Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 6

Once the door opened, Ross’s jaw dropped.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  The walls were covered with posters of Ross.  Every single wall was covered up to the last corner with a poster of Ross.  Ross’s face was everywhere, even on the ceiling.  Over her bed stand stood a sign of four letters which spelled out Ross’s name, and even her blankets had a huge picture of Ross.  Her pillow sheets had a shirtless picture of Ross, and on her bookshelf, Ross saw a pair of socks he had lost a couple weeks ago.

“oh. My. God.” Ross said to himself.  “she’s crazy” he said, looking around her room.  There was literally no place on the walls that wasn’t covered by Ross’s face. 

“Hi Ross” Raini said from behind him.

Ross slowly turned around, squinting his eyes as if that would make her disappear.  “Hi…Raini” Ross whispered.

“Hi. Ross.” Raini repeated.

“um.  Nice room.” Ross said awkwardly.

“yeah. Ross. You weren’t really supposed to see this.” Raini said with a devious smile.

“um. Yeah. I really should go” Ross said quietly.

Raini stood in the door. “but you don’t need to leave yet.” She told him.

“um. I do. Plus, I’m kind of almost naked, I need to get my clothes.” He said nervously.

“but I like you like this.  It’s hot.” Raini told him.

“um, yeah. Raini, I’ll be honest, I see that you have a little crush on me…” Ross said looking at all the posters of him around her room. “more like BIG CREEPY obsessive crush on me” he said quietly to himself.  “but…I don’t feel that way for you. Okay?” he said, holding onto the towel around his waist tightly.

“It’s because I’m fat, right? Im not good enough for you? Right? Is that it?  Laura is perfect, and I’m crap, that’s it, right Ross?” Raini said angrily.

Ross coughed awkwardly.  “Raini, I need to go” he said.

Raini walked closer to him, Ross just stared at her nervously not knowing what to do.  He had no idea what he could do, it’s not like he could run outside, he was wearing nothing but boxers.  Plus, it was her house, and Raini’s mom was down there, so it just made him feel awkward. 

“Ross, kiss me. Please.” Raini told him, placing her hand on his bare chest. 

“Raini. Please. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.  I’ll forget about everything, alright? I’ll pretend like I never saw this room, we could just go back to how it was before.” He said, not believing in his own words. 

“Please. Ross. One kiss. Just one. Please. No one needs to find out.  For me?” Raini begged him, going on her knees.

“No, Raini. Please don’t do this to yourself, stand up.” He said, pulling her up.

“One kiss Ross? One kiss that won’t mean anything to you, but will make me the happiest girl in the world.  Then, I’ll let you go.” Raini said, giving him a sad look.

Ross took a deep breath.  It was the only way out. “alright.  One kiss.  That’s it Raini, just one. Then we’ll forget any of this ever happened.” He ordered.

“oh my god, yes.  Thank you so much Ross!” Raini said, nearly screaming of excitement.  Ross brought his head down a little since he was so much taller than him, and she quickly pulled in for the kiss.  The second her lips touched his, Ross wanted it to be over, but Raini never wanted it to end.  She quickly wrapped her arms around him, and pulled his towel down with her other hand. 

“whoah Raini” Ross exclaimed.


Raini didn’t listen.  She started kissing his neck, and brought herself down and started licking his chest.  Ross tried pushing her off but there wasn’t much he could do, plus he was cornered by her Ross-bed, and Ross-poster-covered wall.  Raini brought her level down to his abs, and started kissing and licking them, until she got to his waist line right above his boxers.

Ross didn’t know what was happening, he couldn’t even understand it.  40 minutes ago he came to Raini’s house hoping he could get some advice on how he could hook up with Laura, and now he was stuck in a room, getting his body licked by a girl who he had no feelings for, who apparently had a very obsessive crush on him. 

“Raini, stop this, what the hell are you doing? This is so wrong.” He told her, as she licked his tan line below his belly button. 

Then, Raini did something that pushed Ross over the edge.  She pulled his boxers down and actually gave his dick a lick. 

~Graphic Content Over~

“Raini, what the fuck?” Ross said, pushing her as hard as he could.

“ouch Ross? What the hell? Bella told me that if I did that, you would-” Raini started saying.

“Bella? What?” Why would you listen to her?” Ross told her.

“I was about to suck your dick!” Raini told him.

“What!? If I don’t hear it it’s not true, I don’t hear it it’s not true, I don’t hear it it’s not true!” Ross said covering his ears.  “Bye Raini” he said walking away from her.

“Ross, I love you” Raini said, tears coming from her eyes.


“She did what?” Rocky said from the back of the car.

“Exactly as you hear.  She tried giving me a BJ” Ross told his brothers.

“whoah, I wouldn’t expect that from her” Riker told his brother, as he drove to their house.

“yeah, me neither.  And her room was the creepiest thing ever.  All her walls were covered by posters of me, her bed sheets had my face on them, even her pillow had a pic of me shirtless!” Ross said with fear in his voice.  “And she had my name everywhere”

“whoah dude, what are you gonna do?” Riker said.

“Yeah, won’t it be awkward doing your show from now on?” Rocky said.

“yeah.  It is.  I don’t even know what im gonna do” Ross said, sounding worried.

“I’m proud of you for telling us bro, you made the right choice” Riker said proudly.

“but I must ask.  Did you let her? I mean, I bet it felt good.” Rocky told Ross.

“Of course not! When she started…licking…my body…I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to be mean…but when she actually went down there, I had no choice” Ross told his brothers. 

“I would have let her.” Rocky said.

“shut up Rocky!” Riker said. “Ross made the right choice” he added.

“But I need to talk to Laura.  I need to tell her how much she means to me.” Ross added, trying to change the topic.

“Why don’t you tell her at Bella’s party tomorrow, she just posted on Facebook that she’s going”

“alright. That’s perfect. I’ll do that” Ross added.

~The Next Day~

Ross tried to look his best for the party, making sure his hair looked good, and wearing nice looking clothes.  Laura did the same, wearing a cute little short dress, short enough to be sexy, but not too short that it would be slutty. 

The party was at Bella’s yard, the music was pumping loudly and many low-key celebrities were there.  Victoria Justice and most of the cast from Victorious was there, along with Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jeanette McCurdy, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, and Big Time Rush were also there. 

Ross entered and immediately started looking for Laura, his plan was to finally tell her how he felt for her.  But Bella had a different idea in mind…


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  1. Oh wow Raini is a creep

  2. i love this story

  3. fav part: When ross said yes for a kiss
    least fav: when raini started to lick ross's abs
    over all it was pretty good

  4. Raini is super creepy... :/ im kinda scared for Ross. But Rocky cracked me up with his comments. Haha oh rocky, lol.
    My favorite part was when Rocky and Riker were talking to Ross.
    Least favorite part was when Raini tried to RAPE my man!! She better be careful!! Ross is creeped out, she's lucky I don't jump in the story and teach her a lesson.... poor Rossy he must be traumatized :’(

  5. raini is sooo creepy!! ross and laura need to get together and raini and bella connot stop it!! i ship laura and ross! <3

  6. I ship me and Ross...... jk

  7. Oh my gosh I love this story so much! I never want it to end <3 Ross is just.perfect, I can't even explain! And I love Ross and Laura in the story! But not in real life hehe. I'm just reading this over and over I love it so much! Raini oh my gosh hah shes so crazy! I can't wait for the next part! Rocky is hilarious I love him in this haha i just love everything about it <3 Cant wait till I'm in it too! :) - Bailey

  8. never. stop. writing. this. story <3

  9. Favorite part: Ross, Riker and Rocky talking in the car
    Least Favorite: Agreeing to kiss Rayrayy, he should have know it wouldn't end well.

    I can't wait to see what Bella does! Ahhh!!

  10. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 8, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Fav. part: when ross was talking to riker and rocky.
    least fav.: when raini was gonna give him a BJ.
    she's sooo damn creepy, but keep going! so good :D i cant wait to see what Bella does :)

  11. Fav Part: When Rocky said he would've let Raini give him a BJ.
    Least Fav Part: When Ross agreed to kiss her and she started licking his body and then licked his dick.
    Pleeeease put me in the next epi.???(: [JoJoWiLlEaTyOuZ-.-']

  12. I love Bella Thorne! But Ross is better! Anyways, awesome story! It's amazing and good thing that's never going to happen in real life... i hope not.

  13. This is good...but Ross does not swear.

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  15. The best part was the quote u used in Austin & Ally: "If I dont hear it, its not true, if I dont hear it, its not true if I dont hear it, its not true!!!"

  16. i can't believe raini he co-star off Austin and ally did that to Ross? and least favrite?

  17. If I don’t hear it it’s not true, I don’t hear it it’s not true, I don’t hear it it’s not true!” I loved that part SO much from the show and its great in your fanfic!