Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 16

“It’s a phone call for you, apparently a big music agent wants to talk to you” Rocky said, smacking the phone on top of the counter and storming off the room.

“Yes?” Ross said nervously.

“Hello, Ross? Ross Lynch?” the man asked.

“Yes, it’s me” Ross replied.

“It’s me Marcus Welman here, I just played some of your vocal tracks here to a couple of my supervisors.  They really want to meet you.  This record deal is pretty much made for you”

Ross was nervous, but he still smiled. “um, yes” he responded awkwardly. “when?”

“How about we meet at Hollywood Café, in, let’s say, an hour?” Marcus replied.

“sure.  I’m there.” Ross answered.

“excellent” Marcus responded, and hung up. 

“what am I going to do that?” Ross asked as he took a deep breath.

“I say go for it son, you can’t just let an opportunity like this go by.  R5 will have its moments, and you will have yours” Ross’s dad replied.

“yeah man, it’s not like you’re leaving R5?  I can’t believe you’re actually debating whether you should do this or not. Do it! Do it for me? I’ll be extremely proud of you, R5 will get its big break, and you’ll still be a part of it” Riker said, walking into the room.

Ross smiled at his brother, “thanks Riker.  But you should really tell Rocky that”

“Don’t worry man, I’ll talk to him. It’ll pass” Riker responded

“Alright then, I gotta get ready!” Ross said as he ran up the stairs.  Ross ran up, and quickly started changing, trying to keep his style while looking formal at the same time.

“Ross! Someone is here for you” Riker’s voice said from behind.

“I can’t see anyone, I’m busy!” Ross yelled back as he fixed his collar from his shirt.

“Just get down here!” Riker yelled back.  Ross sped up down the stairs like a cheetah, fixing up his shirt and running his hand through his hair to comb it to the side when he saw who it was.  It was Laura, waiting in the living room with a bright smile.  He met her with a kiss.

“thanks for coming Laura! I missed you” he told her.

“I was missing you too, but I’m here for another reason, well, remember our…” she got closer and whispered.  “our plan for Raini? When are you gonna do it?”

Ross rolled his eyes and pulled away, disappointed that that was the reason Laura had come here. 

“well Laura I can’t now, I’m about to go to a very important lunch with some music agents, wanna come with me?” Ross asked with a smile

“I’d love to!” Laura exclaimed, “so your band is getting signed?”

“not…exactly” Ross replied, his smile fading.

“oh…” Laura replied awkwardly.

“well little bro, you better hurry up, you definitely do not want to be late” Riker said, walking into the room, putting his hands on Ross’s shoulders.

Ross smiled, “of course!” he replied. 

“Did you guys see that?” Rydel said coming into the room.

“what?” Ross asked in confusion.

“You were just on Enews Ross! They were talking about your duet with Justin Bieber, a preview was released and people are going insane about it!” Rydel replied. 

“whoah, really?” Ross asked excitedly.

“Yeah!  You were spotted with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, both which are huge stars!” Rydel said excitedly for his brother.

“wow, that’s pretty cool” Ross told her. 

Riker hurried to the door, Ross and Laura following.  They got into the car and drove off to Hollywood Café, all of them feeling a little nervous at the pit of their stomachs.

“Man, whatever happens out there” Riker said, pulling up to the curb, “good luck”

“dad should have come” Ross said.

“want me to get down with you?” Riker asked him.

“yes!” Ross said, feeling relieved.

“I’ll wait for you guys in the car” Laura told them.

Fancy Restaurant

Ross and Riker got down, and entered the restaurant.  They immediately spotted the table, two elderly guys were there who looked very important, another tall black man stood by them with sunglasses who also looked important, and Marcus was by their side.  Ross took a deep breath and approached them.

“hello, my name is Ross Lynch” Ross said, extending his hand to shake theirs.

They each shook his hand, “strong fella we have here” one of the older men said.

                                    Robert Werberk         Will Cage             Nicholas Smith

“My name is Will Cage, I am head of Hollyscope Records, this is Nicholas Smith and Robert Werberk, we’re very pleased to have you here”

“It is my honor” Ross said honestly.  He noticed his brother standing on the side smiling awkwardly, the men hadn’t even acknowledge his presence.  “this is my brother, his name is Riker, he’ll be accompanying and representing me today” Ross said, signaling to his brother.

“Well hello there Raker” the old man said, shaking his hand.

“Riker” Riker corrected. “nice to meet you all, I am honored”

“He’s also very talented! An amazing singer” Ross bragged about his brother.

“yeah, uh huh, well let’s get to what we’re here for” Marcus Walen said, changing the topic.

“Oh yes” Nicholas Smith, the black man, pointed out.

“Ross, we’ve heard some of your song compilations and vocal tracks” Robert Werberk said, “We were completely blown away”

“you got the stuff kid” Will Cage said as he fixed his glasses, smiling.

“We want you to sign with us” Nicholas Smith said, looking over some papers.  “You’re fame level is rising at a very fast pace, and we want to be a part of that”

“You mean you want to make money off Ross’s fame?” Riker interrupted.

“well it is a business young one” Marcus interrupted, “but don’t joke yourselves here, we will not be the only ones benefitting from this”

Robert started speaking: “Yes, we’ve discussed this long and hard, and-”

Ross chuckled, “long and hard” he said giggling.  Riker tapped him on the head to stay professional.

“and…” the man continued.  “Marcus defended you very well, we want to offer you a 1.5 million record deal, in addition to that, promotion will be dealt by our company and you will get 2% of each album sold”

“WHOAH!” Ross said, his jaw dropping.  Riker’s eyes widened.

“1.5 MILLION DOLLARS?” Riker said in shock.

“Million?!?!” Ross exclaimed.

“we’ve got a lot of confidence” Nicholas Smith said in his deep voice.

Ross looked at Riker, “1.5 million!” he said.

“I know!” Riker said smiling back.

“I’ll take it!” Ross said.

“wait…no he won’t” Riker said.

“WHAT?” they all exclaimed at once.

“do not listen to him sir” Marcus said nervously to the 3 important officials, “he’s just joking”

“I want you to give Ross the freedom to terminate his contract whenever he wants” Riker added.

The three man laughed. “Are you kidding me?” Nicholas said laughing.

“That’s preposterous! Impossible! Not even Lady Gaga gets that type of freedom, we need an assurance that you will do your part” Will added very seriously.

“Freedom or we walk” Riker said, folding his arms.  Ross just looked at his brother, in shock, not sure what he was doing.

“Listen silly boy, you’re losing your brother the opportunity of a lifetime, sign here Ross” Marcus said nervously.

Nicholas started to talk: “I really don’t think-”

“deal.  There will be a 2 million dollar penalty.  We need our assurance.” Will said louder.

“I don’t think so” Riker said. “make it 1.5”

“I’m growing tired of games” Will said, looking to the side.  “Let’s go, we’ll just go sign another aspiring singer”

“fine, I’m sorry! Just sign it Ross, I tried” he said to his brother. “it was dumb”

Ross looked at his brother, then at the stack of papers in front of him.  So many words.  So many letters.  So much to read.  So much money.  So much fame.  He picked up the pencil and took a deep breath, the 4 men smiled in anticipation. 

“sign it Ross, your father already signed giving you permission, all we need is you” the man said.

Ross licked his lips, and signed his name onto the document.  He looked up at the men.  “there”

“perfect” Marcus said.  “we’ll get started working on the album tomorrow” he replied.

Ross shook the men’s hands and thanked them for their time.  He knew 3 important men in the business from a famous record label wouldn’t go to a restaurant to meet just ANYBODY, he knew they really were interested in him.

When he walked out he saw a bunch of paparazzi starting to swarm him, about 10 of them.  Asking him questions about his new song with Justin Bieber and if he liked Selena Gomez.

“thank you, thank you, please let me by, yes, we did a song together, yes, she’s amazing” he said answering questions.

“You look good today!” one of the paparazzi said.

“I like your hair today” another one said.

“are you and Justin Bieber in a feud” another one said.

Riker protected his brother, circling his arms around him like a body guard.  “give my brother some space” he shouted as they made their way to the car.  On his way to the car, Ross and Riker noticed about 5 different magazines with Ross on the cover on the stands.

Ross’s life was changing.  Fast.

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1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part?
2) What were your favorite quotes? 
3) Are you mad or happy that Ross took the record deal?
4) What do you think of Ross's sudden rise in face?
5) Comment on anything you would like. :-)

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  1. Oh my gosh! That happened so fast an unexpectedly! I hope he did the right thing..I mean I hope all good things come out of his choice to go solo. I also can't wait to see what happens on his "date" with Raini. I hope everything works out between them and between Raini and Laura. I can't wait for Ross and Laura to spen more time together also because they are so cute together! <3 Can't wait for more! :)

  2. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 24, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    Omg, fav part when laura came to ross's house and least fav when ross, riker and the agent guys were fighting. omg, he took the record deal! he should back out, he'll eventually think it's wrong, rocky is gonna be pissed!! :O i cant wait to see what happens with raini!! :) LOVE IT.<3

  3. 1. Favorite part was when Riker was over here like "nahhh freedom or we walk."
    Least Favorite part was when Ross signed the papers... im seriously crying right now.
    2. Haha the entire episode pretty much ;]
    3. Im not mad... im not happy.... im sad :'( I just- R5 is just so important!! The record agents were being jerks too!! :'( Ross is AMAZING and im really proud he got that far but I just can't imagine him without R5 with him making CDs!! :','(
    4. I love that he's getting more famous its just that.... ya know what the Lexi chikka said.... I also hate it though... loss in privacy. He wont be able to go anywhere without paparatzi!!
    5. I really loved the episode :D im just so sad D': *sniffles* :)
    That Lexi chikka is gonna be around a lot..... and very soon too... I can feel it :') <3

  4. OMG! it was super good! i especially liked the part where he giggled because they said "long and hard" xD LOL. well i can't wait for the next part! you are an amazing writer :D keep up the good work! <3

  5. 1. Favorite part was when Riker was being protective of Ross. It's so sweet and now, I kinda think signing with Marcus and them is a bad idea. They definitely have something up their sleeves and Riker caught up on that. He just wants the best for his brother, but ross signed anyways. Hope nothing happens. My least favorite part was when Laura came over to talk about the date with Raini and ross. she and ross are the one's dating. If Raini was a true friend, she would take it all in instead of punishing Laura. I mean like, what a jerk.
    2. My favorite quote was basically everything riker said. Gosh, i would love to have him as a brother. He's so over protective and easy going.
    3. I'm kinda nuetral about it. I was supportive in the beginning but when Riker almost stopped him, i realized that maybe if he caught onto something, there must be something wrong with the guys. Now i'm kinda sad that he took it. If something were to happen to Ross, i would cry. ):
    4. I'm happy about it, but he's only getting fame because of Justin Bieber. We all know Justin is like the biggest star. I feel like Ross is using Justin as a stepping stone without realizing. It's good that he's getting more fame, but he's not doing it solo. I'm 100% sure he can get more famous solo.
    5. That magazine at the end, did you make it yourself? If yes, then that's hella cool. (:


  6. So rossome
    When river defended his brother ross
    Do not know
    Little sudden
    Keep rocking on rosslynchissexy

  7. 1) Ross chuckled, “long and hard” he said giggling. Riker tapped him on the head to stay professional.
    2) “Well hello there Raker” the old man said, shaking his hand.

    “Riker” Riker corrected. “nice to meet you all, I am honored”
    3) I'm disappointed. Ross CAN'T take the record deal. But he did :O What about R5? I am having so much emotions right now. He just can't do it. Riker, Rocky, Rydel, Ratliff..... :(
    4)Sudden rise in face? You mean, fame right? I'm happy for him, yeah sure. But you know, R5 doesn't get that much publicity.
    5)“want me to get down with you?” Riker asked him.
    -Get DOWN!! :D

  8. 1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? i dont have a fave or least fave this time.. it was all SUPER GOOD!

    2) What were your favorite quotes? didnt see any... sorry :/
    3) Are you mad or happy that Ross took the record deal? little of both, but i was sorta upset at riker for trying to get him more money, but he was hurting ross' chance at having a record label! but im happy for him, just a bit upset and angry that it went all too fast!

    4) What do you think of Ross's sudden rise in fame? im scared... he might get too cocky and forget why and how he became famous!

    i love the story as usual! not as exciting as the last one, but still amazingg! i just wanted to ask if i can guess star in one chapter! u dont have to, im not going to get mad if you dont, but of u can, i would love it if you can fit me in somewhere :D thanks, and i cant wait for the next chapter !!!


  9. 1) when Ross and Laura hugged :) I love them together!!!
    2) "long and hard" lol Ross is soooooo cute
    4)Ross might become a player you know with all the girls tryna use him and stuff. I hope he doesn't do that though. I hope he stays with Laura
    3) I'm kind of upset and happy. Because I want Ross to have the deal but with R5 you know I want everything to be with r5


  10. heres more, i didnt see the questions last time, so yeah here!(:
    1) favorite: when ross and laura are talking about the date that hes gonna go on. least: when they are fighting about the record deal in the restaurant. :/
    2)“yeah man, it’s not like you’re leaving R5? I can’t believe you’re actually debating whether you should do this or not. Do it! Do it for me? I’ll be extremely proud of you, R5 will get its big break, and you’ll still be a part of it” Riker said, walking into the room."
    3)noo! omg, im mad! he better back out eventually!
    4) i can not believe he was on E news and hes all over magazines! hes getting famous fast! i dont know if thats such a good thing :/
    5. LOVE IT. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Post the nest one sooon please!! :)

    1. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 25, 2012 at 5:19 PM

      this is supposed to go up with RossLynchGotsswagg. sorry my computer is stupid! :)

  11. It was so so so so so good!!!!!!!! U r a really good writer!!!
    Please post the next one soon and put me in it please!! I'm @iluvrosslynchR5(;

    ~ Aly

  12. I live these stories!!!! Please keep writing!!!!!! (:

  13. ok so i tried making my comment i think 3 times now but every single time it decides to be a freaking dumbass and shuts down my computer while i'm typing so i just decided that i'm not gonna post it.. but the whole thing was pretty much about how much i dislike the events in this episode and that i'm extremely upset with this turn of events but i still want more more more. oh and i was thinking of his jawline the WHOLE TIME, yeah you know who i am now haha. but my favorite line by far was "Ross chuckled, “long and hard” he said giggling. Riker tapped him on the head to stay professional." .. AWWHWHHHWAHAHWWHHAHAHAA that was my reaction, kind of a squeal/giggle/aww.