Monday, January 9, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 8

“Well, you know what? You can tell him that I never want to see him again” Laura said, picking her jacket, leaving angrily.

“Um, that’s kind of impossible considering you two do a show together” Calum joked.

“Shut. Up!” Laura said angrily, tears flowing out of her eyes, as she ran out of the party.

“well then, there’s that!” Bella said laughing, going back to the party.

Zendaya was grinding Ross when he quickly looked over at the door, he saw Laura leaving.  He immediately pushed Zendaya off.

“oh god, Laura!” he said to himself, running after her.

Bella tried to stop him, but he pushed her slightly and kept walking by the partiers. 


“why’d you let him go?” Bella said angrily to Zendaya.

“Don’t worry Bells, remember the drug we put on his drink? It’ll take effect pretty soon” Zendaya said with a laugh.

“I seriously don’t see what he sees on that stupid Laura girl, I’m obviously way hotter” Bella said angrily.

As Ross made his way to Laura, he felt himself getting a little dizzy, and losing his balance, but he didn’t stop.  He supported himself with the table that Raini and Calum were on to stop himself from falling.  He opened up his eyes widely, trying to get rid of the weird effect on his body.  His friends looked blurry on his eyes, and he could barely think anymore.

“Um, Calum, please get Laura, um, I need to talk to her. Please.  Tell her I love her.” Ross said, almost falling on the ground.

“oh gosh Ross, are you okay?” Raini said sounding worried.

“dude, you don’t look so good!” Calum said worried.

“Go. Get. Laura. PLEASE!” Ross demanded.

Calum took a deep breath and ran towards the door looking for Laura.  Ross dropped to his knees on the ground, he closed his eyes trying to get rid of the shattering buzzing noise on his head, everything became blurry and he didn’t even know where he was anymore.

Bella quickly ran towards her, “oh my god, are you okay Ross?” she said pretending to sound alarmed.

“Yeah Ross, baby, what’s going on?” Zendaya said, also faking being worried.

“What’d you guys do to him?” Raini said suspiciously.

“Oh shut up fatty” Zendaya said meanly.

“I may be a little chubby, but at least I’m not a slut.” Raini said loudly.

“Oh seriously? Who’s the one that tried sucking Ross’s dick yesterday? You’re pathetic Raini” Bella said, laughing at her.

“You were the one who told me to!” Raini said, feeling disappointed on herself.

“Yes.  To make you look like a fool in front of Ross.  And it worked.  Plus, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.  You’re dying to taste Ross, we all are.” Bella said harshly, and deviously.

“Now, on to more important things, we need to get Ross into a quiet and safe place” Zendaya said pulling Ross up. 

“Listen Raini, make yourself useful, and when Calum brings Laura in here, tell her we have Ross up there, alright?” Bella said smiling.  Bella and Zendaya then both carried Ross up the stairs, helping him up by his arms.  During the trip, Ross just whispered intelligible words, mainly Laura’s name.  He was sweating like crazy. 

“Laura…um…I…..need….to….talk…….you…um….where….am…I…….” Ross whispered, having trouble speaking.

“No wonder baby, we’re gonna take care of you” Bella said, nibbling on his ear.  They took him to Bella’s room, and Zendaya quickly went on the bed.  Zendaya kneeled on the bed, and they placed Ross on top of her so that he was resting his head on her stomach.  Zendaya started running her fingers through his wet sweaty hair and started feeling his face. 

“Don’t worry Ross, we’re gonna make you get comfy” Bella said as she kneeled in front of the bed, next to Ross.  She removed his shoes and socks and gave him a slow foot rub.  Then she got on the bed next to Zendaya and pulled up Ross’s shirts, revealing his abs which were glistening from his own sweat.  She removed his shirt, and ran her hand through his athletic hot body.


“He’s so hot” Bella whispered, biting her lip.

“You know it.  The things I’d do to him” Zendaya added.

“Hi Ross, baby, it’s me Bella” Bella said slowly to Ross.

Ross had trouble keeping his eyes open; he looked up at Bella and smiled, “Hi” he managed to say.  He had no idea what was going on around him.

Zendaya leaned in to Ross and kissed his lips, Ross subconsciously returned the kiss and whispered “Laura…”.  Bella, started kissing down Ross’s body, licking his abs.  It tickled Ross and he laughed. 

Bella took pictures of everything.  She took pictures of herself kissing Ross and Zendaya kissing Ross.  Then, she took pictures of herself licking Ross’s body.  Ross was just dizzy and woozy, but started to slowly gain his consciousness. 

“What’s going on?” Ross said, gaining his consciousness, realizing where he was.  “Where am I? What are you guys going?”

“Nothing, baby” Bella told him, as Zendaya kissed his neck. 

“You love me?” Laura exclaimed from the door.

“Laura!” Ross exclaimed.

“How heartless can you be Ross?  You call me over to apologize, and then I find you doing this?” she exclaimed, tears forming in her eyes.

Ross looked around the room, he had no idea how any of this happened.  All he saw was his abs and chest covered with saliva and lipstick marks, and Zendaya and Bella all over him, in a bed.  He knew this looked bad.

“Laura, please, I can explain!” Ross said loudly.

“How are you going to explain this?” Laura asked abruptly.

“Well…um…I don’t know what happened!” Ross explained, feeling embarrassed.

Laura just shook her head and walked away.  Raini and Calum just gave Ross disapproving looks from the door and followed Laura.

“What is going on here?” Ross asked the girls.  “Why the heck is Zendaya on top of my waist, and your tongue on my body” Ross said to Bella.  He pushed Zendaya off, and wiped the lipstick from his body. 

“I don’t know Ross, you invited us up here.  We just took you up in your invitation.” Bella said in a sad tone.

“What?” Ross said, cupping his face on his hands.  He grabbed his shirt and put it on.  “bye” he said to them and darted out of the room.
The second he left, Zendaya and Bella just exchanged looks and smiled at each other.  Ross had no idea what had happened, but he thought it was all his fault.  He thought he might have gotten drunk even though he didn’t even remember drinking any alcohol.  He noticed his zipper was open, and he had lipstick all over his lips, neck, and shoulders.  He had no idea what went on between him and the girls, but he thought of the worst. 

There was only one thing Ross was sure of, his chances to ever get with Laura now, were gone.  Ross ran outside, and didn’t even call Riker.  He was walking by and sat on a park bench and just looked up at the stars.


“why God?  Why me?” Ross whispered, feeling a tear slide down his cheek.  He remembered Laura’s face, her disappointment in him, and it broke his heart.  The gusty wind made him feel cold.  Cold and lonely.  He ran his fingers through his hair and for the first time ever wished he was actually dead.  He’d rather be dead than know Laura hated him. 

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  1. Awwh this was so sad <3 I can't wait for the next one! I love this so much!

  2. that totally cut off all of my comment? what the heck haha. anyway I said I felt super bad for Ross and for Laura and that I hated Bella and zendaya and I hope that Ross and Laura work it out some how! awwwh </3

  3. this one i kinda sorta do not like

  4. im crying... DONT WISH THAT ROSS !!!!! :'(((( ... im seriously crying right now!!! i love you. i love this story. and i love you again for writing it ! please please please PLEASE write some more soon.

    fave part: his saying he loves Laura then passing out (i know that seems bad, but it reminds me of a perfect love story.. when the guy admits his feelings then something happens to him!!)

    least: BELLA AND ZENDAYA!!! i want to KILL them !! urrrgh ! >:(

    but please write more... we lovvvvee you <333


  5. Favorite. When Rossy cries... he has a heart
    Least favorite. When Bella and Zendaya are all on him.
    Love it!!
    I think a certain person *wink* should come talk to Rossy *poke* after she saw everything that happened *coughMecough* and talk to Laura too.....


  6. This is actually really good! I loved it you should so make a book lol if inly they were longer:o

  7. Omg soooo sad!!! :( poor Laura!!! I felt so touched !!!

  8. It was so awesome!!!!!!!!!! i almost cried!

  9. This is better than most of the library books that i read at school! My fave part: When he fainted after saying he loved Laura Least Fave Part: It's hard, it's all so good! ;)

  10. ROSS AND LAURA FOREVER! I love Bella, but only in real life, not really that much in the story, but awesome anyways! i loved it!

  11. a-ma-ZING!!!!!!!!! write more please!!!!!!! i love it! and Ross, too!

  12. u've got twelve comments!!!! write more it's awesome im hooked!

  13. NICE! but to be honest , Ross and laura in your story is cute, but in real life, i don't like them together... but in austin and ally there cute. It would hurt too much if they date in real life :( BUT LOVED YOUR STORY!!!

  14. fav part, when ross tried looking for laura and he got all dizzy. least fav: when laura walked in on bella, zendaya, and ross.
    awesome so far! :) keep it up :D

  15. I'm starting to actually hate Bella Thorne o.O

  16. fav: when ross chases after laura!! he loves her!

    least fav: when bella and zendaya are being slutty jerks!

    more episodes please!! their AMAZING!! :D


  17. Put more people from twitter in it! @ElanaMarie6

  18. dude i was watching shake it up when i was reading this i looked at the tv and turn the tv off lol

  19. please make a new one soon!!! I can not get enough of this. I SHIP LAURA AND ROSS FOREVERR!

  20. what did you do to my brother
    bitches and whores

  21. That is so cute. I think Laura and Ross would be a perfect couple. But zendaya and bella aren't really bad people . But in the story I hate them.

  22. It's Ross lynch birthday today yeah boy

  23. I love these stories. Place do a sequel. :-) :-) :-)