Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 11

“Listen Cody, I know we didn’t do anything, but it was wrong of me to let you spend the night here.  It looks wrong” she told him.

“But Laura” Cody told her.  He lifted up her chin and looked into his eyes.  “I like you.  I like you a lot.  That Ross guy may have broken his heart, he’s a douche.  But I, I would treat you like a princess.  Like the princess you are.”

Laura smiled cutely at him.  “Oh Cody, I don’t know”

“He doesn’t deserve you.  He doesn’t deserve your love” he told her.  “I’ll make you forget him, I’ll make you forget Ross for good” he said, pulling in for a kiss.

Laura placed her finger on his lips.  “Cody what do you think you’re doing?”

“I told you baby, I’ll make you forget him.  I want you to be mine.” He told her, pulling her close, trying to swoon her.

“but, this is wrong. We’re a long, you’re shirtless, it’s just-”

He placed his finger over her lips and “shhhh” her.  “don’t worry, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.  If you want to go back with Ross, the guy who slept with two girls last night, you be my guest.”

“Never, ugh. I can’t stand him.” She said angrily, knowing she was lying.  “But I can’t kiss you Cody, at least not yet.  We should take it slow”.  Cody looked annoyed but agreed.

~Back in the Lynch Home~

Ross P.O.V

I can’t believe Laura was with Cody last night, and her parents weren’t even there.  She’s behaving like such a slut, she met him last night!  Why do I worry so much about her and what she thinks of me when she doesn’t even consider my feelings.  From now on, I’m just gonna stop caring about her and her stupid self, I’m hot, girls want me, and its time for me to stop being so shy and good and move on. 

I pulled in closer to Bella and kissed her on the cheek, she returned it by giving me a flirty look and kissing me gently on my neck.  It felt good. Really good.  I don’t like Bella at all, and the way she looks at me creeps me out, to be honest, she’s just a slutty girl who’s like obsessed with me, but I need to move on from Laura, and what better way to do it than with a hot girl like her?

“Hey Ross” Riker said awkwardly.  “not to interrupt your little love fest but there’s someone in the phone for you, it’s….it’s…….Justin Bieber” Riker said, still having trouble believing what he was saying.

Oh yeah! I had totally forgotten about Justin, I couldn’t believe he actually wanted to do a song with me.  I picked up the phone and answered it casually.


“hello” Ross answered.

“hey man, is this Ross?” Justin Bieber said casually.

“um, yeah” Ross replied nervously.

“Just calling about our song, you still up for it?” Justin told him.

“oh whoah, yes, yes, of course” Ross replied.

“Alright, can you make it to High Quality Recording studios by tomorrow morning?” Justin asked.

“Yes, I’ll be there.  Thanks man, I am honored” Ross told him.

“Yup, no problem” Justin replied.

“Alright” Ross said and hung up.

“So, why the hell was Justin Bieber calling you!?” Rydel said excited.

“Yeah, man! Tell us everything” Riker said excitedly.

“He…wants to do a song with me” Ross told them.

Rydel’s jaw dropped, and Riker smiled in excitement. “nuh uh! Seriously? Oh my god dude, that’s great news!” Riker said excitedly.

“Yeah, think how great this will be for our band, a song with Justin Bieber!” Rydel exclaimed.

“Um….it’s with me.  He wants to do a song with me, not the band” Ross said awkwardly.  Rydel immediately became a little dissapointent.

“oh, that’s great man, so happy for you” Riker told his brother.

“Yeah, cause Ross is too good for us already anyways” Rocky said rolling his eyes.

“what’s that supposed to mean?” Ross said annoyed.

“Nothing.  It’s just that lately it all has to be about you.” Rocky said, obviously sounding annoyed.

“Guys stop it” Riker ordered with a worried look on his face.

“It’s not my fault I’m getting all these opportunities! You should be happy for me!” Ross yelled at Rocky.

“Yeah cause everything has to be about you!” Rocky said annoyed.

“It’s not my fault girls like me more!” Ross blurted.

“dude!” Riker said, buttoning in.

“He started it!” Ross yelled back.

“just go do your little song with Bieber and leave us all alone already” Rocky told him, looking away.

“Rocky, you’re being unfair! IT’S NOT MY FAULT IM BETTER THAN-” Ross said, but then stopped himself.

“Why don’t you say it Ross? Say what you mean, finish your little sentence.  You’re better than me, there, just say it” Rocky said angrily, smashing his guitar on the floor and running up the stairs.

“UGH!” Ross exclaimed loudly.

“so, are we gonna rehearse or not?” Ratliff said, trying to break up the tension.

“of course not!” Ross said, walking out the front door, pulling Bella with him, and closing the door hard.

“Baby, don’t feel bad. Your brother’s just jealous of you” Bella told Ross, massaging his shoulder and nibbling on his ear.  Ross swallowed her. 

“That’s the problem.  I don’t want him to be jealous, I want us to be a family.  Maybe I shouldn’t record that song with Bieber” Ross said sadly.

“listen baby, you can’t let others stand in your way of your success.  You can’t” Bella told him, looking into his eyes. 

The next morning, Ross excitedly woke up and got ready for his big day at High Quality Recording Studios.  His dad drove him to the establishment and they both went in.  Ross was kind of nervous about seeing Justin Bieber here and all the big recording artists.  He saw Justin on the recording studio through the glass cuddling with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“so proud of you son, this is pretty big” Ross’s dad told him.  Then, a tall bald man with sunglasses approached Ross and his dad. 

“Hello, my name is Marcus Welman” he said, speaking in a very fast tone, shaking their hands.   “We’re very excited to have you here Ross, we see a lot of potential and talent on you” he told him.

Justin and Selena noticed Ross and they both came out.  “hi there man” Justin told him.

“how you doing?” Selena told him.

“I’m good. Still shocked about the offer to be honest” Ross told them.

“aw you’re so adorable” Selena told Ross.  Justin gave her a look.  “adorable, like a little adorable baby.  Like a kid.” She said smiling at Justin.  Justin chuckled.

“so we got a few songs here, check them out, me and Selena are gonna grab a bite and then we’ll come back” Justin said, walking away with Selena.

Ross looked at the song Justin had chosen, and loved it.  It was a very pumpy song about life and trying hard.  Then, the music agent that was there approached Ross when Ross’s dad was busy looking at magazines at the other side of the glass.

“I truly see a lot of potential in you Ross” Marcus told him.  “can you please sing a few lyrics for me?” he told him.  Ross agreed and Marcus played the music as Ross sang.

“Wow, astounding voice, very different from what’s out right now” Marcus told him.  “You’re gonna make a great solo artist someday” he said smiling.

“Solo artist?!?????” Ross exclaimed.

Please comment.  13 comments for next episode. LONG Comments make my life, tell me what you thought of the episode. Favorite part, least favorite, comments, parts that made you laugh, favorite quotes, parts that you hated, comment on my writing, ANYTHING.  Just let me know what YOU THINKS. 

1) what did you think of the fight between Ross and Rocky?  Is Rocky being a jerk for being jealous, or is Ross being a jerk?
2) Do you think Ross should do the song with Bieber?
3) What do you think of Marcus, the music agent?
4) What do you think of Ross suddenly dating Bella?
5) Comment on anything!



  1. Wow that was good I love the Laura and Cody part it is so good I can't wait for the next one!!!

  2. 1) ummm tension.... I think Rocky is being too jealous and Ross got a little harsh.
    2) I think he should ask if R5 can join in... :)
    3) I think he's right but I think Ross should stick with the band :D
    4) I HATE it... she is a slut and Ross is acting exactly like what Lexi described to Laura earlier in the story...
    5) I think Ross should totally get a new gf maybe even a special someone who had an audition with Disney in the beginning... that Lexi chick... she seems WAYY nicer than Bella and seems she'd treat Ross right :D <3

  3. 1) I didn't enjoy that much :P They're both not being very fair to each other.
    2) No.
    3) He needs to hear the band. lol
    4) NOOO.

  4. Oh and maybe A&A should have Lexi be a new permanent role in the show... that way her and Ross can meet c[; ;]

  5. Harsh and they are both being jerks to each other.
    Great can u add a Huskey Ross loves Siberian huskeys pwesswe

  6. 1) Rocky was too jealous. And ross was [I admit] being a jerk. ((Sorry Rossy u kno I love you(; ))
    2) idk..
    3) He's right but Rossy needs to stay/stick with the band [R5]
    4) Despise it. Rossy needs to date someone *cough me cough*
    5) I think that Rossy shud totally date me (JoJo) and that Avril Lavigne should guest star.

  7. the hole family convertion i loved it

  8. 1. I think Rocky is the jerk for not being proud of his own brother.
    2. Yes. Ross has a big desicion and he better not take it for granted even f his family is jealous.
    3. Marcus seems mysterious as if he were hiding a secret or sonething.
    4. I hate Bella with Ross because Bella is a slut ever since she appeared in the series.
    ~extras~ I love these stories. They are very entertaining an stay have a background of mystery and hate to them ( I mean hate by lime Bella being a slut). Ross can tend to get very angry but that makes it all the more better. Keep writing and keep up the good work!! Keep the mystery in it too!!

  9. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it! keep writing!

  10. I love it! I just want Bella to die already!

  11. 1) what did you think of the fight between Ross and Rocky? Is Rocky being a jerk for being jealous, or is Ross being a jerk? i was shaking when the fight scene came. i didnt want them to start hating each other, but rocky wasnt a jerk... he was jealous! but towards the end, ross was being the jerk (no offense)

    2) Do you think Ross should do the song with Bieber? NO! there i said it , I DONT WANT HIM DOING THE SONG WITH BIEBER! not just for the fact that i hate bieber, i also think that he needs to be with his family, since that is more important than anything in the world!!

    3) What do you think of Marcus, the music agent? he seems ok, he doesnt know the background info... so he's basically innocent for what he said to ross about being a solo artist!

    4) What do you think of Ross suddenly dating Bella? I HATE IT!!



  12. 1. i think they're both being stupid. Rocky shouldn't be jealous, they're brothers. & Ross shouldn't be saying he's better than anyone else.
    2. Yes. Working on the song can help him.
    3. Marcus is okay i guess...
    4. That girl's a female dog. & i'm pissed at ross for dating him! if he really loved laura, he would be trying to get her back, not go out with another girl.
    Can't wait for the next episode. <3


  13. 1) I think Rocky should be happy for him. Rocky is probably being a jerk for being jealous.
    2) I think so. He has a great opportunity to become famous. But probably if he is famous, R5 becomes famous.
    3) I think he seems suspicious to me.. Hmm..
    4) I think he should stick with Laura, but I don't blame Ross for getting mad at her. She let down Ross even though she actually liked him.
    5) Ross and Laura should totally go out! I'M DYING FOR THEM ON THIS STORY. PLEEEAAASSEEEEEEE..

    I have an idea:
    Can Laura break up with Cody? And then she comes to Ross and sees Bella kissing him and she's like all over him, then Laura gets jealous and Ross rejects her, then when Ross closes the door, he becomes to have feelings for Laura.

    I just want them to become a couple already.. Hehe.

  14. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 16, 2012 at 1:54 PM

    1. there being dumb, they should just make up and they're both kinda being jerks.
    2. i think he should do the song, but not break up the band!
    3. he is not gonna make ross go solo! NO! :o
    4.ehh, i hate it. laura and ross should be together!! (:
    5. Ross better not go solo because of what rocky said, and i dont want the agent guy to make ross choose of singing with justin or spliting up the band, and i that guy makes ross choose he better not do that song with bieber!!

  15. Love it! No least favorite parts! Please put me in it!!! @ElanaMarie6

  16. I think Ross and Bella are great together!

  17. 1 - I think Ross and Rocky both are being jerks.
    2 - Yes defanitly he should do the song with Justin, but stick with the band.
    3 - Ehh. He's alright.
    4 - No, just no.
    5 - I'm dying to read more, you gotta write more, your writing is amazing.

    - @heismyobsession

  18. 1)I kinda expected it to happen. Both of them aren't jerks. Rocky and Ross are both hot though ;) and I think Rocky isnt use to Ross being all popular now
    2)Bieber should do the song with the whole band
    3)I'm not sure yet...
    4)noooohe should be with Laura!!!
    5) loved it!!!

  19. 1) No offense to Ross, but i honestly think he was being the jerk. I'm not choosing favorites either, soo... But also Rocky was totally jealous
    2) No, no, no.
    3) I don't like Marcus. It seems like he's going to tear R5 apart, and I would die if that ever ever happened. I just don't have a good feeling about him.
    4) I think (no offense, I LOVE YOU, ROSS!!) Ross is being stupid. He's just dating Bella to make Laura jealous. If he loves Laura, he should just be with her.


  21. yeah this story has stuff that they would never do. Bella would NEVER do any of that. Your to inappropriate. You know kids read these. Stop writing these stupid stories

  22. I think these r a waste of time!! Ur a sucky writer