Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 7

“Of course not! When she started…licking…my body…I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to be mean…but when she actually went down there, I had no choice” Ross told his brothers. 

“I would have let her.” Rocky said.

“shut up Rocky!” Riker said. “Ross made the right choice” he added.

“But I need to talk to Laura.  I need to tell her how much she means to me.” Ross added, trying to change the topic.

“Why don’t you tell her at Bella’s party tomorrow, she just posted on Facebook that she’s going”

“alright. That’s perfect. I’ll do that” Ross added.

~The Next Day~

Ross tried to look his best for the party, making sure his hair looked good, and wearing nice looking clothes.  Laura did the same, wearing a cute little short dress, short enough to be sexy, but not too short that it would be slutty. 

The party was at Bella’s yard, the music was pumping loudly and many low-key celebrities were there.  Victoria Justice and most of the cast from Victorious was there, along with Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jeanette McCurdy, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, and Big Time Rush were also there. 

Ross entered and immediately started looking for Laura, his plan was to finally tell her how he felt for her.  But Bella had a different idea in mind…

“Why, hello there Ross” Bella said immediately as she saw Ross.

“um, hi there” Ross said, not sounding very interested.  “have you seen Laura?” he said, scanning around the crowd. 

“I don’t think she’s here yet” Bella told him.

“oh man” Ross said a little disappointed.

“but, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun” Bella said, giving him a wink.

“um, thaks Bella, but I think I’m just-” Ross started saying, but Bella placed her finger on his lips to get him to stop talking.

“You look good tonight, you know that Ross?” she told him with a flirty smile.

“um…thanks” Ross said, giving her that cute goofy happy smile of his.  Bella placed her hand over his chest, making eye contact with him as she licked her lips.  She wanted him.  She wanted him badly.

Ross was a guy, so obviously, he felt an attraction towards her.  Bella was wearing a very short pink mini skirt, with a white blouse that revealed a lot of cleavage.  Ross couldn’t stop himself from checking her out, taking a peek at her chest, and looking at her legs.  He felt bad about it afterwards, but it came naturally.  She turned him on. 

“well, don’t just stand there, come on, let’s have some fun” Bella said, pulling him by his arm.  She followed close behind, and she brought him over to some friends.

“This is Zendaya, Emily Osment, Tiffany Thornton, and Miranda Cosgrove” Bella said pointing to the girls.

“well, hi there!” Ross said to the girls.

“whoah, you’re right, he IS cute” Zendaya said, biting her lip, winking at him as well.

Ross rolled his eyes, and pulled his v-neck to let some air in, feeling awkward. “ha, thanks. You’re very pretty”

“I told you he was cute” Bella said laughing.

Then the song Sexy and I Know It came on, and all the girls looked at Ross, waiting for him to invite one of them to dance.

“Um, I’ll be back, I need to look for Laura” Ross told the girls.

“Silly, she’ll come later.  But now, let’s dance” Zendaya said wrapping her arms around his neck.

“uh, sure” Ross said smiling nervously.  Zendaya quickly pulled in close to Ross as she pulled him to the dance floor next to the pool, and they started dancing.  At first, Ross was a little awkward and stiff, but slowly more and more into it until he finally let loose.  Ross owned the dance floor, his body moving with the songs in amazing and sexy coordination.  Bella joined them a few minutes later, and it got to the point where Ross was dancing with Bella in front of him and Zendaya behind him.  Zendaya and Bella were basically grinding him, and Ross was enjoying it.

Laura, Raini, and Calum arrived together.  “He told me he was really sorry for what he did, and felt terrible, and needed to talk to me” Laura said, reading the text Ross had sent her a few hours ago.  “I’m really hoping we straighten out our little problem” she added.

“me too.  Me and Ross had an interesting day yesterday” Raini said, looking at the floor. 

Calum rolled his eyes.  “You two are like drooling over Ross.  What about me?  You guys find me attractive?” Calum told them.

“Calum you’re nearly 21.  That’d be awkward.  And creepy” Laura told him.

They entered the party, and quickly entered the yard.  They didn’t know where to go so they sat at one of the tables. 

“Ross told me in the text that he’s miserable, so you know, I feel bad” Laura said sadly.

“whoah, is that Ross?  He looks very miserable from here” Calum said sarcastically pointing at the dancefloor.

“He’s dancing with like four girls!” Laura said, feeling disgusted.

“Is that Bella Thorne and Zendaya?” Raini asked surprised.  “I hate Bella so much” Raini added, remembering her rude comments, and Bella’s advice when she told her to give Ross a BJ. 

“damn, does this music need to be so loud? I can barely hear you guys” Calum screamed.

From the other side of the party, Bella looked through the crowd of dancers and partiers and noticed Laura with Raini and Calum.  She rolled her eyes.  “I gotta take care of this, you distract Ross” she whispered to Zendaya.

“Alright” Zendaya said with a wink, as she ran her hands through Ross’s body over his shirt.  “damn Ross, I can tell you have a pretty ripped body” she said, licking her lips.

Bella made her way through the party to the table where Laura was in.  She greeted them with a smile, Laura looked away awkwardly, pretending she hadn’t seen anything.

“Hi guys!” Bella said with a fake smile.

“hi Bella” Laura, Raini, and Calum said not very excitedly.

“I’m glad you guys could make it to my party” Bella said with a smile.  “Even though I remember, some of you weren’t invited” she added looking at Raini.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m sorry” Raini said sadly.

“No it’s okay.  And you Laura, I’m so happy you came!” Bella said with a smile.  “too bad Ross doesn’t feel the same way”

“wait, what?” Laura said, confused.

“Oh nothing, it’s just some rude things he was saying, not important” Bella told her.

“what?” Laura asked sternly. 

“well, I guess I’ll tell you, he was just saying that you were annoying, and you never give him enough space, and even said you were pathetic” Bella said, trying to hold back a smile.

“he said that?” Laura said, her eyes watering.

“yeah, he did, it was so rude! But you know, it’s kind of cute that you like him though.  Everybody knows”

“What? It’s that obvious?” Laura said, holding back her tears.

“Yup, he was all over me, feeling my butt and stuff, dang that boy is so damn flirty” Bella added.

“Well, you know what? You can tell him that I never want to see him again” Laura said, picking her jacket, leaving angrily.

“Um, that’s kind of impossible considering you two do a show together” Calum joked.

“Shut. Up!” Laura said angrily, tears flowing out of her eyes, as she ran out of the party.

“well then, there’s that!” Bella said laughing, going back to the party.

10 comments for next episode! Hope you like it! :-)

1) Favorite part? Least favorite?
2) Any comments on anything?
3) which character would you like to see more of? Any characters you'd like to see added to the series?
4) Did you like the episode?


  1. i love ittt!!! and im the first to comment... cause i have no life :DD lol !! it is perfect the way it is!!


    ps: i wanted to comment the last episode, but i wasnt home and my phone was being stupid, so i just wanna say that i like the other one too !!!

  2. 1) When Sexy and I Know It came on. When Bella and her gang started flirting with Ross and Bella lied to Laura
    2) Bella should be randomly shot?
    3) Bella and her gang. Me! Duhh lmfao
    4) hell yeahh

  3. 1) love all of it
    2) love it
    3) Me as a permanent character lol seriously ;)
    4) love it

  4. love it
    love it
    loved it

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  6. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 9, 2012 at 12:14 PM

    1. fav. part: when Ross was looking for Laura. least fav: when Bella told Laura that lie.
    2. its amazing so far!
    3. more of ross. duhh, who wouldnt wanna see more of him (:and rocky and riker should show up at the party and bella and them should go after them too.
    4. uhh, hell yeah!
    cant wait for the next one! :)
    - @_HollieR5

  7. 1) there ar no bad parts! its SO intense!! :D
    2) I wouldn't mind if something very bad happened to Bella....
    3)I LOVE Laura and Ross!!
    4) LOVE IT!!


  8. 1) loving it
    2) perfect
    3) a monkey. A cute monkey
    4) LOVED IT

  9. 1) Favorite part? Least favorite? Asking and looking for Laura <3 and bella was my least favorite
    2) Any comments on anything? can I maybe guest star soonish? :) Bailey :)
    3) which character would you like to see more of? Any characters you'd like to see added to the series?
    4) Did you like the episode?LOVED ITTTT! <33

  10. 1)When Ross was dancing with zendaya and bella, when bella was saying thing that ere not true to laura
    2)Make More Episodes!
    3)Bella thorne and zendaya.CAMERON BOYCE!

  11. 1)when Ross add tired that he liked laura
    2)loved it
    3)it's all good!
    4) look at #2