Friday, January 13, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 10


Ross’s heart sank to the bottom of his stomach.  Cody was shirtless, wearing some shorts.  Alone, in Laura’s house. 

“What’s going on here?” Ross asked, trying to hide his anger.

“Um…” Laura said nervously. 

“Laura, what’s he doing here?” Ross whispered through his teeth to Laura.

“Hi, I’m Cody. Cody Simpson.” Cody said coming closer to the door, extending his hand to shake Ross’s.

Ross gave Cody a look and a fake sarcastic smile and didn’t shake his hand.  “Can you explain why there’s a half naked guy at your house while your parents aren’t even home?” Ross demanded.

“This is Cody.  I met him at the party last night, I told him to crash here for the night so he didn’t have to stay at a hotel.  That’s all Ross.” Laura said nervously

Ross gave Laura a distasteful look.  There was nothing he wanted to do more than punch Cody right on the face. 

“Look man, I think it’s about time you leave.” Cody said with a laugh, getting closer to Ross, giving him attitude.

Of them, something was obvious.  Ross was not only way taller than Cody, he was also noticeably way more muscular, athletic, and strong.  Ross took a step forward in Cody’s directions, clenching his fist, and Cody was immediately intimidated, and hid behind Laura.

“Very brave boy you got there Laura” Ross said mockingly.  His sour tone was the only thing he had to hide his broken heart.  He wanted to believe there was nothing going on between Cody and Laura.

“Look Ross, there’s nothing we need to talk about, so I am going to respectfully ask you to leave” Laura told him.

Ross had no choice, he walked away, but then turned back around.  He leaned close to Laura and kissed her on the lips.  At first, Laura wanted to push him away, but his kiss sent a shock through her body, it literally made her feel alive, it made her feel amazing.  She couldn’t fight it anymore.  She returned the kiss, deepening it.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, he placed his hands on his hips.  They both closed their eyes, as their kiss was deepened.

Cody Simpson just stood there, awkwardly starring.  He coughed awkwardly to get their attention, feeling angry. 

Ross then slowly pulled away, looking Laura in the eyes.  Laura could barely even speak, she was just high from Ross’s amazing kiss.  His lips were literally the most amazing thing she had felt in forever. 

“Laura?” Ross said, giving her a smile.  “I need to tell you how I feel about you.”

“Ross.  That kiss was a test.” Laura said, with her heart on her sleeve.  “I felt nothing.”

“what?” Ross responded.

Laura was obviously lying, but she felt like she could never trust Ross.  In her mind, all Ross wanted to do was play with her feelings.  “I felt nothing.  That kiss, it was nothing.  Please…leave” she told him.

Ross literally felt his heart break.  He slowly walked away, feeling tears form on his eyes.  He took one last look at Laura, Cody’s hands holding her on her stomach.  Ross bit his lip, as one tear fell down his cheek.  He got on the car and literally said nothing the whole way home.

“dude, you said nothing the entire way, what happened?” Rocky said as he entered their home.

Ross angrily took off his rocker vest and threw it on the sofa. “nothing Rocky, alright?” Ross replied angrily.  He then proceeded to take off his shirt.  “Are we gonna rehearse or not?”

“guys what’s going on?” Riker said coming in to the room.

“Ross is pissed” Rocky told him.

“things didn’t go well with Laura?” Riker asked Ross.

“I don’t want to talk about that skank again, alright?” Ross said loudly.

“alright man” Rocky agreed, exchanging looks with Riker.  “whatever you say”.

Ross, Rydel, Ratliff, Riker and Ross all walked out to their garage and started rehearsing.  Ross let out all his anger on his guitar and through his singing.  He released all his energy, sweating like crazy, the sweat rolling down his abs and chest.  He literally despised Laura at the moment, he hated her.  His sadness turned into bitterness, and he felt rebellious, his blood boiling with anger.

A few seconds later, there was a knock on the door.  Ross quickly ran to open it, shirtless, wearing only jeans which were riding low, exposing his boxers.  He was Bella.

“Hi Ross. Baby, I came to visit you because well, I missed you” Bella said flirtatiously.  Ross took a step forward, the thoughts of Cody and Laura together flashed through his mind, and he aggressively pulled Bella in for a kiss.  Ross felt nothing, it was nothing compared to the kiss with Laura.  Bella loved it, and she returned it, feeling satisfied.  Bella ran her hands through his back, and felt his sweaty abs as she kissed him, loving it.  Ross held her tight, pulling her very close to him abrupt.  He pulled away from her.

“whoah, Ross. Oh gosh that was hot.  Why’d you stop?” she told him.

“you’re my girlfriend now, alright?” he told her.

“OMG! Really?” she said in her annoying, rich-girl voice. “I cant believe it, thank you.” She said smiling deviously, feeling that her plan had worked.  She hugged him tight, and kissed his cheek repeatedly.  Ross just rolled his eyes and returned no emotion whatsoever.

“Hey Ross” Riker said awkwardly.  “not to interrupt your little love fest but there’s someone in the phone for you, it’s….it’s…….Justin Bieber” Riker said, still having trouble believing Justin Bieber was actually on the phone.

~Back in Laura’s Home~

“Listen Cody, I know we didn’t do anything, but it was wrong of me to let you spend the night here.  It looks wrong” she told him.

“But Laura” Cody told her.  He lifted up her chin and looked into his eyes.  “I like you.  I like you a lot.  That Ross guy may have broken his heart, he’s a douche.  But I, I would treat you like a princess.  Like the princess you are.”

Laura smiled cutely at him.  “Oh Cody, I don’t know”

“He doesn’t deserve you.  He doesn’t deserve your love” he told her.  “I’ll make you forget him, I’ll make you forget Ross for good” he said, pulling in for a kiss.

Please comment.  13 comments for next episode. LONG Comments make my life, tell me what you thought of the episode. Favorite part, least favorite, comments, parts that made you laugh, favorite quotes, parts that you hated, comment on my writing, ANYTHING.  Just let me know what YOU THINKS. 

1) what do you think of Ross's sudden hate for Laura?
2) Do you like Cody?  What about Bella?
3) Do you want Laura and Ross to get together, or do you prefer (Bella/Ross) (Laura/Cody)?
4) Comment on anything! :D (Favorite part and such)
Comments inspire me to keep writing. :D


  1. 1. i don't think he should hate her. i mean she caught him with 2 girls on the bed. what's she gonna do? Nothing?
    2. Cody's okay, but Bella's a bitch.
    3. it would be cool if it stayed Bella/ross & Cody/laura for a few episodes, and then they should get together. Get them both jealous for a while, you know?
    4. Fav part was when ross kissed laura. i don't get why she said she felt nothing, though. was it cause of cody?

  2. 1. I think he's had enough.
    2. I do not like Cody or Bella.
    3. I prefer Laura and Ross.
    4. My fave part is when Ross kissed Laura. My least fave part is when Ross kisses Bella.

  3. 1) she shouldn't have lied then he wouldn't be mad... she had it coming
    2) Cody's cool... Bella is a snobby rich girl bitch
    3) I don't like Ross and Bella but Laura and Cody are cute... :)
    4) when Ross got mad.... it was sexy<3
    I love the story so far!! Its really awesome... gosh Bella is a B*tch and Laura is starting to act like one... I feel really bad for Rossy *sigh* he needs help :/

  4. 1. He's had enough
    2. I dont like bella oor Cody
    3. Ross and Laura shoul totally go out
    4. When Ross kissed Laura P: that sooo should be me haha.
    When Ross gets mad .. Hot!!!

  5. it was awesome!
    1.) sorta idk why though lol
    2.) i like cody, unlike others, i also like bella!
    3.) um, laura n' cody plus bella n' ross can stay for a while, but i want laura n' ross together later on! :)
    4.) my fave part was when laura n' ross kissed!
    anyways, nice story! keep writing! it's awesome so completely awesome, never stop! u're stories keep me entertained! ;) ure an awesome n' amazing writer!!!! <3333
    ~ Alyssa

  6. omg!!! D':
    1. well, he's heartbroken, I get it, there's no other way to get over it than to hate that person for breaking your heart into pieces
    2. I like Cody, I mean I just imagine him talking with his cute Australian accent! but I'm hating Bella! she's a b*tch!!! I kinda find something fishy in Cody here though Idk why...
    3. eeeh heck to the yeah!! They NEEEEED to be together! I dislike the other way of the relationships!
    4. my favorite part was when Ross kissed Laura! and when he was angrily playing his guitar shirtless!! I just imagine him like that and I melt!! I'm flipping out right now!! I want to know what happens next! please cpntinue iiit!!! :D

  7. RossLynchgotsswaggJanuary 13, 2012 at 3:58 PM

    Omg, Ross cant kiss Bella? What the hell does he thinks he is doing?? Ross shouldn't call laura a skank? That's wrong, Cody needs to leave Laura alone and bella needs to get the fuck out. Ross and Laura need to be together. How can she just turn Ross down after that kiss? He's freaking hot. Who could ever turn down Ross lynch? Omg it's amazing so far (: love it. Can't wait for episode 11 :D

  8. 1)omgg he can't hate Laura. Well it usually means that he loves her and no one else
    2)umm...I was never a fan of Cody. And I love Bella well not in this story....
    3)Laura and Ross!!!
    4)my favorite part was when Ross and Laura kissed it seemed sooooo real like I was watching them kiss right in front of me I loved it!!!!
    Ross must be confused right now...because of his hate/love for Laura. And Laura can't just hide her feelings for Ross she knows that she loves him but can't trust him anymore..she just needs to learn how to forgive him What happened at the party wasn't his fault. Keep writing :D


  9. 1) what do you think of Ross's sudden hate for Laura? I feel bad, but I would probably feel the same way </3
    2) Do you like Cody? What about Bella? Cody isn't as bad as bella, bella is is just a whore...just saying, how could Ross kiss her like that..smh
    3) Do you want Laura and Ross to get together, or do you prefer (Bella/Ross) (Laura/Cody)? LAURA ROSS! but not in real life ;)
    4) Comment on anything! :D (Favorite part and such) I loved when Ross and Laura kissed but hated Bella and Ross's kiss, I can't believe he did that. Laura has to come out some time and just tell Ross how she feels! And Ross needs to explain what happened at the party because she obviously thinks it was his fault but it wasn't!!! LOVE THE STORY BY THE WAY :) - Bailey ( @LIV3_LAUGH_LOVE)

    1. 1)i dont like it!! he needs to love her again!
      2)i love cody simpson!! hes like my favorite singer besides ross and R5!! but hes gonna get in the way of ross and lauras relationship, he needs to go! bella to, shes a complete jerk!
      3)i like laura and ross!! they need to get together!! ross should be jealous about cody getting laura and laura should be jealous and angry that bella the jerk is with cody!
      4)i absolutley LOVE your episodes!! i've read all of them (: i seriously cannot wait until you post episode 11!

      so ross and laura defiantly need to get together, but please dont put cody and bell together! bella and cody would make a bad couple i think :/ oh and i think raini should get a guy to! shes nice and she deserve one (:


    2. it wouldn't let me comment so i had to reply sorry!

      *and laura shoud be upset that bella the jerk is with ross



  10. Oh my goodnessss! Ok here :)
    1) I thought that was great to add in the story because you like have the feeling that he still has feelings for her and just takes it out!!
    2) I HATE Bella, but it was a good twist :) And Cody is sweet but omg I just love how you're putting this story :D!
    3) I would love Ross and Laura to be a thing at least some part in the story! But it just keeps the story more interesting without them, ya know?
    4) Favorite part? Ross kissing Laura :) Least favorite?! Bella and ross getting together but I don't mind it, those kind of things make the stories interesting. I love how ross just keeps her to make Laura jealous :)

    Please keep writing! I LOVE IT!!!


  11. Bella and codi need to go jump off a tall builing thats all i have to say ross and laura alll the way!!!

  12. 1) what do you think of Ross's sudden hate for Laura? i think its ok, only cause he loved her sooooo much and she lied saying that she felt nothing. so i would hate someone if they did that to me !
    2) Do you like Cody? What about Bella? cody is ok, i dont hate him (yet) but i did feel bad for him when he was awkwardly standing there while ross and laura kissed. I STILL HATE BELLA!
    3) Do you want Laura and Ross to get together, or do you prefer (Bella/Ross) (Laura/Cody)? ROSS AND LAURA!!! NEVER GOING TO DOUBT THEMM!

    i also loved the kiss.... MY GOD THAT WAS LONG OVERDUEE!! lol. also, sorry for not commenting sooner, my parents wanted me to study for midterms this week!!

    but i loved it nevertheless , :DDD