’s get to what we’re here for” Marcus Walen said, changing the topic.

“Oh yes” Nicholas Smith, the black man, pointed out.

“Ross, we’ve heard some of your song compilations and vocal tracks” Robert Werberk said, “We were completely blown away”

“you got the stuff kid” Will Cage said as he fixed his glasses, smiling.

“We want you to sign with us” Nicholas Smith said, looking over some papers.  “You’re fame level is rising at a very fast pace, and we want to be a part of that”

“You mean you want to make money off Ross’s fame?” Riker interrupted.

“well it is a business young one” Marcus interrupted, “but don’t joke yourselves here, we will not be the only ones benefitting from this”

Robert started speaking: “Yes, we’ve discussed this long and hard, and-”

Ross chuckled, “long and hard” he said giggling.  Riker tapped him on the head to stay professional.

“and…” the man continued.  “Marcus defended you very well, we want to offer you a 1.5 million record deal, in addition to that, promotion will be dealt by our company and you will get 2% of each album sold”

“WHOAH!” Ross said, his jaw dropping.  Riker’s eyes widened.

“1.5 MILLION DOLLARS?” Riker said in shock.

“Million?!?!” Ross exclaimed.

“we’ve got a lot of confidence” Nicholas Smith said in his deep voice.

Ross looked at Riker, “1.5 million!” he said.

“I know!” Riker said smiling back.

“I’ll take it!” Ross said.

“wait…no he won’t” Riker said.

“WHAT?” they all exclaimed at once.

“do not listen to him sir” Marcus said nervously to the 3 important officials, “he’s just joking”

“I want you to give Ross the freedom to terminate his contract whenever he wants” Riker added.

The three man laughed. “Are you kidding me?” Nicholas said laughing.

“That’s preposterous! Impossible! Not even Lady Gaga gets that type of freedom, we need an assurance that you will do your part” Will added very seriously.

“Freedom or we walk” Riker said, folding his arms.  Ross just looked at his brother, in shock, not sure what he was doing.

“Listen silly boy, you’re losing your brother the opportunity of a lifetime, sign here Ross” Marcus said nervously.

Nicholas started to talk: “I really don’t think-”

“deal.  There will be a 2 million dollar penalty.  We need our assurance.” Will said louder.

“I don’t think so” Riker said. “make it 1.5”

“I’m growing tired of games” Will said, looking to the side.  “Let’s go, we’ll just go sign another aspiring singer”

“fine, I’m sorry! Just sign it Ross, I tried” he said to his brother. “it was dumb”

Ross looked at his brother, then at the stack of papers in front of him.  So many words.  So many letters.  So much to read.  So much money.  So much fame.  He picked up the pencil and took a deep breath, the 4 men smiled in anticipation. 

“sign it Ross, your father already signed giving you permission, all we need is you” the man said.

Ross licked his lips, and signed his name onto the document.  He looked up at the men.  “there”

“perfect” Marcus said.  “we’ll get started working on the album tomorrow” he replied.

Ross shook the men’s hands and thanked them for their time.  He knew 3 important men in the business from a famous record label wouldn’t go to a restaurant to meet just ANYBODY, he knew they really were interested in him.

When he walked out he saw a bunch of paparazzi starting to swarm him, about 10 of them.  Asking him questions about his new song with Justin Bieber and if he liked Selena Gomez.

“thank you, thank you, please let me by, yes, we did a song together, yes, she’s amazing” he said answering questions.

“You look good today!” one of the paparazzi said.

“I like your hair today” another one said.

“are you and Justin Bieber in a feud” another one said.

Riker protected his brother, circling his arms around him like a body guard.  “give my brother some space” he shouted as they made their way to the car.  On his way to the car, Ross and Riker noticed about 5 different magazines with Ross on the cover on the stands.

Ross’s life was changing.  Fast.

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