Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 18

“yeah…” Ross said, looking out the car window.

“whats up bro?” Riker asked.

“I don’t know, Laura was acting kind of weird.  She didn’t even kiss me goodbye” Ross said sadly.

“don’t sweat it bro, I’m sure everything is fine” he added.

“I hope” Ross explained.

When they got to the house, Ross was surprised to find his parents in the living room with a large envelop in their hands, Riker had a huge smile in his face.

“About time you got here!” Riker said excitedly.

“what is it?” Ross replied

“Justin was here.  Justin Bieber was in our house” his mom said with a shocked face.

“And they were here to make you an invitation” his dad continued.

“A super awesome invitation that we already gladly took for you!” Rydel added

“Alright! What is it?” Ross asked, dying to know what it was.

Ross’s dad came closer and placed his hands in Ross’s shoulders, “You’re gonna be performing at this year’s Grammy awards!” he said.

Ross couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  His eyes widened in shock, and his jaw dropped in disbelief.  “What?” was all he managed to say.

“I am not kidding, Justin came here to tell us that he wants to perform his duet with you at the Grammy’s, Not For You, you start rehearsals next week!” his dad added.

“What?  Whoah.  ME? At the Grammy’s?” Ross asked in shock.

“Yeah, look at this” Rydel said showing him her iPhone.  “Your song is number one on iTunes, it’s doing fantastic!”

“Yeah bro, and you’re super famous!  Everyone wants to know about you, we got calls from Ellen, Oprah and Enews!  They all want to meet you!” Riker told him excitedly.

“And you got so much fanmail” Rydel added.

“Plus your show in Disney is doing so well, breaking records in ratings!” his mom added.

~2 Weeks Later~

Ross new fame was something he was not used to.  He was super busy ALL the time.  He had to go from recording songs for his Disney show, to recording songs for his new album.  When he wasn’t doing that, he was out rehearsing for his performance of “Not For You” for the Grammy’s with Justin, doing interviews in T.V shows, or promoting his newest single with Justin.  Everywhere he went he got hounded by paparazzi and fans, to the point where it was almost impossible for him to go anywhere without being recognized.

Ross had become in an overnight superstar.  Even receiving calls from artists Usher, Pitbull and other famous singers for possible collaborations.  His fanbase was increasing at such an incredible speed where it was almost impossible for Ross to handle.

As for Rocky, things hadn’t gotten any better.  He was spending most of his time in his room, avoiding all possible contact with Ross.  Bella, Raini, Zendaya, and Cody did not do much during this time, but their sudden lack of interest is exactly what made them dangerous.

“Whoah, I got tackled by so many fans today..  IT WAS AWESOME!” Ross exclaimed, getting in the car with Riker.

“haha man, I bet” Riker said.

“It was crazy!  They ripped off my shirt!  They were all like ‘you’re so hot’ and stuff, insane!  Some girl took my socks” Ross added.

“Yup.  You’re getting so big.  You’re everywhere!” Riker said, feeling happy for his brother.

“I know!  I’m gonna hang with Laura now for like 30 minutes, and then Justin is picking me up so we can rehearse.  This performance at the Grammy’s is gonna be sick! And Selena said I was cute, can you believe that?”  Ross said, smiling.

“Yup.  Um…too bad you couldn’t make it to our rehearsal yesterday” Riker said, showing a little sadness in his voice.  “For the 7th time” he added under his breath.

“Oh bro, I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve been so busy!  Haven’t had time for things like that anymore” he told him.

“Yeah, I understand Ross, don’t worry” Riker responded, faking a smile for his brother.  He pulled up to the curb and stopped, “alright man”

“thanks bro!” Ross said, getting off the car quickly.

Ross ran to Laura’s house, the second he knock, the door flung open.  He met her with a hug, picking her up and circling her in the air as he met her with a kiss.  “Laura!”

“Ross!” she said happily, hugging her boyfriend.  “Whoah, you look good” she said, licking her lips as she checked him out.

“ha, thanks.  This is for the rehearsal” he said. “I gotta go soon, Justin sent over some people to pick me up”

“Oh, so you’re leaving soon?” she added, sadly.

“Yes, I’m sorry” he said, putting his hand on her cheek.  “I have to”

“No, it’s fine” she said, trying to pretend not to be sad.  “I’m just glad you’re here now.  It’s just that, well, I haven’t seen you in a while.  We don’t get to spend much time together anymore”

“Oh babe I know, but that’s just while I finish this promo stuff and the rehearsal for the grammy’s, once that’s over everything will calm down a bit, I’ll only have the album, oh and we’ll start filming Austin and Ally so we’ll definitely get to spend time together”

“I guess…” she said.  “but now that you mention that, there’s something that you owe me” she said, bringing the phone. 

“What?  Anything.” He said, giving her a smile.

“Call Raini.  Schedule the date.  So that you can tell her you like her as a friend and we can settle everything” she told him.

Ross rolled his eyes, and put his hands on his hair, feeling frustrated.  “But…” he said.

“No buts.  Please?” she added.  “We need to solve this before we start shooting the show” she said, giving her a puppy eye look.

“Fine.  Whatever.  Just to get it over with.” He said picking up the phone.  He dialed her number and waited for it to ring.

“Hello?” Raini answered.  “Who’s this?” she asked.

“Um, this is Ross…” Ross replied.

“oh my gosh? Really? Ross? What? Why are you calling me?” she asked in confusion, squealing a little bit in excitement.

"um..." Ross said, not very interested.  The very sound of her voice creeped him out, bringing terrible memories back to him.

"you're voice sounds so hot over the phone" Raini said outloud, pretty much fangirling.

Ross rolled his eyes slightly... “I wanted to ask you…” Ross said, took a deep breath and rolled his eyes, “if you wanted to go out with me sometime, you know, so we could talk” Ross added really quickly.

“Maybe you can go to her house, so it’s more comfortable” Laura whispered, smiling excitedly.

“Oh my god, Ross? WHAT?  Is this real life? Sure sure  YES! Oh my god, when? I’m shaking Ross, thank you thank you thank you” Raini said almost losing her breath.

“How about tomorrow night” Ross said in a bored tone.

“Yes, where? Oh my god, you’re so hot Ross, thank you” she said, almost crying.

“her house!” Laura whispered.

“No! Anywhere but her house!” Ross whispered back to her.  ‘Is she crazy? I can’t go to Raini’s house,  I don’t wanna get raped.’ Ross thought to himself. 

“We’ll do it somewhere really really really public with lots of people, you know, so…things don’t get out of control” Ross told her.

“Yes! Anywhere!” Raini said overly excited.

“Alright.  I’ll pick you up tomorrow night.” Ross said in an annoyed tone.  “be ready.”

“Yes Ross! I WILL BE! I’m gonna buy new clothes and everything, I’m so excited.  You don’t know how much this means to me! I love you!” Raini exclaimed.

“This isn’t a date Raini.  This is two friends having dinner, alright?” he clarified.

“Yes, of course.” She added.

“Alright. Bye.” He told her.

“No, don’t go” Raini added.  But Ross had already hung up.

“Can’t believe you’re making me do this Laura.  She’s a wacko!” Ross told Laura.

“She’s our friend!  It means a lot to me because I want her to be my friend again.” Laura argued.

“Whatever.  But she’s lucky, she doesn’t even deserve a date from me.  I’m too much for her” he said smiling.

“too much for her?” Laura added, giving her a look.  “What’s that supposed to mean Ross Shor Lynch” she asked seriously, raising one eyebrow. 

“That sounded harsh, that’s not what I meant.” Ross said biting his lip. 

“But that’s what you thought.” Laura said menacingly.  Then a honk was heard outside, Ross’s ride had arrived.  A super long fancy limousine.

“Bye Laura” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “I gotta go” he added.

But what Ross didn’t know is that the call he had just made was probably one of the worst decisions of his life.  

Hope you liked the episode fabulous readers!  Please comment if you like it, or even if you don't, let me KNOW!  14 comments for the next episode.

1)  Favorite part? Least favorite part?
2) What do you think of Ross's new sudden burst in fame?  
3) Thoughts on the Raini/Ross situation? 
4) Thoughts on anything in the episode?


  1. WONDERFUL!!!!!! this was so amazing awesome everything!!!!!!!! Wow u just keep getting better and better at these !!!!!(: LOVE IT!!!!

  2. 1. Of course all of it like always!!
    2. Ummmm no time for R5= not to happy Lexi... >:| Grrrrrrrrr!!
    3. Um Raini is a creep and this is gonna be bad.... Lexi where are you?? Save the day!!
    4. Loved it!! I have a feeling that what Lexi said is gonna replay in Laura's head.....

  3. 1. Favorite part was probably when Ross and Raini were on the phone, I thought it was hilarious how Raini was acting. My least favorite part was in the car when Riker was saying "you missed rehearsal...for the 7th time." I thought it was really sad because I think now the band is seeing more from Rocky's point of view, and the band is becomming less and less important to Ross. Ross is a part of R5 whether he likes it or not, and if he's too busy for it and pays no attention to it, R5 isn't complete. It's not R5. So there's that.
    2. I absolutely hate Ross's sudden burst in fame. I'm not even happy for him anymore because he's becoming conceded and doesn't pay attention to fans anymore, like he used to. Remember at the park when he saw that fan and had a nice conversation with her and kissed her on the cheek? He probably wouldn't do that anymore. He changed. I don't like it. It isn't Ross. I think the story should take a turn or something so Ross becomes Ross again, because this isn't Ross. I came to read a "Rosstastic Story" and this isn't Ross. Maybe there could be another break out star that takes all of Ross's fame and Ross could go back to close to normal or something? Possibly his Grammy performance could be cancelled? I don't know, but this isn't Ross anymore.
    3. The Raini/Ross situation...Oh God. Okay, so I think it was a horrible idea for Ross to have it in a public place with lots of people because 1) It's not private. 2) Pictures, paparazzi,'s going to look like they're dating. Especially if Raini makes a move on him. Which I really hope happens. I want Ross and Raini to run from paparazzi and hide somewhere under a tree or something in the dark, and they simply hook up. Ross cheats, which creates an interesting twist for the story, and Raini gets another taste of the jackpot. But that bitch is creepy as hell, just saying.
    4) I kind of incorperated it all up in the words above this line soo yeah. But when are you going to answer those Q&A questions from the last episode?

    1. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 28, 2012 at 9:25 PM

      i agree with this totally. ross & raini should hook up. that would be funny as shit. okay, just saying. :)

  4. 1) Favorite part? Least favorite part?
    favorite was when ross and laura were at her house and just hanging out because they are cute and then least was when riker and ross were in the car and ross had no time for R5
    2) What do you think of Ross's new sudden burst in fame?
    i dont like it and i think hes changing too much
    3) Thoughts on the Raini/Ross situation?
    lol shes weird and i think they are going to get caught in paparatzi and i agree with the person above that said that raini and ross should get it on hiding from them that would be intristing
    4) Thoughts on anything in the episode?
    i like it except for the fame of ross because its changing the story too much and getting the characters out of character

  5. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 28, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    1. favorite part when ross got to lauras house, they were all cute(: least favorite, when ross was done talking to raini and him and laura were kinda fighting.
    2. i dont know what i think of ross's fame. hmmmm, im glad hes famous, but he doesnt have time for laura or the band anymore. :/
    3. OMG, Raini is going to do something with ross on their date. I just know it, i dont know what, but shes gonna do something.
    4. Rocky needs to fucking get over Ross and find himself a girlfriend or something. hes hot too, he can probably get one. if hes tries. Omg, when ross talks to raini on their date thing, he should set her straight, and tell her the truth that he doesnt like her, he should set her up with Calum! Calum should secretly have a crush on raini, that would be ironic. Anyways, there is my ideas for the episode, love it!! :)


  7. i love that he is getting big! and im seeing that most of the people ^^ up there want raini and ross to get together... I SAY NO! sorry, but after what happened better them... she freaks me out!!!

    also, HOW IS IT GOING TO BE THE WORST DECISION HE HAD EVER MADE!??!?!?! i need to knoww!! ughhy , this is getting suspenceful! haha! pleas update soon !! i need to know what happens!!!


  8. My favorite part was when Ross took the time to visit Laura I thought that was really sweet. My least face part was when Ross had to call Raini it was so weird because, raini was saying stuff like he's hot that's just weird. I don't know why but I don't like Ross' fame maybe it's because im not use to him being all famous and stuff I like him normal. Ross and Raini together? hell no! Lol! I don't want them together I hope Laura does something to keep an eye on Raini while she's with Ross without Laura being there because you don't know what Raini might do! I loved this episode! Keep on writing!

  9. OMG i LOVE your stories ! :D They entertain me so much ! ^__^

  10. 1) Favorite part? Least favorite part? I loved it when he actually finally went to see Laura because they hadn't seen each other in forever, and I thought it was adorable when he picked her up and twirled her around. It was also really funny how Raini acted on the phone, even though it probably made Ross super uncomfortable and awkward..least favorite part was all of Ross's new fame and how he's acting different. He needs to stay grounded and stay himself. He needs to remember R5 isn't just a band it his FAMILY and they come first. Laura should come first too since she's his Girlfriend now..
    2) What do you think of Ross's new sudden burst in fame? I don't really like it that much because he's acting way different and somewhat conceded and it's just not him. He needs to remember where he came from and who his true friends and family are. He can't forget about R5 either..
    3) Thoughts on the Raini/Ross situation? I don't even know....Rainis just weird...
    Loved it though! <3 Need more Ross and Laura scenes together! <3

  11. It was totally awesome!!!!! or, i mean, ROSSOME! i loved it! and i can't wait to see what happens at the Raini/Ross date! :)))))))(((((((:

  12. Awesome! My favorite part was when ross was on the phone with raini lol itd be really cool if there was more romance.

  13. I want Ross in my bed.

  14. My fav part is when he called Raini :D And I don't have a least fav
    I think Ross will start to get a little more concieted than he already is, But he calls it being " confident " :b
    Raini needs to understand Ross doesn't like her her likes Laura . Even though they're best friends (:
    The story is amazing the way it is, & post the next Ep already ! ;D
    PS, You may have noticed I put a face after each sentence (;

  15. This story I font like raini interfering with Ross and lauras relasinship raini is a whore she a bit ch u all