Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 17

Ross’s life was changing.  Fast.

“So how did it go!?” Laura asked excitedly as Riker and Ross got on the car, “and what’s with the paparazzis?”

“I don’t even know!” Ross exclaimed.

“You didn’t answer her first question, the meeting went great, Ross is now a millionaire.  As to the paparazzi, I DON’T EVEN KNOW!” Riker repeated.  Riker pulled out carefully, afraid that he would hit any of the paparazzi.

“that’s insane! How did they even find us?” Ross asked in confusion.

“I don’t know, maybe you were spotted, and someone called them” Riker said speeding away.

“so what’s this I hear about millionaire?” Laura asked confused.

“Well, I kind of signed the record deal, they offered me 1.5 millions dollars, plus 2% percent of album sales” Ross said

“what? Damn!” Laura exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you baby!” Laura said excitedly, hugging him from the back of the seat over and over, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

“I don’t get used to that, you know? Your love and your kisses” Ross said smiling to her.

“Plus, add on top of that the money he makes from touring” Riker added

“Touring? I’m not touring without the band, and of that I’m sure” Ross argued.

Riker took a deep breath, “yeah, we’ll see” he added.

They rushed to their home, and Ross immediately told his family the news.

“Are you serious?” Rydel said loudly.

His mom was basically jumping out of joy, and his dad a super wide smile on his face. “You don’t know how proud of you we are” Ross’s dad stated.

“dude, you’re a millionaire!” Ratliff stated, “bro, that’s sick! I’m so happy for you!”

“We must go out and celebrate!” Ross’s mom said happily.

“Well have fun you guys, cause I can’t go” Rocky said, walking down the stairs.

“Rocky” Riker said, a little bit of anger in his voice. “we talked about this”

“Shut up Riker, you’re not my father!” Rocky yelled back.

“But I AM” their dad, said very loudly.  “Rocky, what has gotten into you?”

“If he doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t want to.  His behavior right now is extremely shameful, what happened to being a family?” their mom said, her hand on her chin as she left to the kitchen.

“You’re ruining everything Rocky!” Rydel exclaimed

Ross just stood there quietly, and Laura awkwardly played with her fingers to avoid eye contact with people in the room.

“now you’re turning everyone against me Ross, thank you” Rocky said, pointing at Ross.

“What is your problem!” Ross yelled, “you think any of this was easy for me?”

“Yeah, cause being famous is so damn hard!” Rocky yelled back

“Rocky, up to your room” their father, Mark, said loudly.  Rocky gave him a sad, yet angry look.  As if his father’s words had taken away the little pride he had left.  “I’m sorry Rocky but you’re forcing me to take extreme measures.  Up to your room, you’re grounded”

Rocky bit his lip, and put his head down as he climbed up the stairs. “And I don’t want to see you down here until we get back”

“Jealousy is not a good thing brother” Riker said through his teeth.  Rocky went up and slammed the door hard. 

“What has gotten into him?” their mother said coming back into the room.

“I don’t know, but if this continues he’s gonna get a more severe punishment.  I will not allow it” their dad exclaimed.

“I’m sorry for causing all this” Ross said apologetically.

“sorry for what? For taking an opportunity? No Ross, you should be proud, there’s nothing you need to be sorry for”

            The evening the entire family (minus Rocky) went on the down-low to a very fancy restaurant where they all had a great time, well all, except Ross.  They exchanged jokes, talked, and had a great time eating the delicious food, but Ross just started into space thinking about his brother, and how awful he probably felt alone at home.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” his mom said, “you’re supposed to be smiling”

“it’s nothing, never mind”

“I can’t believe my brother is on his way to becoming a total superstar, wow” Rydel added, as she took a bite of her steak.

“yeah” Ross said with a fake smile, “thanks”

The next morning Ross and Laura hurried to Disney studios to meet up with their Austin and Ally director and crew.  They were both kind of nervous that they were gonna have to see Raini again, none of them knew how it would go.  Ross kissed Laura on the cheek as they got off the car; “don’t worry babe, it’ll be fine”

“sure hope so” she replied.

They entered the building, and quickly let go of each other’s hand.  They didn’t want to make their relationship obvious to the people around them.

“Well if it isn’t the stars of the show!” their friendly director said, meeting each of them with a hug. 

“Hello Kevin” Ross responded

“glad to have you here” he said giving them a stack of papers, “here are the scripts for the first few episodes of the second season”

Then, Raini walked into the set.  But she wasn’t alone, Cody, Zendaya and Bella were with her.  They all had smiles on their faces.  Big smiles.

“Well I’m gonna let you kids talk for a few minutes, got a few things to take care of” the director said walking away.  The wind was hitting Cody’s, Zendaya’s, Bella’s, and Raini’s hair, making it flow as if they were supermodels, kind of like the slow-motion walk in “Mean Girls”

Ross gulped, and Laura clutched his hand.  Fear was actually building up inside of her, but she did not know why. 

“We should go” Ross whispered through the side of his lips, so that only Laura would hear.

“But they’re looking at us” Laura whispered back, barely even moving her lips, still looking at the incoming crowd.

“hi there” Zendaya said with a friendly smile.  Bella scoffed and fave Ross and Laura a bitchy look.  Cody just smiled, and Raini shook her head as she looked at Laura.

“well, is this the Shake it Up set or….” Ross said, breaking the ice.

“No, we are just accompanying our good friend Raini” Bella said, putting her hand on Raini’s shoulder.

“What!?” Ross and Laura said together.

Laura placed her hand on Raini’s shoulder and whispered to her, “Raini, what are you doing? These people aren’t your friends, we are.”

Raini aggressively pushed her hand off and talked loudly, “you, my friends? Yeah, I guess you already forgot about how you backstabbed me”

“yeah, let’s not forget me.  You told me you cared about me Laura” Cody said.

Laura looked away awkwardly and gulped, mouthed “I’m sorry” and went back to her safety bubble next to Ross.

 “I seriously do not know what it is you guys are thinking, but it isn’t gonna work” Ross told them.

Bella rolled her eyes, “so how are you two doing together?  I’m so happy you two got together, I mean Laura, isn’t he tasty?”

“oh my gosh! Yeah, he’s so tasty, trust me, me and Bella would know” Zendaya said with a wink.  Laura gulped, feeling humiliated.

“That’s not gonna work Bella” Ross said confidently, rolling his eyes.

“Well she has a right to know Ross, I mean, you wouldn’t stop screaming might name that night, and I think you especially loved it when I licked your abs” Bella added.

Laura said nothing, and Ross just wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.  “don’t listen to them” he whispered.

“and where did you get those clothes?” Bella said with an evil smirk.  “cause my grandma is looking for a new store to get her stuff”

Laura gulped.  She said nothing.  “leave her alone Bella” Ross said.  “leave us alone”

“don’t worry Rossy, I’m just kidding!” she said, putting her hand on his chest, giving a fake laugh.  “Me and Laura are friends, right Laura?”

“yeah..” Laura said quietly.

“Ross! Get over here, we need to give you something” one of the guys from the crew yelled.

“I’ll be right back” Ross said, kissing Laura on the cheek and walking back into the set.

Ross walked away, trying to keep his sight on the girls, as he walked, all the girls were giving fake friendly smiles, but the second he walked off, their smiles faded.  Ross was too much of a boy to understand girl-world.

“okay, listen here you ugly vampire skin slut” Bella said, giving the bitchy head bop. 

“Bella, please…”

“I’m not done.  You seriously think he’s gonna last with you? Just look at him and look at yourself, you two will not last.  I will make sure of it” Bella said.

“Yeah.  Only reason he’s with you is cause he’s already had us” Zendaya bragged.

Bella pulled out her phone, showing a picture of herself making out with Ross; “like that Laura?”

“oh shut the fuck up you whore!” Cody interrupted.  “I will not stand here and let you insult her” he added, walking forward, hugging Laura.

“but…Cody” Bella said, faking sounding worried.

“I’m sorry but I care about her too much” Cody added.  “Ross might be a dirty cheater who doesn’t care about her, but I do” he said.

“oh…sorry Cody…” Bella added.  “I didn’t know, fine, I’ll stop.” She added.

“Thanks Cody” Laura said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “But, I gotta go, I wanna be alone” she added, running towards the bathroom.

“what’d you think?” Cody asked.

“You did perfectly” Bella said laughing.

“You know what the best part is?” Zendaya added.  “Ross saw the friendly hug”.  The girls laughed, along with Cody…Raini’s laugh was a little nervous and fake.  She had no clue what she had gotten herself into.

That afternoon, Riker picked him up from the set and hurried back home.

“no, we didn’t act an episode today, it was giving us the scripts, and showing me the songs I’m gonna sing and stuff” Ross said.

“whoah, that’s cool.  You’re gonna be recording a lot now” Riker said with a laugh.

“yeah…” Ross said, looking out the car window.

“whats up bro?” Riker asked.

“I don’t know, Laura was acting kind of weird.  She didn’t even kiss me goodbye” Ross said sadly.

“don’t sweat it bro, I’m sure everything is fine” he added.

“I hope” Ross explained.

When they got to the house, Ross

Hope you guys enjoyed this episode!  Comments were a little lacking on the last episode :-( but hopefully they'll pick up in this one!

1) Favorite/Least Favorite part?  Favorite quote?
2) What do you think of Rocky?  Team Rocky or Team Ross?  Is their father being too harsh?
3) Opinions on Bella and all that?  What do you think of Bella/Zendaya/and Cody's new friendship with Raini?
4) Do you feel bad for Laura?
5) What song did you last listen to?  Mine was A Year Without Rain by SelG, haha. :P
6) Ask me something (about anything) I'll try to have a Q&A post on here. <3

14 comments for next episode.  As soon as I get 14 individual reasonable comments from different people, I shall post the next episode.  

-@RossLynchIsSexy (Amy)


  1. 1. Favorite part was when Laura was giving kisses to Ross. It's so sweet. (: Least favorite was the last part. Raini is acting like such a bitch. And Cody is getting on my bad side. I used to think he actually had feelings for Laura. My favorite quote was when the Lynch family told Ross how happy they were for him.
    2. I think Rocky is being a jealous jerk. He's the brother so he should be more supportive of Ross. Ross is going to be famous, and he's supposed to be happy. Instead he's being all cranky. I'm definitely on Team Ross. He feels all bad now because Rocky is being a jerk. I don't think their father was being too harsh. Rocky was kinda wrong to be mad at Ross.
    3. I already hated Bella. She and Zendaya are such bullies. I didn't think Cody would sink so low. I suddenly wanna get in that story and tell Laura that Cody is a lying a-hole. I think that Raini is going to turn into a Bella. If she joined them, shes one of them. And they are going to hurt Ross & Laura. I hope she feels bad and apologize already. Ross loves Laura and vice versa.
    4. I feel bad for Laura because Cody was playing with her all along. And because something's going to happen to her and Ross. She shouldn't be bullied like that just because of Ross. She needs to stand up for herself and only listen to herself, not a bunch of backstabbers. Ross loves her and she knows but she's not taking it too seriously if that little thing can faze her.
    5. Last song I listened to was Born This Way/ Express Yourself- Ariana Grande. <3
    6. How many episodes is there going to be? And if Ross and Laura break up, they are getting back together again right?

    - @RossianshoR

  2. 1. Favorite part: Everything, Everything, EVERYTHING!!
    Least Favorite Nothing, Nothing, NOTHING!! :]
    2. I get how Rocky feels, I get him.... I understand what Ross is having to go through, I really do........ Team Switzerland will do. And Mark was being waayy too harsh with Rocky :/
    3. I hate Bella. I hate Cody. I hate Zendaya. And I can't believe Raini would stoop so low :/
    4. No not really....... the only people I feel bad for is Ross and Rocky, truthfully.
    5. Say You'll Stay by R5 :] <3
    6. Will Lexi be making a permanent appearance soon?? ;]

  3. Ok instead of answering all of those questions I'm gonna say what I want. First, I loved this episode! Second, Raini sucks;) jk but in this story she does. Third, I think For the next episode you should have a person from me...;) hint hint.. But I really do think you should put people from twitter on the next story. With good parts. Sorry this is not the exact comment you wanted, but it's the truth. Well please put me on the next episode! @ElanaMarie6

  4. 1) Favorite/Least Favorite part? Favorite quote? When Ross was protecting Laura <3 “what? Damn!” Laura exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you baby!” Laura said excitedly, hugging him from the back of the seat over and over, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

    2) What do you think of Rocky? Team Rocky or Team Ross? Is their father being too harsh? I think Rocky is kinda being over reactive about the whole thing and he should be more supportive of Ross. I'm team Ross even though i do love Rocky tooo. I don't about there dad, I mean he was a little harsh, but so was Rocky sooo..
    3) Opinions on Bella and all that? What do you think of Bella/Zendaya/and Cody's new friendship with Raini? I hate it, they are so mean to Laura and Ross and it's really sad <3
    5) What song did you last listen to? Mine was A Year Without Rain by SelG, haha. :P Love You Like a Love Song :)
    6) Ask me something (about anything) I'll try to have a Q&A post on here. <3 I hate to ask but if you do end up putting in new characters... ;) I think you get my question haha - bailey :)

  5. Amy... I love your name! and just so you know since you mentioned it in your story, I FREAKIN' LOVE VAMPIRES!!!!!!!! haha, lol, anyways, the story was totally rossome, i have no least favorite parts, the Bella/Zendaya/Cody/Raini/Laura/Ross part on set was very entertaining! i was smiling the whole time! ;) totallY Rosstastic! ;)

  6. 1) Favorite/Least Favorite part? Favorite quote?
    My favorite part was probably when Ross and Laura had to let go of each other's hands at the beginning. It was cute. My least favorite part was when Rocky was throwing a fit. I absolutely love Rocky, I hate seeing him that way. My favorite quote was probably when Bella called Laura an 'ugly vampire skin slut'. Haha, I know it was mean, but it made me laugh.
    2) What do you think of Rocky? Team Rocky or Team Ross? Is their father being too harsh?
    I am absolutely in love with Rocky, but I think he's being a bit dramatic, although he has a point. Rocky really does have a valid point and I agree with him, but I also think that he should have more respect for his family and be proud of his brother. Rocky's put too much effort in R5 to let it just go, but Ross is huge now and he's capable of big things. I really don't know what side I'm on. I'm super happy for Ross and I don't blame him for taking the deal, but I think he should have thought of his family more. I don't think their father is being too harsh at all. Rocky is throwing a fit and now showing any respect or pride towards his deserving brother.. although Rocky does have good reason to be acting that way. I just want Rossky back!<3
    3) Opinions on Bella and all that? What do you think of Bella/Zendaya/and Cody's new friendship with Raini?
    I don't think it will last. They're all just using each other; I actually hate it. I think they should just go on with everything. Raini needs to respect that Ross and Laura love each other. Ross needs to go on the date with Raini already. Raini is just being a jealous bitch and using the bad guys to her advantage to get back at Ross and Laura, which I think it selfish and will not solve anything.
    4) Do you feel bad for Laura?
    I do feel bad for Laura. She's just a girl in love, they should leave her alone and let them be.
    5) What song did you last listen to? Mine was A Year Without Rain by SelG, haha. :P
    The last song I listened to was 'Keep Away From This Girl' by R5.
    6) Ask me something (about anything) I'll try to have a Q&A post on here. <3
    How long have you been an R5/Ross fan?

  7. My favorite part was Ross being such a gentlemen and my least favorite part was Bella and zendaya and even Cody being total bitches like that making plans just to sabotage them . They have their relationships and they have theirs. Same thing with their problems and lives. These fanfictions are amazing and I really hope you continue to write them ! Great job you are definitely an amazing writer. You should post these to fanfictions. Com

  8. 1) my favorite part was when Laura kissed Ross on the cheek repeatedly I thought that was cute!!! I want to do that to Ross!
    2) that's kind of hard to Choose i love Ross and rocky! Rocky is probably used to everyone being equal and with Ross getting all famous without the band hurts him because he started R5 and Ross is becoming all famous without them. I think their father is being harsh he should have a serious talk with Rocky and tell him that R5 will be famous also someday
    3)Umm...I HATE IT! Bella is sooooo fake she's such a bitch! And Cody should get some other friends he's a guy! Raini is saying that Laura backstabed her but she is backstabing Laura now! Raini will make fliming Austin&Ally seem weird there will be thoughts of tension in the air.
    4)Yes Heck Yes!!! Laura is such a poor girl! Damn those whores who were faking when Ross was around and when he left they all ganged up on Laura! That's sad! And Laura is too nice she doesn't deserve to be treated like that!
    5)Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez! I love her so much ;)
    6) how old are you? :)

  9. ok... LOVING it!!! but i seriously want to punch cody, zendaya, and bella in the face!!!! they are buttfacess! lol , please update soon :DD and it got cut off at the end :((( what happened?!?!?!?! i need to knoww!


  10. Omg I can't wait for the next episode! Keep posting you are a good writer!
    My favorite part was well...I don't have one I loved it all! I feel sorry for Rocky! Poor guy! Raini is so stupid she's going to become a bitch soon! Okkkk yeah! I love Ross and Laura together!

  11. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ these stories!!!!!!!!

  12. Please keep writing more even if the comments are short I will still be begging you to keep writing !!! I love these!!!

  13. These stories make me Hate Bella zendaya and cody.. But they are very entertaining please keep writing they are amazing and couldnt be any better ! You should definitely become a writer and pos these onto that fanfictions website !! Never stop because these at every entertaining !! �� much love for you Ross and your stories !!

  14. Amazing stories I can't pick a favorite part and least was raini joining there side. Rocky was being very very selfish. And everything else is absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing for everyone ! (:

  15. when they got to the house, ross what? lol

  16. These stories make me HATE and i mean H.A.T.E. Zendaya, Bella, Raini and all them. I NEVER liked Cody. I always thought he had a horrible voice.. but Ross and Laura Are SOO Cute :D ! Keep writing these are good.