Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 13

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After Ross calmed down a bit, he read a text from Bella inviting him to a date at a restaurant.  He quickly and excitedly got ready, and got a ride with Bella’s mother.  They got to the restaurant, Ross was smiling, and Bella was obviously all over him.  Bella was very touchy, her hands were always on Ross’s chest, abs, shoulders, back, and she even grabbed his butt a few times.  They were walked to their table, and on their way there, Ross noticed something that filled him with anger…

Cody and Laura.  At one of the tables.  Kissing.

This immediately filled Ross with anger, it made his blood boil.  The last thing he wanted to see was Cody and Laura together.  He wanted to forget about Laura.  He wanted to like Bella.

“maybe, maybe we should go to another restaurant” Ross whispered in Bella’s ear through his teeth.

“oh, come on baby. We’re already here!” Bella said, putting her arm around his neck.  “Oh! Lookie there! It’s Cody and Laura!” Bella said enthusiastically pointing in Laura and Cody’s direction.  She immediately started walking towards them, pulling Ross along with her.

Cody and Laura were in a full-on make-out session, her arms were wrapped around him, and his arms cupping on her face close to his.  Cody’s tongue was inside her mouth, over and over again, basically eating her.  Ross and Bella awkwardly stood next to their table.

“hi there” Bella said, giving a loud slightly awkward fake cough.

Cody and Laura broke their kiss, and turn their gaze towards them.  The second Laura saw Ross in front of her, she was super shocked.  “um, hi” Laura said awkwardly.

“Nice running into you two here, what a coincidence!” Bella said smiling.

“yes, what a coincidence!” Cody said, smiling as well.  “Why don’t you two join us here?” Cody added.

“Um, actually, I think we’re-” Ross started saying.

“We’d love to!” Bella interrupted, sitting on the other side of the table.  Ross rolled his eyes and sat next to Bella, making sure never to make eye-contact with Laura.

“So, what were you guys up to?” Bella said in her typical mean-girl tone.

“um, you know, just making out” Cody said.  “Can’t keep Laura off of me” he said, pulling Laura close to him.

Bella gave a slight laugh, “I think Ross has the same problem” she said, cuddling with him, putting her head on his shoulder and giving him a slight kiss on his neck.  Ross had no reaction.

Laura rolled her eyes.  “Well that’s cute” she said sarcastically, putting her arm around Cody.

“Well, I seriously can’t get enough of Bella, she seriously knows how to make a guy happy” Ross said, directing it to Laura. 

Bella gave an embarrassed laugh. “oh stop it! With a guy like you, who could control themselves?” Bella said.  “Seriously, I always just feel the need to take Ross’s clothes off wherever we are.” She added, rubbing Ross’s chest through his chest.

The waiter, a short man, came to take their orders: “oh whoah, seems like we have a full table of celebrities in the house” he said excited.  “Cody Simpson?” the man said, recognizing Cody.  Cody nodded.  “may I start you all up with a couple of drinks?” he added. 

Ross, Laura, and Bella all ordered coke, while Cody ordered lemonade.  Then they placed their orders.  The fact that Cody was recognized angered Ross, he knew Cody was more famous than him, and it made him jealous.  It humiliated him, since Cody had Laura and he didn’t.

“I need to take the record deal.  I know I can be bigger than this idiot.” Ross thought to himself.

“So, Laura, how’s Cody’s dick?  Do you like it? Is it yummy?” Bella asked Laura, smiling.

“Bella!” Ross exclaimed.

“Bella? The heck?” Laura said, in shock.

Cody just laughed.  “We haven’t gone too far yet, but, I know Laura is gonna love it.  Right baby?” Cody told Laura. 

This conversation made Laura uncomfortable, but there was nothing she could do.  She couldn’t do anything in front of Ross, she needed to keep making Ross jealous.  “of course.” Laura managed to say.

“Well, I’ve already tried Ross’s.  There’s nothing like it.  Remember the party Ross?” Bella said licking her lips, putting her hand on Ross’s pants.

“nobody wants to hear about that.” Laura said abruptly.

“and nobody wants to hear about your slutty needs to” Ross said loudly.

“excuse you?” Laura exclaimed.

“don’t talk to her like that” Cody said standing up.

“What are you gonna do about ir shorty?” Ross said louder, standing up.  Cody immediately backed down.

“When did you turn into such a jerk?” Laura said, her eyes tearing up.

“well, Ross was right in what he said about you” Bella added, smiling.

Laura winced, a tear rolling down her cheek, and ran away from the table.  “don’t you run away from me” Ross said, following behind her. 

“nice one Cody” Bella said, giving him a half smile.

“me? That was all you.” Cody said, smiling back at her.  They both laughed.

“where are you going?” Ross said, pulling Laura by the arm as she exited the restaurant.

“away from you Ross!” Laura told him. “Now let me go” she said, trying to lose from his grip.

“Listen Laura, we…can’t keep fighting like this.  Stop seeing that Cody jerk.  I forbid you to date him anymore” Ross ordered.

“you forbid me?  First you call me a slut, and then you forbid me from seeing Cody?  Well no Ross, you can’t do that.  He treats me way better than you ever have.  Now why don’t you go get your dick sucked by Bella and Zendaya, or whatever it is you guys do”

“Nothing happened at that stupid party!” Ross yelled at her face.

“Ross! I saw what I saw!  You were half naked in a bed and two girls were in top of you, licking you and kissing you.  That doesn’t sound like nothing to me.  And now you’re dating her, so, go”

“ugh! I am telling you I didn’t do anything, I don’t know how any of it happened.  And Bella, ugh, I don’t even like her.”

“what?” Laura said, a smile forming on her face.

“and I know you don’t like Cody.  I see it in the way you look at me.  You love me Laura, you’re dying to have me.  And…I’m dying to have you” Ross told her, running his finger through her cheek.

“Ross, I…I don’t know.” Laura said, millions of thoughts flashing through her head.  “Yes, Ross.  I love you.  From the first time I ever saw you, I’ve always had a crush on you.” Laura admitted.  

Please comment.  13 comments for next episode. LONG Comments make my life, tell me what you thought of the episode. Favorite part, least favorite, comments, parts that made you laugh, favorite quotes, parts that you hated, comment on my writing, ANYTHING.  Just let me know what YOU THINK. 

1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part?
2) What was your favorite quote? 
3) What did you think of Ross and Laura while they were in the restaurant?  Was Ross a jerk? 
4) Did you like the ending? What do you think is gonna happen?
5) Comment on anything!



  1. 1. Fav part was the end. they admitted their feelings. Least was the part where cody backed down. Sissy. can't stand up for Laura.
    2. “and I know you don’t like Cody. I see it in the way you look at me. You love me Laura, you’re dying to have me. And…I’m dying to have you” Ross told her, running his finger through her cheek.
    3. Ross was a jerk, but that's because he was jealous, not angry.
    4. End was rossome. i think they're gonna start going out, obviously.
    5. kinda confused about what cody and bella said when ross chased after laura. did they plan for this to happen or what?

  2. 1. fav part: when ross and laura admitted that they loved eachother(: least fav: when they were all talking in the restaurant, it was awkward :o
    2.“Yes, Ross. I love you. From the first time I ever saw you, I’ve always had a crush on you.” -laura :DDD
    3. ugh, it was awkward!! we should not have called her a slut, that was a jerky move.
    4.i LOVED the ending<333 i think theyre gonna kiss, and then cody and bella see them. and theyre gonna get mad.
    5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT<3 Hope theres at least a few more episodes, i never want it to end! (:
    - @_HollieR5

  3. Love it
    When Ross and larua admit they love each other
    Yes he was kind of a jerk
    Love the ending they will become girl friend and boyfriend
    Love it all keep writing

  4. 1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? the end of course (fave) ! least... cody and bella (like wth ???)

    2) What was your favorite quote? "You love me Laura, you’re dying to have me. And…I’m dying to have you" i just cried then and there!!!

    3) What did you think of Ross and Laura while they were in the restaurant? Was Ross a jerk? no not really, he was just being awkward. i mean, if u saw the person u LOVED making out with someone else... wouldnt you feel angry?!?!

    4) Did you like the ending? What do you think is gonna happen? i think that they are going to find a way to FIGHT again... sorry , but i have a feeling that they are going to fight about something... but of course, they love each other :DD

    love this story girlly! please update soon !

    and for the q&a... I REALLY DONT HAVE ANYTHINGG!! its perfect the way it is :DDD


  5. Oh my gosh I LOVED IT SO MUCH! <3 She admitted she liked him finally! Bella just needs to leave...haha seriously. Loved the ending! Can't wait for more! I know Ross was just being a jerk because he was jealous..<3

  6. 1) my favorite part was when Ross said he was dying to have Laura
    2)Yes Ross, I Love You"
    3) Yeah he was a jerk he called her slut!
    4)I think Cody and Bella will walk in on them kissing!!!
    5) I loved it!!!
    I deleted my twitter!!! People no more @loveDEMdashians

  7. 1) My favorite part was when Ross told Laura that he was dying to have her, and when she said she loved him too. I sware, they would be sooo cute together! My least favorite part is when Cody and Laura were making out.
    2)" “and I know you don’t like Cody. I see it in the way you look at me. You love me Laura, you’re dying to have me. And…I’m dying to have you” Ross told her, running his finger through her cheek."
    3) Ross was a jerk. Why did he call Laura a slut? Dang it, Ross!
    4)Yes Yes WAY YES!!! I don't really have a good idea what is going to happen, but I think Ross should dump Bella and tell her everything he's thought about her (how he doesn't like her, etc.) Same with Laura. And if that doesn't happen, I think Ross and Cody are gonna have a fist fight. GO ROSS!!
    5) I can't believe Bella and Cody were (UGH) in on this secret, stupid, mean plan.

  8. "Bella rubbed Ross's chest through his chest." ???

    1)When Ross told Cody "What are you gonna do about it, shorty?"
    2)“What are you gonna do about it shorty?” Ross said louder, standing up.
    3) I don't think Ross was a jerk, I love my baby. ;) But Laura wasn't doing anything wrong either. So maybe yes, Ross was a teeny bit jerkish. I still love him though.
    4) I loved the ending! Bravo! (Stands up and claps) I think Ross and Laura should like you know, make out. They aren't in full session. EVER! It's really bugging me!

  9. I strongly enjoyed this.

    1)favorite part was at the end, when ross stopped laura from runninnng!
    2) Favorriite quotee was "I see it in the way you look at me. You love me Laura, you’re dying to have me. And…I’m dying to have you” Ross told her, running his finger through her cheek." :) or when Ross was like "what are you gonna do about it Shorty?"
    3) Ehhh he was kind of a jerk, but he didn't mean to. i suppose.
    4)I LOVED THE ENDINGGG!!! Ross and Laura are perfeccttt <3
    5) I agree with the person above. yes. they do.

    Pleasse write moreee! I love your stories!

  10. i loved it all keep up the good work

  11. Aww this is adorable!!
    I just found this story while looking up Ross stories... This is fucking amazing!!! :)
    I have a lot more to read, which I'm happy about, but please like, NEVER END THIS!

  12. I hope Bella will be a good girl and Ross and her will be together. Story should be less sexual.