Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 9


“why God?  Why me?” Ross whispered, feeling a tear slide down his cheek.  He remembered Laura’s face, her disappointment in him, and it broke his heart.  The gusty wind made him feel cold.  Cold and lonely.  He ran his fingers through his hair and for the first time ever wished he was actually dead.  He’d rather be dead than know Laura hated him. 

Ross then stood up, and walked around the park.  He had never felt this way for a girl before.  Her smile was all he needed to see, he needed to know that she was not mad at him.  He picked up a pebble from the ground and threw it on the pond at the center of the park.  He sighed. 

“oh my god” a girl said from behind.

Usually, Ross would be excited.  But at the moment, the sound of a girl’s voice made him panic a little.  The experiences he had with Raini, Bella, and Zendaya had him paranoid.

“You’re Ross Lynch!” the girl said.  Her name was Jaiinessa (@loveDEMdashians).

Ross turned around, “yes. I am. Hi.” He said a little rudely.

Jaiinessa ignored his tone, “I am a huge fan of you, oh my gosh.  You’re the cutes guy ever” she told him excitedly.

“Aw thanks” Ross replied genuinely.  “I don’t often get recognized” Ross said with a smile.

Ross signed an autograph with her and took a picture with her.  Jaiinessa was exploding with happiness. 

“um, are you okay Ross?  I know I’m just a fan, but you seem upset.  Maybe I can help.” She said honestly, hoping her questions wouldn’t anger him.

“To be honest, not really” he said tearing up.  “I just came home from a party, and I had no idea what happened, but Laura thinks something happened that I’m sure didn’t happen, or if it did, I don’t even remember.  I just…I…It’s nothing.” Ross said, pursing his lips, trying to hold back his tears.

“Well Ross, the best advice I can give you is to, just be true to yourself.  And tell her just that, don’t tell her what she saw, tell her what happened.  She’ll believe you.” Jaiinessa said.

Ross took a deep breath, analyzing her advice.  “Thanks, thanks a lot.” He said, giving her a hug.  The hug made Jaiinessa freeze, literally, the best day of her life.  Ross noticed how nervous and happy he was making her so he gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

His kiss sent an electric shock through her body, leaving her speechless.  Ross smiled and walked away, feeling proud.


“It’s about time you get home, how did the party go?” Riker told Ross as he walked in the door.

“It was great” Ross said sarcastically.

“I bet it was.” Rocky said eating some pop corn from the couch.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ross said abruptly.

“oh…nothing.” Rocky said smiling.

“Rocky, drop it dude” Riker said smiling.

Ross rolled his eyes.  “Alright.  It wasn’t that great.  Laura is pissed at me, I was planning of telling her how I felt…”

“hooking up with two hot girls in a bed is a great way of telling her how you feel” Rocky said laughing, throwing some pop corn at Ross’s head.

“Wait, how the heck do you know?” Ross said surprised, feeling annoyed.

“dude, we talked to Calum.  He told us they caught you in bed with Bella Thorne and Zendaya, apparently they were all over you” Riker explained.

“Yeah, they were licking you like an ice cream cone” Rocky said laughing.  “I’m so jealous of you Ross.  You’re pimping lately!”

“No! I’m not ‘pimping’! I don’t know what happened, but none of what you all think happened happened! UGH! I know it doesn’t make sense, but one second I was talking to Raini, and the next second I woke up on Bella’s bed, with her kissing my neck and Zendaya licking my abs.  It was so weird, but it wasn’t me.  I don’t even like them, plus, you both know I wouldn’t do something like that” Ross said, angrily.

“Well, true, but sometimes temptations are hard to resist bro” Riker said smiling.

“Riker” Ross said seriously, looking into Riker’s eyes.  “Trust me when I say this, I didn’t do anything with those girls, and for the small chance that I might have done something, I swear, I don’t remember any of it”

“I believe you Ross.  You gotta watch out, who knows what they did to you then” Riker told him.

“so, are we gonna rehearse tomorrow?” Rydel said, coming into the living room.

“yeah, we gonna rock!” Rocky said excitedly.

“yeah. Of course” Ross said, feeling relieved.  That’s exactly what he needed in his life, a little time with his bros and sis. 

The next day Ross woke up, wearing nothing but boxers, feeling a little tired.  Ross stood up from his bed and went down for some breakfast.  After that, he took a quick shower and put on some of his best clothes. 

  He was determined to go talk to Laura and make everything better.  This time, Rocky gave him a ride to Laura’s house, he got off the car and asked him to wait.  Ross walked to the door and rang the doorbell.

Laura started opening the door, “yes, who is-” and then she realized it was Ross.  “Ross?” she said baffled.

“Laura!” Ross said excitedly.  “We need to talk.”

Laura rolled her eyes.  “Everything’s been said Ross. I told you, I never want to see you again.” She said, about to close the door.

Ross pushed it open.  “wait, please.  Anyways, where are your parents?”

“They’re out of town.  Now, bye Ross” she exclaimed.

“No, let me explain!” he told her.

“No Ross, everytime you explain something, my heart…my heart gets broken” she told him.

“It does?” he said smiling.

“Why are you smiling? Oh my god, you’re sick” she said disgusted.

“No.  It makes me happy, cause that means you feel something for me.”

Rejecting Ross was probably the hardest thing Laura had ever done.  All she wanted to do was look at his beautiful smile, and hug him, and smell him.  He always smelled good.  She wanted to pull him close and feel his heartbeat and know that she’d be in his arms forever.  But she knew that was impossible, in her mind, Ross was the worst mistake she could ever make.

“Look, Ross. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be”

Ross then started to explain: “Look Laura, yesterday, that wasn’t me.  I have no idea how it happened and-”

“Laura, who’s at the door?” Ross heard a voice say from behind the door.  It was a boy.  And had an Australian accent.  Ross gave Laura a confused and disapproving look.  Then, the source of the voice got closer, it was Cody Simpson.

“Hello there” Cody said.

Ross’s heart sank to the bottom of his stomach.  Cody was shirtless, wearing some shorts.  Alone, in Laura’s house. 

“What’s going on here?” Ross asked, trying to hide his anger.

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  2. go away cody Simpson no one likes u lol i love rocky and riker and this story

  3. your so good at writing you should totally write more and im the first comment yay!

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    haha , first review (again... :DDD) and why must u end it on a cliffhanger!??! now i have to waitt to see what happend :DDD

    Love it, please write more soon :DD

  5. dang i wasnt the first comment grr

  6. agreed i hate cliffhangers but i love this story come one 13 comments

  7. Omgg!!! You put me in the episode! Thank you so much! You're so awesome girly! My fav part was when I gave Ross advice that's the best advice you can give to someone who is facing a problem. I hope cody and Laura don't have "that kind" of relationship Ross would be crushed. I hope Laura can learn to forgive Ross because it wasn't even his fault Bella and Zendaya put that drug in his drink. Can't wait till you add Rattliff in the story well.. Youre gonna have to because of the r5 practice session thing ;)) anyway keep writing, you are an awesome writer! :D


  8. Awwwh I feel so bad for Ross! I hope Laura doesn't get super serious with Cody because that would hurt Ross so much and it would be so sad <333 never stop writing!

  9. why does it keep cutting off al of my comments?! haha I love Rocky and Riker in the story they always make me laugh :) I love this story so much your a really great writer! I have a feeling Ross and Laura will someday work it out, hopefully soon..Cody is just not working..haha. Anyway I love the story so much! maybe I can be in it soon? I hate asking haah..I feel like it's rude, sorry I just love the story soo much and it would be amazing to be in it! <333 never stop writing!

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    ~ Alyssa

    1. woops i mean i hope they DON'T go together! srry bout that! :l - Alyssa

  11. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 12, 2012 at 2:07 PM

    No freaking wayy! no she cant be with cody!!! she needs to be with ross. my favorite part was when he wanted to talk to laura, least favorite, when laura rejected him. and when ross saw cody. that made his heart break. poor ross :( he doesnt desverve that! ross should tell cody to go outside for a second and lock the door, and then tell laura how he feels, and then kiss her! :) that would be soo damn cute!

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    1. ooooops sorry my comment wasn't that long. But my favorite part was with Rocky and him being well. him ;D and I love when he says "You're Pimpin!" Lol that made me laugh. You're an AMAZING writer, and you must write more. :)


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