Monday, January 2, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 1

He’s cool.  He’s laid back.  He’s good looking.  He’s Ross Lynch.  He’s the type of guy that once you become his friend, he’ll be there for you through thick and thin.  His sudden increase in fame was taking him by storm, he still couldn’t believe all the success he was having and all the fans that he was gaining.

“I’m kind of nervous” Ross told his brother Riker.

“why so?” he said as he dropped his brother off in front of Disney Studios.

“Well, this is an important meeting, and they’re gonna talk to us about my new Disney show.  If it’s not doing good in the ratings, they might cancel it” he told him.

“dude, don’t worry.  You’re gonna be fine” Riker told him in a comforting tone. 

“Thanks bro” Ross responded as he slammed the car door.  He waved at his brother and smiled as he entered Disney Studios.

Inside, Laura and Raini were waiting together.

“oh my god, once he shows up, Im going to go crazy” Raini exclaimed.

“Raini. Calm down!” Laura told her loudly.

“I know. Im sorry.” Raini said taking a deep breath.  “It’s just…he’s so hot” Raini added nervously.

“yeah, you’ve said that about a billion times” Laura added a little annoyed.

“oh god, Im sounding pathetic.  Im sorry! I don’t know how you deal with it, how can you not have a crush on him?” Raini asked confused.

“He’s my co-star, I’ve known him for like a year!  We’re friends.  Just friends.  But ew…I…would never like him” Laura added a little nervously. 

Raini and Laura spotted  Ross walking towards them from the other side of the hall.  Raini immediately became nervous, and started giving a weird wide smile.  Laura just looked down, trying to hide her awkwardness.

“Hi guys!” Ross said in a cute, kind voice.

“Hi Ross” Laura responded.

“Hey Ross!” Raini said, giving him a big smile.  “You look great” she added.

“thanks Raini, you do too” he told her, not really meaning it.  Ross looked away from Raini quickly, and immediately looked at Laura.  He studied her face, and checked out her ass.  He smiled to himself.

“Why are you smiling?” Laura added, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s nothing!” he replied quickly.

“Where’s Calum [Dez] anyways?” Raini asked.

“I don’t know, he was supposed to be here!” Ross told them.

They waited for a couple minutes until they were called in to their boss’s office.  Ross apologized for Calum not showing up, and the Disney CEO said it was okay.  Raini, Laura, and Ross were informed that due to their show doing so great, Disney was gonna pick up on another season.  These news filled Ross with joy.

They walked outside, and Raini wouldn’t take her eyes off Ross’s ass.  She licked her lips as she checked him out, Ross noticed this but ignored it.  He took a deep breath, he really didn’t like Raini that way.

Ross felt a tap from behind and turned around, it was Bella Thorne from Shake it Up.

“Hey peeps” she said nicely.

They all said hi back.  “Nice running on to you here, haven’t really had the time to meet all of you”

“Oh hi! I’ve seen your show, it’s great!” Laura said nicely.

“I’ve seen yours too…It’s…alright.  Only good thing in it is Ross” she said giving him a wink.

“Well, that’s rude!” Raini said loudly.

“guys, calm down, Im kidding!” Bella Thorne told them.  “I was just wondering, Im throwing a little party this weekend, lots of famous peeps are showing up, you guys wanna go?”

“Im down for it!” Ross said, giving her his cute wide smile.

“Sure, thanks for the invite” Laura said excitedly, looking at Ross.

“That sounds amazing!” Raini said excitedly, pulling in to Ross and standing next to him.

“You should really give the boy some space girl” Bella said in a bitchy tone.  She placed her hand on his biceps and felt them. “Im sorry, just, ever since I saw your show, I felt the need to do this.  DAMN.  Your muscles are hard boy, hot” she said, smiling.

Ross blushed a little, “thanks” he said, looking down and smiling.

They said bye, and Ross walked off with Laura.  Bella pulled Raini back.

“girl, please don’t show up at my party” she said.

“wait…what?” Raini said sadly.

“don’t show up to my party.  Kay?  It’s only for actual cool people.  Which…you’re not.  Hit the gym and lose a few pounds.  Maybe then I’ll invite you.” She said, giving her a wink, and smiling.

Raini felt a little sad, but mainly angry, she wanted to slap Bella, but couldn’t even say anything.

“And your little crush on Ross…yeah…it’s a little pathetic” Bella added.

“wait…you know about that?” Raini added feeling embarrassed.

“It’s so fucking obvious! And it’s so pathetic, I mean look at him, and look at you! He’s freaking hot, and you?  Yeah.  You’re not.  At all. It’s quite sad, really” Bella told her with a laugh.

Raini looked down sadly.  She didn’t want to like Ross.  She knew it was impossible.  But there was nothing she could do to help it.  In the other side of the hall she saw Ross and Laura hugging.

Kelly (@TheKellyMorgan) is Bella’s assistant, she walked in from the door next to them, and very quietly called Bella’s name.  “Bella, it’s time for your meeting”

“I’ll be right over. God” Bella said disrespectfully and followed behind her.

“Please excuse her bitchiness” Kelly whispered to Raini.

Raini just looked down.  Sad.


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