Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 21

“Raini just gave an interview to Enews saying how Ross and her are  a couple, she made it sound like they’re the happiest couple on Earth” Rydel explained.

“And the thing is, he’s dating Laura, and unless he’s cheating on her with Raini, something seriously fishy is going on” Riker said worried.

“Oh this is just great” Rydel exclaimed.

~With Ross and Laura~

The door slowly opened, revealing Laura’s mom, exclaiming “honey we’re home!”

Ross froze as Laura’s mom entered the house, his heart beating faster.  And Laura was pretty much dead on the inside from fear.  Laura’s mom turned her head and her eyes opened wide at what she saw:

Basically, she saw her daughter, wearing a bra, with Ross on top of her, his strong arms on each side of her head hovering over Laura.  He was wearing nothing but boxers, which was only an inch away from Laura’s crotch, who still had her pants on.  Laura’s mom, dropped her bags on the floor, speechless.

“MOM!” Laura exclaimed, trying to push Ross off.

“Um, Mrs. Marano” Ross said, awkwardly getting off Laura, “hi there” he said, picking up his shirt, and putting his hand over his hard dick to cover it up.  Ross ran his hand through his abs as he put on his shirt, “I was just…um…helping your daughter…”

“off her clothes?” her mom finished.  “What is the meaning of this? Oh my gosh” she said, walking off and coming back, pacing around. 

Ross picked up his pants, smiling awkwardly.

“mom, we…were just…I’m sorry mom” Laura said, putting a shirt on too, tears forming.

Ross ran off, still in boxers, his pants on his hands out of the door.  He went on his car, and uncomfortably put on his pants.  “what the hell just happened? Oh gosh” he said, thumping his head repeatedly on the steering wheel.  “That must be so awkward for Laura and her mom now.  I can’t believe she sucked my dick, though.  My god, that felt sooooo good” he said, licking his lips as he remembered the feeling.

He looked at himself on the rearview mirror, noticing that his shirt was on backwards.  He drove off to his house, still feeling nervous, not knowing how things were going for Laura.  He parked on the drive way and rushed inside, trying to sneak in as quietly as possible. It was now getting dark outside.  The second Ross opened the door and put his foot inside, Riker popped in;

“How could you?” Riker exclaimed

“oh god, I’m sorry!” Ross blurted, feeling startled.  “i-i-I did nothing, we-w-e-we did –n-n-n-othing, I me-me-me-mean it just like ha-happened, you know?”

“But seriously, that gives you no right to cheat on Laura man” Riker said in disappointment.

“What!?” Ross exclaimed.

“wait, what did you think I was talking about?” Riker asked.

“nothing, just tell me what YOU’re talking about” Ross asked, feeling a little relieved.

“well, you kissed Raini, it’s all over the news man” Riker clarified.

“oh god, please tell me that’s not true” he said.

“Yeah, just go on the Yahoo homepage, you guys are being called the hot new Hollywood couple, Rossini, and she’s already getting a bunch of hate and stuff” he explained to Ross.

“No, you don’t get it, I went on a date with Raini cause Laure forced me to, so that everything would be fine.  I did kiss Raini, but it was only like a goodbye, we’re not dating.  We just need to set everything straight” Ross said, sounding a little worried.

“well I think that’s gonna be a little hard considering Raini already did 4 interviews today in which she says you and her are the happiest couple ever” Riker stated.

“what the heck?” Ross exclaimed, turning the T.V on.  There it was.  “Rossini” was the hot new Hollywood couple, well, only Ross was the hot part.  Raini was already receiving a lot of hatred from obsessed Ross Lynch fans, and many people were openly stating how “Ross is too hot for Raini.  How does that relationship work?”

Ross couldn’t believe it.  His cell phone started ringing, it was Raini; “hi there Ross”

“Raini! You’re exactly the one I needed to talk to. What the hell is all this? Why are you telling everyone we’re dating?” Ross yelled angrily.

“Ross, I’m sorry, if we can’t be together in real life, we will in the eye of the public.  And…don’t even try saying otherwise.  Because, I can destroy your career.”

“Raini, what are you doing? What are you talking about? I thought you agreed we’d be just friends!” he yelled

“I’m sorry Ross.  I can’t let you go.” She said calmly.

“Well bitch” he said angrily.  “Tomorrow, I’m just gonna go on an interview and I’ll say I’m not dating you.  So easy.”

“Really Ross?” Raini said with a smile. “You really think it’s that easy?  I can just as easily go on television and tell the world you broke up with me on a phone call and called me ugly.  I can go, make a show, crying my tears out saying how you’re a jerk that only used me and then broke up with me.  See how that works?  I can play victim and totally ruin your career” Raini said in a devious tone.

Ross gulped.  Anger running this his blood.  “Raini, you can’t do this.  Please.  This isn’t you.” He pleaded. 

“Yes. Yes. I can.” Raini replied.

“I hate you Raini!” he yelled back.  He heard some girls laughing near Raini.  “wait, is Bella with you?  And Zendaya?”

“Maybe.” Raini replied.  “And please baby you can’t hate me.”

“Shut up hoe” Ross replied.  “I hate all of you!” he said, a tear forming on his eye, mainly out of anger.

“wow man, I can’t believe they’re doing this to you.” Riker said in a sad tone.

“What am I gonna do Riker?  How can I fix this?  She lied to everyone, and there’s a pic of us kissing, and I can’t do anything or she’ll ruin my reputation” Ross said, his face cupped in his hands in frustration.

“I don’t know bro, but don’t worry, we’ll figure out a way” he said kindly.

“And…that’s not all. Laura.” Ross said, biting his lip.

“what is it?” Riker asked.

“don’t tell this to anyone Riker, but, Laura went down on me today” he said looking into his brother’s eyes.

“What!” Riker asked, shocked.

“Yeah, she…she sucked my dick.  One thing led to another and it just happened” Ross said, feeling a little bit of shame.  He wanted his big brother’s approval, he couldn’t keep the truth from him.

“damn man, that’s actually pretty cool” Riker said with a smile.  “You two getting it on, I bet it felt amazing”

“Yeah it did, the way she licked it, it was just, oh my gosh” Ross explained.

Riker smiled, “can’t call you a kid anymore, ha”

“so you don’t think what we did…was wrong?” Ross asked honestly.

“No dude, you’re fine, as long as you both felt ready, it’s perfectly fine” Riker said genuinely. 

“and there’s more.  She kind of licked me all over…and then I was on top of her…and her mom walked in on us” Ross said in a worried tone.

“oh shoot! Really? What’d she say?” Riker said, his eyes opened wide.

“I kind of rushed out, I don’t know, I think I got Laura in a whole lot of trouble” Ross said.  “What should I do?”

“Be honest.  It’ll be really awkward, but since she walked in on you, you must tell her.  Tell her you care about her daughter, and that you’re embarrassed about what happened, but you love Laura” Riker adviced.

“And what is she gonna think now with the whole Raini thing?” Ross asked.

“oh man, you’re in so much trouble. Damn” Riker said, feeling a little frustrated for his brother.

Then the phone rang.  It was Laura.  Ross looked at the phone nervously, then back at Riker.  His heart was pumping.  He answered it nervously; “hello?”

“Hi Ross.  I can’t see you anymore…” Laura said, tears rolling down her cheeks as she said so.

SORRY THIS EPISODE IS NOT THAT WELL WRITTEN! I was rushing cause I need to get to bed, but I really wanted to post a new episode cause I haven't in a long time.  I'm sorry, it's just I have been very busy.  

1) Favorite part? Least favorite? Favorite quote.
2) What did you think of Laura's mom walking in on them? 
3) What do you think of what Raini is doing to Ross? What do you think Ross should do?
4) Do you think Ross and Laura can still stay together after all this?
5) Do you think Laura took it too far by sucking Ross's dick?
6) What do you think of Ross and Riker's relationship? Comment on his advice?
7) Comment on anything.


  1. OMG! i cant.... WHY LAURA.. WHYYYYYY?!?!?! and fyi, i wanna KILL raini!!! murder her ASS!!!! >=(

    i love this chap... please update soon <333

  2. omg I love this sooo much. do you think you can add me in as Riker's girlfriend? (Melissa)
    oh and I wanna surprise my friends Ksenia and Brittany, can you write them in too?

  3. ya and u should add jenna and alaina too. we love your story its sooo good and sooo hot omg ross is smexxi <3 but thx u should add us all we're rly big fans of ross and rly big fans of ur story and omg laura cant do this to ross i dont like raini for that, ross will cry and i will have 2 hold him close in the moonlight and make him feel bettr
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxo luv, ur fan.

  4. Favorite part: Ross telling Riker that Laura sucked his dick.

    Laura's mom walking in on Ross's and Laura's makeout session: Classic parental reaction. Bet Laura's mom is divorced, even lonesome at times. Bet she's thinking about Ross's sexy body that stood before her in only boxers covering a generous hard-on. When Ross ran his hands up to put on his shirt, his dick sprang loose through the opening letting her see what a truly sexy stud her daughter had. She could be another obsessed fan.

    Raini and Ross: Nothing much Ross can do. Raini not done though for she's obsessed with Ross. She's gotta kiss him again, see that sexy body naked once again, ...

    Ross and Laura again?: Sure, but not right away. That'll make Ross so frustrated and horny. Maybe they could try sexting each other. A pic of Ross in all his glory could even wind up in Raini's hands or Laura's mother or both!

    Laura went too far with Ross?: Hell no.

    Ross and Riker's relationship: Pretty cool.

    Great story.

  5. 1. My favorite part was when Riker told Ross is was okay that Laura "went down" on him. Haha. Least favorite part was when Laura said she can't see Ross anymore:( favorite quote was, I can't choose, I loved all of it!!(:
    2. Oh my god, they must have felt soooo embarrassed! Why did she have to walk in! Gawddd.
    3. Raini is a total bitch, I literally fucking hate her, I want her to die, like, now. Ross should think of a way to get back at her, some way, Gawddd.
    4. Literally, I dont even fuckin' know. I hope they do, or imma be pissed.
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    1. In number 5, no one else finds out*
      Sorry my iPod has stupid auto correct.

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  16. 1) Favorite part: When Ross called Raini a bitch and hoe. :D Least favorite: Everything else D:
    3) Raini is being manipulated by Bella and the bitches (haha, alliteration) so she isn't being herself lately... Causing her to be a bitch. I HATE HER AT THE MOMENT. Ross should be strong and stick with Laura at all times. As long as they know the truth, their relationship will be fine.
    4) Yes, even though she's not allowed to be with him, nothing can stop her from loving him.
    5) Nope. :) I liked reading that part.
    6) OMG they're really close, which I like! Riker is always trying to help!
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  27. Post another story ur stories are rossome♥♥

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