Friday, January 6, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 5

“I wish.  It’s not like he’d date a girl like me anyways.  I mean, just look at me.” Raini said sadly.  “Bella was right.”

“well, it’s not like he’d date me either” Laura said sadly, swallowing her tears. “But you know what? I don’t give a fuck, CAUSE I DON’T LIKE HIM!”

“um…guys…you do know Im right here” Calum said awkwardly. 

“I’m sorry Calum” Laura said.

“And what was with you licking the sweat off Ross’s abs today, what the hell were you thinking Raini?” Calum told her. 

“I don’t know Calum, I really don’t.  I just couldn’t control myself.  Ross was all shirtless and sweaty, and his body was, oh my god, his body was so damn hot” Raini said drooling. “he acts like its nothing, just walking around, running his hand through his sexy hair as his sexy arms flex, he doesn’t even know how hot he looks while doing it, and I…I just want to-”

“Um…sorry to interrupt but…that’s way too many details” Calum told her.

“Remember Calum, Ross must never find out about the crush Raini has on him” Laura told him.

“can I tell him about the crush you have on him Laura?” Calum told her.

“shut up Calum. I don’t like him.  He’s a jerk.” She told him.

“yeah. Sure.” Calum said with a chuckle.  “I’m just saying, you all better control your little feelings so it doesn’t get awkward when we have to film our show”

“Don’t worry about it.  We’re very professional.” Raini assured him.

“what’s up guys” Ross said walking into the room, giving them a smile, trying to act like nothing had happened.  “so, pretty cool we’re getting another season, right?”

“excuse me.  I’m leaving.  My parents are picking me up soon.” Laura said abruptly, not making eye contact with Ross.

“Laura, please.  I said Im sorry” Ross said, blocking her way out.

“Ross.  Move. Im leaving.” Laura said, looking away from his face.  She knew that if she looked at his eyes, at his beautiful eyes, she would cave in to his charm.  Ross didn’t move, so she pushed through.  Raini followed behind.

“she’s giving me a ride” she added. 

Ross kicked one of the chairs angrily, and sat on the sofa. “ugh! I’m so stupid!” he said, cuffing his face on his hands.  “why can’t she see how special we could be together.”

“wait, you like her?” Calum said confused.

“No.” Ross said under his breath.  Ross pulled his white sweaty T-shirt forward and sniffed it. “oh god, I need a bath. Im all sweaty from football” he said.

“Well, Raini seems to like that” Calum said with a laugh.  “shut up Calum” Ross told him.

~The Next Day~

“Thanks for dropping me off bro” Ross said to Riker getting off his car.

“Why are you here again?” Riker asked.

“I’m here to talk to Raini, I need advice.  I need her to help me get with Laura.  She’s friends with her, so she can help me” Ross told him. 

“alright bro, tell me when you want me to pick you up” Riker said, and drove away. 

Ross knocked on the door and Raini opened seconds later. 

“you came!” Raini said excitedly, giving him a hug.

“yes, what’s up.  You told me to come to help you on your computer problem” he told her.  “plus I also want to talk to you about some stuff” he told her.

“yes, of course” Raini replied.

Seconds later a tall chubby woman came into the room. “well hello there Ross, we’ve heard a lot about you” she said, giving her daughter a wink.  “I’m Raini’s mother”

“oh, hi there, haven’t really seen you on set before” he told her, shaking her hand. 

Ross sat with Raini and helped her with her laptop homework.  Turned out it was a really simple problem that Ross fixed within seconds, which made her a little suspicious that Raini just called him over cause he wanted to see him. 

Raini’s mom came over and gave them both a glass of soda.  Raini stared intently at Ross as he drank his soda, watching his adam’s apple move up and down as he drank the water.  Raini placed her hand on his leg, feeling it up and down.  Ross coughed awkwardly, looking away.

“well” he said.  “one of the reasons I’m here is because…well…Laura.  I kind of like her.” He told her.

Raini’s smile faded the second she heard this.  Her hand clenched around the glass of soda until it slipped all over Ross’s shirt and pants. 

“shit!” Ross said, standing up angrily.

“oh my god, I’m so sorry Ross.” Raini said apologetically.  “I guess you’re gonna have to take it all off” she said.  Ross gave her a weird look.  “Just kidding.  But the bathroom is up there, on the right”

Ross walked up to the bathroom, and once inside, he took off his shirt.  He looked himself in the mirror, and used some paper towels to wipe the soda off his pants.

“hey Ross, honey, take off your pants and shirt, I have another pair you can borrow since it was a lot of soda that Raini spilled on you” Raini’s mom said over the door.

“Alright Ms. Rodriguez” Ross replied.  Ross slowly took off his pants and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.  He opened the door slightly, “Raini? Where’s the clothes?” he whispered quietly, feeling awkward.  He tightened the towel around his waist so that it wouldn’t fall.

“Raini, you in here?” he said, going towards the door in front.  The door had a sign that read “Raini’s Room”.  He tapped it slightly and it opened, he was looking for Raini.

Once the door opened, Ross’s jaw dropped.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  The walls were covered with posters of Ross.  Every single wall was covered up to the last corner with a poster of Ross.  Ross’s face was everywhere, even on the ceiling.  Over her bed stand stood a sign of four letters which spelled out Ross’s name, and even her blankets had a huge picture of Ross.  Her pillow sheets had a shirtless picture of Ross, and on her bookshelf, Ross saw a pair of socks he had lost a couple weeks ago.

“oh. My. God.” Ross said to himself.  “she’s crazy” he said, looking around her room.  There was literally no place on the walls that wasn’t covered by Ross’s face. 

“Hi Ross” Ross heard someone say from behind him.  Ross's eyes flashed open.  It was Raini.

1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part?
2) Do you ship Raini with Ross? lol
3) Do you think Raini is creepy? 
4) Any suggestions of things you'd like to happen on the story?
5) any comments?


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  2. I feel bad for her but yeah shes weird... I love the story though and I like him and Laura in the story! :)

  3. 1) hmm favorite... ross shirtless, least favorite when he says he doesn't then he does like Laura lol
    2) umm nopeee
    3) yeahh more than a little
    4) hmm idk but IM LOVIN IT
    5) \o/ sorry im listening to Pretty Girl Rock.... I think you should make a surprising twist soon!!

  4. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 7, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    1. when ross was in the bathroom and he had only a towel around his waist. and when he told raini he liked laura.
    2. uhh nooo wayy.
    3. helll yeahh.
    4. for ross to take laura on a romantic date.
    5. loving in so far. :)

  5. 1) where Ross admitted he liked Laura. When Raini invited Ross to her house.
    2) Hell no!):
    3) Yeahhh
    4) for Ross to passionately kiss Laura and for you to put me in one of your episodes [JoJoWiLlEaTyOuZ-.-]
    5) Lovving ur episodes!

  6. 1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? fave: him being naked in the bathroom (who wouldnt like that!!) least: raini being all creepyy!
    2) Do you ship Raini with Ross? lol. is that a trick question??? NOOOOO shes a wackadoo!!
    3) Do you think Raini is creepy? no, i think she is perfectly NORMAL!! (sarcasm)
    4) Any suggestions of things you'd like to happen on the story? for ross and laura to kiss!! and for him to sing to her!! <333

    i LOVE it !!!! please write more soon !!!


  7. Awesome :))

  8. 1.) When Ross looked in Rainis room and when Laura left.
    2.)crap no!!
    3.)IN REal life no in the xtory HELL YES!!