Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 20

Guys look at this! They’re talking about Ross!” Riker said, putting the volume on the T.V up.

“They’re always talking about Ross, what’s the surprise?” Rydel said, laughing.

“But listen to this” Riker said, jaw dropped open.

“This just in, Rising mega-star was caught at a restaurant today with no other than co-star from his Disney show Raini Rodriguez, details and pictures about their very hot date, after these commercials” said the spokesperson on the T.V.

“oh man…” Riker said giving Rydel a look.  “this is not good” he added.

~At Laura’s House~

“so, how did it go?” Laura said, opening the door for Ross.  She had a can of whip cream on her hands and a bowl of strawberries on the living room table.  Her favorite snack.

“Terrible.  She’s terrible, crazy, and a wacko.  You have no idea, but problem is fixed now” he told her as he gave her a kiss.

“Thank god! And don’t call her that” Laura said with a slight laugh.

“oooooh, thank goodness I got to taste your tender lips” he said, taking a heavy sigh looking into the ceiling as he raised his arms.

“you okay Ross” Laura said giggling, “didn’t know you missed me that much”

“You don’t understand.  In order to solve everything, and don’t even get mad at me, I had to kiss her.  So, yup, it’s your fault.  She said it was the only way, and it was gross” he added.

Laura rolled her eyes, “oh man, I guess it is my fault, and I’ll admit I feel jealous, but as long as it’s all solved. I guess I’m okay with it” Laura said looking down.

Ross lifted her chin with his arm and looked into her eyes, he smiled at her, and slowly pecked her lips with his own.  She was swooned, the smell of his cologne was invigorating and turned her own, plus the sweet scent of her conditioner made him go wild.  They deepened the kiss, she wrapped her arms around him, and he wrapped his around his waist.  She slowly took off his hoodie, so that he was now wearing only his tank top, his arms flexing as he held her close. 

They both breathed heavily as they kissed, he broke the kiss and started kissing her neck, Laura moaned a little.  She felt a little uncomfortable due to the fact that this was all new to her, but he made it feel amazing. 

~Laura’s P.O.V~

What do I do?  He’s so incredibly good looking, so hot, and sweet, and kind.  I don’t know what this is going to lead to and I don’t know if I’m ready but I really don’t want to lose him.  I know Bella and all those girls can give him anything he wants when he wants, and here I am, just boring old Laura.  I mean, it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong, right?  He is my boyfriend, and we’re both 16, so it’s not like I’m a slut.  But we’re so young!  Oh my god, his kisses on my neck feel so good, oh god, is he removing my straps?  Jesus, he’s now kissing my shoulders, ROSS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  This is so wrong, but it feels so good.

~Laura P.O.V done~

~Ross P.O.V~

I seriously do not know what took over me.  Maybe it was my typical male hormones, or just the fact that she looked so sexy today.  Whatever it was, I couldn’t control myself.  I wanted her really bad, I wanted to finish what we started on the park, I was turned on, and I wanted Laura, the girl I actually loved, to make me happy…that way.

~Ross P.O.V done~

Laura’s turn came next, she started kissing his jawline, and kissing his neck.  He walked slowly with her towards the sofa as she kissed his neck. 


He pulled away and took off his shirt, revealing his athletic body and abs.  They kissed once more, and then she worked down his chest, giving him slight kisses all over his smooth chest.  He smiled at her, as her warm lips ticked his abs.   Ross picked up the whip cream can and squirted it over his six-pack, watching as Laura licked it all off.

Laura worked her way down to her knees, in front of Ross, and looked up at his sexy face as he smiled at her. 

“whoah, are you ready?” he said with a smile.

“I…I think so” she said in a shy tone.

“I won’t force you to do anything” he said, running his fingers over her hair.  He couldn’t believe Laura was actually on her knees in front of him, he felt his wiener hardening.  She licked her lips and took a deep breath, her hands were shaking, she slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper.  She kissed on his waistline right above his boxers, giving him a smile.  She slowly pulled his pants down, feeling a little excited, then she slowly pulled down his boxers and watched as his “hot dog” sprang out. 

“dang Ross, that’s pretty big” she said nervously.  Ross blushed, he couldn’t help but feel like what they were doing was wrong, he smiled down at her.  He touched his “sausage” and massaged it slightly.  Laura picked up the whip cream can and sprayed it over his “stick” and around his balls.  Ross’s heart started beating faster, he couldn’t believe what was happening.  The only time a girl had licked his dick was Raini, and she had forced herself on him, he had hated that moment, but it had felt so damn good even if she only did it for a second.

Laura started licking the whip cream off his dick and around his balls, and then she put the entire thing on her mouth.  She sucked it gently, not really knowing what she was doing but loving the taste.  Ross moaned and placed his hand behind her head, pushing it in and out of her mouth.  Laura licked and swallowed all the whip cream off his “big stick” and was now licking the head.  Ross took a hold of his “magic wand” with his other hand and started rubbing it across her tongue.  He finally came out on her mouth, and Laura swallowed till the last drop.  She kept licking it…

Ross ran his fingers through her hair, she worked her way up, licking his abs again and working her way to his chest.  She kissed his neck, making Ross moan slightly.  He removed her shirt slowly, as she pulled down his pants. 


Now Ross, wearing only boxers, pushed her down gently on the sofa and got on top of her… looking down into her eyes, “thank you for that baby” he whispered.  Then,

They heard a knock on the door.  Ross and Laura both looked at the door nervously.  Who could it be?  The door started opening, whoever it was, he/she was going to see them having their little sexy-time together.

~At the Lynch Home~

“This is not good” Mark, the Lynch father, said.

“Tell me about it!” Riker said.

“What’s going on now?” Rocky said, trying to sound uninterested.

“Raini just gave an interview to Enews saying how Ross and her are  a couple, she made it sound like they’re the happiest couple on Earth” Rydel explained.

“And the thing is, he’s dating Laura, and unless he’s cheating on her with Raini, something seriously fishy is going on” Riker said worried.

“Oh this is just great” Rydel exclaimed.

Hope you liked the episode!  I hope all you dirty hoes like this rated R people since a lot of you have been bugging me about one, and to all my innocent readers, I hope it wasnt too much for you to handle. <3 lol SORRY.

1) Favorite Part? Least Favorite? Favorite Quote?
2) What do you think it's gonna happen with the Raini-Ross relationship in the news problem?
3) What do you think of Laura and Ross's ;) 
4) If you read it, Did you like the rated R scene, or did you hate it? BE HONEST. Will not get mad.  Did you think what they did was wrong?  Did they move too fast?
5) Who do you think is at the door?
6) Comment about ANYTHING. Riker, Laura, Ross, Rocky, Raini...ANYTHING. :-)


  1. 1. I loved the whole episode as always... Like thats anything new ;)
    2. Raini needs to sit down and shut her mouth... I will jump in that story and say "Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver." And tape her mouth shut.
    3. Their little "game" like I said... I LOVED the entire episode.
    4. I liked it.... ;)
    5. I love the whole story so far!! And I have a feeling that Lexi might show up soon... Am I right?? Or am I right?? ;)

  2. RossLynchGotsswaggFebruary 4, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    1. favorite part: when someone was about to walk in the house when laura and ross were having "sexy-time" lol. least. when mark said raini said that ross and her were a couple! :/ and lauras P.O.V. was my fav. quote.
    2. Laura is gonna find out and shes gonna bitch raini out! hopefully. (:
    3. i was pretty shocked, i thought she was a goody-goody. haha.
    4. um, yeah i liked it but, they're only 16! but, they can do whatever they want. im not gonna stop them.
    5. its probably gonna be maybe, her sister vanessa?! i dont know at all really, or her parents.
    6. dude, something bad is going to happen, i just know it, but LOVE IT. <3

  3. This story was "interesting" LOL xD

  4. Lol his big stick I loved the whole story!

  5. Please make the next one you kept me on the edge of my seat i really like your story

  6. 1) Favorite Part? Least Favorite? Favorite Quote? Favorite part was probably at Lauras house and when someone was opening the door :) “Terrible. She’s terrible, crazy, and a wacko. You have no idea, but problem is fixed now” he told her as he gave her a kiss. thats my favorite quote haha :) least favorite part was....that it ended ;) can't wait for more!
    2) What do you think it's gonna happen with the Raini-Ross relationship in the news problem? Hopefully Ross just explains that hes not dating her with Laura by his side so that everyone will realize Raini is crazyy.
    3) What do you think of Laura and Ross's ;) hehehehe ;) no comment necessary...
    4) If you read it, Did you like the rated R scene, or did you hate it? BE HONEST. Will not get mad. Did you think what they did was wrong? Did they move too fast? Well they are only 16..but I guess thats what happens nowadays haha...personally I think bj's are kind disgusting..but I didn't mind it in the story :)
    5) Who do you think is at the door? Oh my gosh I'm kinda thinking it's either someone from Lauras family or Ross's family. Or maybe like Paparazzi or Press people? but idk how they would get in their house haha
    6) Comment about ANYTHING. Riker, Laura, Ross, Rocky, Raini...ANYTHING. :-) I love it it's getting really good! (not that it wasn't good before) it's super suspenseful and I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm thinking something bad :\ haha

  7. Rossome! Hot Dog? lol hilarious! good story so far! ;)

  8. Loved it, especially the R-rated section. Bet Ross now that he's had his first blowjob, can't think about anything else but getting another one. Meanwhile Raini is having similar thoughts, she just have to have him once. She failed before, but next time...



    1) Favorite Part? Least Favorite? Favorite Quote?
    "Thank you for that, baby" ... Loooool. That didn't seem too romantic, but it was pretty hot to me!
    2) What do you think it's gonna happen with the Raini-Ross relationship in the news problem?
    RFGHJTYGFHTEDG. Terrible! ): Ross , fiiiiiix iiiiit...
    3) What do you think of Laura and Ross's ;)
    M'kaay, first of all; I loved the R-rated section. I can GUARANTEE it's only 15\16-19 year olds reading this blog; no younger fans would stomach the length of each chapters; that and your Twitter followers are most likely older, as well.
    4) If you read it, Did you like the rated R scene, or did you hate it? BE HONEST. Will not get mad. Did you think what they did was wrong? Did they move too fast?
    They didn't go too fast... But, only a blowjob... Again, I don't find that exactly romantic... Hahah.
    And while reading the innuendos like "hot dog", and "big stick". I don't know, I just found it less dirty and actually easier to just think of "dick" and "cock"; I don't know why, hahah.
    5) Who do you think is at the door?
    . . . Daffy Duck?
    6) Comment about ANYTHING. Riker, Laura, Ross, Rocky, Raini...ANYTHING. :-)
    ROSS IS HOT... Oh, and you should see the promo for Austin & Ally, episode 8. Austin apparently breaks his ankle and has to perform sitting down, but then he sees Dallas being a jerk to Ally & stops his performance and gets PISSED at Dallas. Wondering if he'll try dancing with her... (; Yeah, well you should see it and read the summary. It's going to be awesome; will possibly inspire the Ross\Laura aspect of your story! ♥

  11. lol when i was reading the sex scean i was listing to figured u out by nickelback it is a very dirty song but i love it and i love this story ;)

  12. it is her parents omg! that would be soo akward but it would make a good story!

  13. amazing.. next episode please !!

  14. Amazing! Just amazig loved this episode! Omg if Laura's parents were at the door it would be pretty awkward for Ross and Laura!! I love Ross so much that I pictured myself instead of Laura lol! :) it would be so cool if it was me in reality though nahhhh jk. Ugh I hate Raini in this series it's her fault that the tv reporter reported them on a date and stuff so she just made things awkward for them. I wonder what Bella will do next or Cody or zendaya or whoever. Can't wait for the next episode!

  15. omg i love it i never want it to end!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love your writing keep writing!!!


  16. i loved the part when she did slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper and kissed above your waste line right above his boxers. and best thing like about all the rated r is that when she pulled your boxers after that really thanking about what should after she did pulling boxers down and thanking that you Ross and Laura should do this one thing to gather that would make rated eve n better even better it was is that she should make love to you make it need to read story all the time, need to do that Ross and loved really wish was me

  17. i loved it alot any you ARE HOT ROSS

  18. hey so sexy and hot wish he was mine?

  19. He is so cute if i had sex like that with him he still be thinking how good it felt.

    1. i know right i had sex with my bf and i wish i had more

    2. if had sex with him i would thank good it felt to me to as well and it would be amazing to.?

  20. where is the rest?

  21. you need more rated r stuff. plz keep writting i love your stories lol :)