Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 19

“Whatever.  But she’s lucky, she doesn’t even deserve a date from me.  I’m too much for her” he said smiling.

“too much for her?” Laura added, giving her a look.  “What’s that supposed to mean Ross Shor Lynch” she asked seriously, raising one eyebrow. 

“That sounded harsh, that’s not what I meant.” Ross said biting his lip. 

“But that’s what you thought.” Laura said menacingly.  Then a honk was heard outside, Ross’s ride had arrived.  A super long fancy limousine.

“Bye Laura” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “I gotta go” he added.

But what Ross didn’t know is that the call he had just made was probably one of the worst decisions of his life. 

“yeah yeah I get it” Ross said, feeling a little exhausted.

“whoah man, you okay there, you’re sweating bullets” Justin said coming down from the top stairs.

“Yeah, our director was just showing me my entrance one more time” Ross told him, “and don’t be talking, it’s not like you’re doing any better” Ross said with a laugh, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“It’s gonna be an insane performance” Justin bragged,

“I know dude, it’s so sick” Ross said, taking off his shirt, and wiping his sweat with it.

“Make sure you’re ready, these two pillars are gonna explode in fire, and then you” the director said pointing to Ross, “you will come out from underneath and you will start singing your second verse”

“ha man, of course, I know” Ross said the director, “this is like the 300th time you tell me”

“yeah I know, my bad, I just want to make sure this performance is perfect” said the director, “you’re an incredibly talented kid”

A couple minutes later, and after two rehearsals, Selena arrived with Laura.

“Hi guys!” Selena said excitedly, rushing towards Justin.

“Ross!” Laura said, as she met Ross with a kiss, wrapping her arms around his shirtless-sweaty body.

“whoah, how’d you get here babe?” Ross asked Laura.

“Selena picked me up in her big fancy van and drove me here…” Laura said, taking a look at the stage. “oh my gosh, this is where you’re gonna be performing?  This is huge!  And all those seats? They’re gonna be filled, right? Dang!”

“Trust me, at the rate he’s going, he needs to get used to it” Justin said, approaching them with his arm around Selena.

“You two are gonna kill it up there” Selena said giving an adorable laugh. 

“Yeah, see that gap right there?  I’m gonna pop out of there and confetti and fire is gonna explode off the ground and its gonna be AWESOME!” Ross said excitedly.

“You have a nice body Ross” Selena said smiling.  Justin gave her a loud double-cough. 

“Oh babe I’m sorry” she said, kissing him on the cheek and cuddling with him, “you know I love yah! But it wouldn’t hurt you to work out every once in a while” she said laughing.

Justin laughed too, a little embarrassed however. “haha, very funny” he said, hugging her tight.  This was their cute little inside joke that Ross and Laura didn’t really understand.

“Thanks” was all Ross said back as he ran his hand through his abs. 

~Later The Next Day~

The next day finally arrived and even though Ross was not happy about it he knew he had to go on the  date with Raini.  He put on a tank top which revealed his strong sexy biceps with a hoodie over it, and some tight jeans.  He didn’t really care about his appearance, and hurried to the open-glass restaurant.  Now that he had finally gotten his license he drove there on his own.

Raini was completely and ridiculously overdressed.  She was wearing a long red dress with a lot of make up and bright red lips stick.  Her hair had been curled and she was wearing a fancy necklace.

“Hello there, Ross” Raini said, trying to sound very formal.  “I am very happy you managed to make it”

Ross laughed, “Raini, you don’t have to act like someone else” he said rolling his eyes a little, “we’re here to have an honest talk”

“Oh thank god!” Raini exclaimed happily, “I’ve been practicing for 2 hours what to say when you finally got here, and here you are, and ahh! I’m making a fool of myself, but I’m glad I can be myself, ahh! Because well-”

Ross “shhh-d” her by placing his fingers on his lips.  “calm down Raini” he said in his cool-guy voice.

Raini sighed dreamily, “awhhhh, you look so hot doing that” she whispered, completely in love. 

Ross sighed, feeling annoyed.  “Alright Raini, I just came because I wanted us to be friend, you know?” he told her.

“You care enough about me that you couldn’t stand us not talking to each other? You’re so sweet Ross! Oh my gosh” Raini said squealing.

“Yeah…let’s go with that” he told her.

“Fine Ross.  Fine, I completely understand” she told him.  “I want us to be friends too!”

“Well, that’s great.  I also-” he started saying.

“You should really take off your jacket.” She said, checking him out.

“why?” Ross said, giving her a confused face.

“Because we’re in L.A, it’s hot in here” she told him.  “And I’m not just saying that cause you’re in the room” she said, giving him a wink.

“fine, whatever” he said, taking off his hoodie, revealing his biceps.

Raini had a little trouble breathing when he exposed his arms. “oh-oh-oh my g-g-g-g-gosh.  Nice arms Ross. HOT.” She said licking her lips.

Ross began to feel creeped out again, “yeah…thanks.” He told her, picking up his menu.

“I love the way your arms flex when you picked up the menu” she whispered, giving him what she thought was a sexy smile.

Ross scoffed with a creeped-out laugh, looking to the side. “yeah…thanks Raini.  But you know, we’re just friends”

“And I’m fine that.  Best friends usually end up together” she told him.

“Yeah…this isn’t working” he said, starting to get up.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll try harder, please stay Ross” she told him.

“fine.” He said.

The waiter came and took their orders, she was shocked to have Ross as a customer and even asked for his autograph quietly.  Telling him she loved his song. 

“Look at this” Raini said as she gulped down a piece of chicken, she pulled out a book that was by her side.  “This is my Ross-book.” She told him, giving it to him.  “I know we’re just friends, but I’d like you to look at it”

Ross scanned the book, in the front it had a picture of Ross and Raini together, with his name sketched numerous times all over the cover, and one-big sketch of his name with glitter.  He opened the book and looked through it inside.  He saw a couple of used napkins, papers, and notes he had written on along with hundreds of pictures of him.

“Are all these objects that I have used?” he asked, feeling creeped out.

“Yeah.” She said, smiling at him.

“Is that a sock?  You carry one of my socks around?” he asked her, throwing the book back at her.

“Yeah.  It smells gloriously.” She whispered.

“Yeah…okay.  I gotta stay focused.  I’m here because, well, if we’re friends, you should be friends with Laura too” he said, trying not to think about the book.

“Oh sure!” she exclaimed.  “Just one condition”

“what is it?” he asked her.

“Kiss me Ross” Raini whispered.

“um…no” he told her.

“A quick kiss on the cheek.  It’ll be fast.  Just like a last-kiss kind of thing, after it, everything will go back to normal” she said.

“I don’t know…” he said looking down.

“Please Ross? Please?” she said.  “I promise, after it, I will leave you alone and I’ll be back to being friends with Laura”

He looked around.  The restaurant was pretty empty.  No one was looking at them.  Just one quick kiss.  No big deal.  He leaned forward and pursed his lips a little, and Raini immediately returned the kiss.  She wrapped her arms around him and stuck her tongue inside his mouth.  He quickly pushed away.

“Raini!” he yelled angrily.  “alright, ugh” he said, wiping his lips a little. “It’s over.  Everything is back to normal” he said, putting some cash on the table and walking away, he left, Raini followed behind, but he told her to get away and drove to Laura’s house.

~At the Lynch home about 30 minutes later~

“Guys look at this! They’re talking about Ross!” Riker said, putting the volume on the T.V up.

“They’re always talking about Ross, what’s the surprise?” Rydel said, laughing.

“But listen to this” Riker said, jaw dropped open.

“This just in, Rising mega-star was caught at a restaurant today with no other than co-star from his Disney show Raini Rodriguez, details and pictures about their very hot date, after these commercials” said the spokesperson on the T.V.

“oh man…” Riker said giving Rydel a look.

Alright, I've been thinking about canceling these series, the only thing that keeps me writing it is your wonderful comments.  So if you like it, please comment.

Some questions!

1) Favorite part/least favorite part? Favorite quotes?
2) What did you think of the episode?
3) What do you think of Ross's upcoming Grammy performance with Justin?
4) What did you think of the Raini/Ross date? What do you think is gonna happen now?
5) comment on anything! <3


  1. 1) Favorite part/least favorite part? Favorite quotes? Favorite part was probably at the stage with Laura and selena and justin :) Least favorite part was crazy Raini haha:) “Selena picked me up in her big fancy van and drove me here…” Laura said, taking a look at the stage. “oh my gosh, this is where you’re gonna be performing? This is huge! And all those seats? They’re gonna be filled, right? Dang!” Loved that haha
    2) What did you think of the episode? I liked it like always! :) I hope you don't cancel though :\ But your new ideas do seems really really good!
    3) What do you think of Ross's upcoming Grammy performance with Justin? It seems cool and I think it's gonna be awesome :)
    4) What did you think of the Raini/Ross date? What do you think is gonna happen now? I hope that whatever they say on tv, Ross goes straight to Laura first to work things out. I hope that Ross doesn't get in to much trouble with publicity and everything..I hope it doesn't blow up to much.
    - Bailey

  2. 1. Favorite quote: ~le pastes whole story here~
    Favorite part: when Ross is shirtless ;]
    2. I loved the episode as always!!
    3. I CANT WAIT!! I just wish it was with R5 too... :/
    4. NO NO NO!! RAINI NEEDS TO BACK AWAY FROM MY MAN BEFORE I JUMP IN THAT STORY AND GET HER ASS!! Hehe oops... my bad but really Lexi needs to come back and kick her ass.

  3. 1. Fave part when rainis tongue was in ross mouth least. Least fave is when raini pulls out her rossbook.
    2. The episode was awesome!
    3. The grammy performance was cool.
    4. Their date seemed awful. I think Raini will tell them that theyre dating.
    5. I think raini is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy.

  4. 1) Favorite part/least favorite part? Favorite quotes? “Is that a sock? You carry one of my socks around?” LMAOOO. Hysterical.
    2) What did you think of the episode? Reaaaally FUNNY. I loved it. Ross is "hotter" than usual with the whole shirtless thing. I like. (:
    3) What do you think of Ross's upcoming Grammy performance with Justin?
    OMFG, soooo incredibly excited to see how it goes!
    4) What did you think of the Raini/Ross date? What do you think is gonna happen now?
    Raini isn't going to deny anything, & Ross is going to deny everything. Laura's just going to have to trust Ross ... At least, I hope she does ...
    5) comment on anything! <3
    I really like that you try to include Riker so much. I looooove him. I'd like it if you'd find a way to include Calum. There's something I like about him, hahah. & you are a really good writer, do NOT cancel it; writing makes you smarter. ;p Lmaooo. & you portray Ross so well; his reactions, or something ...

    Anyway, keep going what you do. A lot of people read them, the more you write the more those people are going to comment. <3

    La-la-looove it.
    — Peace! xo

    1. I LOVED this story ! :D Please write more ! There so entertaining ! :D

  5. ok, 1) DONT YOU DARE STOP THIS STORY!!! 2) i hated the raini and ross date! not cause of you! but cause i dont like them together!!! 3) please please please update soon :DDD love this story so muccch :DD


  6. 1) my face part was when Selena said "you have a nice body ross" lol that's was so funny and then Justin gave a double cough or something that was really cute
    2) Raini is creepy that's what I have to say about this episode!!! I loved this episode though lol!
    3) I think it's awesome that's a big career move for Ross I can't wait till you write about it!!! I'm sure Laura would be in the front row With Selena watching their guys on stage.
    4) I hated their date! Doesn't Raini know how to control herself he doesn't even like her back!!! It so weird!!! And I think Laura is going to find out that they kissed and she might get pissed.
    5) never cancel this series I check everynight to see if you posted a new episode I will give you some shoutouts on instagram for you!

  7. NO please dont cancel the series lol my favorite part was when selena told ross he had a nice body:D I actually reay love this. Raini is soo creepy lol

  8. Omg Raini has balls! Im ubber excited to see what happens next! You should add some r5 In though! Cant wait for episode 20:D


  10. Next Episode ! And DON'T CANCEL IT ! Please :D

    1) Favorite part/least favorite part?
    My favorite part was when Ross and Raini kissed .. even though it's raini, it was hot. but they seriously just need to hook up already. we need some more rated R.. least favorite was when he showed up on TV. Fhrjsnbfhmshj
    Favorite quotes?
    I'm not sure...probably where he takes off his jacket, that part was nicely written.
    2) What did you think of the episode?
    I liked it, but seriously we haven't had any rated R scenes for a while. Although i really think ross and raini should hook up. This episode was a tad short.
    3) What do you think of Ross's upcoming Grammy performance with Justin?
    excited, but i dont want him to get any more famous, all this sudden fame is just annoying.
    4) What did you think of the Raini/Ross date?
    rainis a creep but im glad they kissed.
    What do you think is gonna happen now?
    ross and laura are gonna have problems because he was supposed to only go and set her straight.
    5) comment on anything! <3

  12. RossLynchGotsswaggFebruary 4, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    1.) favorite part: when selena said ross had a nice body(: least fav: when riker and rydel heard that the paparazzi caught ross and raini together. and everything that raini said to ross about his hottness, those are my favorite quotes (:
    2.) I absolutely LOVED this episode! DONT CANCEL THIS SERIES.
    3.) i love ross's performance with justin! (:
    4.) Omg, Ross is gonna hate raini. LAURA IS GONNA FLIP SHIT WHEN SHE FINDS OUT. NO JOKE. UH.
    5.) i can believe raini and ross kissed again! that would be weird if he felt a a little something for her, just a little something. OH MY GOD, I JUST GOT THE PERFECT IDEA. after the grammy performance, selena gets mad at justin for some reason, and she see's ross, and she tries to come onto him, and they do stuff, and he likes it, but he knows its wrong, and then justin finds out and so does laura. BEST I DEA EVER. you should use my idea, or something like that, maybe, lol, but DO NOT CANCEL THIS SERIES, IT IS MU LIFE. I REPEAT, DO NOT CANCEL! love itt, okay, ive said enough, (;

  13. loved it omg the giants one! lol

  14. its a good story and well written but i think using celebrities is kinda mean..........like yea Ross is hot, but like Bella and Zendaya......well if any one of them accidently saw it.......they would feel very sad. Maybe you can use non-celebrities......??????????

  15. Dont Cancel i love your storys
    my favorite part is when Austin is shirtless
    my least favorite part was when Raini pulled out her Ross-Book

  16. Keep writing! It's sooooo gooood!!!! I love it!