Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 2

       Calum            Raini                 Ross                    Laura

“It’s true, what Bella said.  Ross…is way too hot for me” Raini admitted sadly to herself.  “How I wish I didn’t feel this way”.

Raini looked over, and saw Ross and Laura laughing, both smiling at each other.  Raini could feel that they had a connection, they had a spark, and this filled her with jealousy and anger.  Calum [Dez] approached Raini from behind:

“Raini watch out, you don’t want to flood the floor with your drool” he joked.

Raini was startled and jumped, feeling surprised.  She slapped him jokingly on his arm, “shut up Calum!”

“Im just kidding Raini, but damn, you’re like obsessed with Ross” Calum told her.

“Shut up!” Raini exclaimed.

In the other side of the hall, Ross and Laura were still talking.

“That’s what Im saying Ross, that’s what you do in case of a bear attack” Laura finished.

“You’re so damn random Laura” Ross said with a laugh.  He paused.  “That’s what I love about you” he added, giving her a smile.

His smile made Laura melt.  She felt butterflies in her stomach, and everything around her turned wonderful. “awh, thanks Ross” she said, her cheeks turning red.

“Hey Ross!  Some of the guys and me are gonna play some football in the parking lot, wanna join?” Rocky said from the door.

“oh sure! I’ll go!” Ross told him.  “Who’s playing?”

“Jason Dolley, and some of the guys from the Shake it Up show” Rocky added.

Ross waved at Laura and ran off after his brother.  As soon as he left, Raini ran after Laura.

“So much for not liking him, right?” Raini said in a slightly angry tone.

Raini’s statement made Laura’s eyes flash open.  Laura froze, startled by Raini’s words. “um…we’re…j-j-j-j-ust friends. I don’t l-l-l-l-l-like him.  I don’t like him at all.” Laura said, stuttering after every word.

“yeah.  Sure.” Raini said, rolling her eyes and walking away.

“Raini please!” Laura said chasing after her.

“Wait?  You guys like Ross?” Lexi [@ImLexiR5] said, walking in from the staircase.

“Um, I don’t” Laura said quickly.  Raini stopped, was about to say something, but then just rolled her eyes and walked off. 

“Cause if you do like him, trust me, be careful.  There’s so many girls after his ass” Lexi told her.

“are you one of those girls?” Laura said a little confused.

“not really.  I mean, I think he’s cute and all, but I have a boyfriend.” Lexi told Laura.  “I’m just saying, cause this morning there was a crowd of about 100 fans, all girls, and they all wanted to meet Ross”

“yeah, a lot of girls like him, so?” Laura told Lexi.

“That usually leads to guys who could careless about girl’s feelings.  They know they’re hot, so they just play with them” Lexi told her. 

“Ross is not like that!  He’s wonderful!  Not that I like him or anything, but yeah” Laura said, sounding a little nervous at the end of her statement.

“Laura, calm down, I’m not saying he’s like that.  It’s just a warning, you know?” she told him.

“oh.  Well, give the advice to someone else then.” Laura said sounding harshly.

“wow.  Someone’s rude.” Lexi said quietly.

“Wait, who are you?  Why are you at Disney headquarters?” Laura said, changing the topic.

“I was just doing an audition, my mom works here, so I got in” she told her.  “by the way, can I get your autograph?”

“sure!” Laura said excitedly.  “I apologize for sounding a little rude”

“no problem, thanks for the autograph.  I’m looking for Selena Gomez at the moment, I heard she’s here right now”

“NO WAY!” Laura said sounding excited. “oh my god, seriously?” Laura said in disbelief.

“Yup! I really want to meet her” Lexi added, running off the hall.

Laura ran off in the opposite way, she wanted to find Raini.  She wanted to apologize, and guarantee her that she would never be interested in Ross.  Laura knew that she had to be a good friend to Raini, even if that meant letting go of a boy as hot as Ross Lynch.  Laura ran into the back door, and opened it.  The blinding sun made her eyes close in a flash, but once she adjusted, she studied her surroundings.

She looked to her left and she couldn’t believe what she saw.  It was Ross.  Drinking from a water bottle.  Ross was shirtless, his pants were rolling low, exposing his striped boxers.  He was sweaty from the football he had just been playing.

Laura took a deep breath.  She felt herself lose her balance.  This was the hottest thing she had ever seen with her eyes.  


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