Monday, January 16, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode12

Ross looked at the song Justin had chosen, and loved it.  It was a very pumpy song about life and trying hard.  Then, the music agent that was there approached Ross when Ross’s dad was busy looking at magazines at the other side of the glass.

“I truly see a lot of potential in you Ross” Marcus told him.  “can you please sing a few lyrics for me?” he told him.  Ross agreed and Marcus played the music as Ross sang.

“Wow, astounding voice, very different from what’s out right now” Marcus told him.  “You’re gonna make a great solo artist someday” he said smiling.

“Solo artist?!?????” Ross exclaimed.

“Yes, exactly what you hear.  An incredible solo artist, Mr. Ross Lynch, I think you’re gonna be huge” Marcus told him.

“um, but, I can’t be a solo star, I mean, I’m in a band.  R5.  A family band” Ross said nervously.

“you know what the difference is between R5 and Ross Lynch?” Marcus said with a smile.  “I’ve never heard of R5” he finished.  His words made Ross kind of angry, but he just took a deep breath and allowed it to slide by. 

Justin and Selena later came into the room, both chewing on a sandwich and looking at each other’s eyes.   “So, you ready to hit up the mics man?” Justin said Ross as he patted his back.

“Yeah, I guess, it sounds like it’s gonna be an epic song” Ross told him.

“where’s your girlfriend?  The Laura girl?” Selena asked Ross with a smile.

“um, she’s not my girlfriend” Ross replied.

“seriously? I thought you two would have been together by now” Selena said smiling.

“no. trust me. We’re never gonna date.” Ross said, annoyed.

Ross and Justin then continued to record their song together, both loving the way it was sounding.  They both knew that it would be a huge hit.  Ross couldn’t stop thinking about R5 though, and Rocky’s words that he yelled at him.  He felt guilty to be here without them, but…there was nothing he could do.

It took a few hours but they finally finished their song.  Ross’s dad had left for a few minutes to finish some errands, and Ross was left with Justin and Selena.  He was still very starstruck to be with them.

“I really like you, you’re nice” Selena told Ross

“yeah, it’s been fun hanging out with you” Justin told him.

“thanks guys, that means a lot” Ross replied.

“maybe sometime we could meet up for a little game of basketball or something” Justin told him

“that’d be great!” Ross exclaimed.  Marcus walked into the room, looking through the door and called Ross over to him.  Ross went into his office, feeling very nervous.

“so, Ross, after hearing your voice and this song, I was astounded by what I heard, and now I am more sure than ever of what I told you” Marcus told him.

“thank you” Ross said nervously, feeling flattered.

“I want you to sign with us” Marcus told him.

“Wait, are you offering me a record deal?” Ross replied, his eyes opening wide in shock.

“yes, yes I am.  We can get started on your album right away, it’ll be great.  I’ll work out all the details” Marcus said with a smile.

“Can you sign R5, my band? All of us together?” Ross asked excitedly.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.  It is you we want.” Marcus replied.

“but…my brothers.  What about my brothers? I can’t abandon them.” Ross responded

“Ross, this is a great opportunity.  You can’t let your brothers hold you back.” Marcus said.

“but…they’re not.” Ross said quietly. 

“You can do so much, you’re gonna go far kid.  But if you let your little family band hold you back, I am afraid you won’t get anywhere.  Sure, it might have been adorable from when you were a kid, but now you need to move on to greater and bigger things.  Ross Lynch, it’s time for you to shine, and drop the chains that aren’t letting you rise.” Marcus said very seriously, feeling Ross’s shoulders.

“I don’t know…” Ross said confused.

“Look Ross, if they love you, they’ll understand.  R5 is just not what people want, people want Ross.” Marcus said harshly.  This offended Ross a little, he loved his band.  But the man that was right in front of him had made artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Beyonce.  So, that’s why he was actually considering it.

“I need to think about it” Ross told him. 

“alright Ross, you take your time.  Here’s my card.” Marcus said giving him his card, a slight wink, and storming out of the room.

When Ross got home he didn’t speak much, he went to their backyard and just laid back on the grass next to their pool.  Millions of thoughts flashed through his mind, he had no idea what to do with Laura, Bella, and now the record deal offer.  He loved his band, but he knew this was a great opportunity.  Then rain started to fall all over his face and body, and Ross just took a deep breath and ignored it.

“Whatever it is.  Remember to trust your heart.” Someone said from behind Ross.  Ross turned his head up and saw that it was Riker.

“We’ll always support you Ross, no matter what. You do your thing, we’ll do our thing.  It’s okay.” Riker told him.

“how do you know?” Ross asked from the ground.

“who says I know? Plus, it doesn’t matter if I don’t or do.  I just know there’s something wrong” Riker said smiling at his brother.  “Chase your dreams.  Everything will work out.” Riker added.

“thanks Riker. So much” Ross said from the ground, smiling. 

After Ross calmed down a bit, he read a text from Bella inviting him to a date at a restaurant.  He quickly and excitedly got ready, and got a ride with Bella’s mother.  They got to the restaurant, Ross was smiling, and Bella was obviously all over him.  Bella was very touchy, her hands were always on Ross’s chest, abs, shoulders, back, and she even grabbed his butt a few times.  They were walked to their table, and on their way there, Ross noticed something that filled him with anger…

Cody and Laura.  At one of the tables.  Kissing.

Please comment.  13 comments for next episode. LONG Comments make my life, tell me what you thought of the episode. Favorite part, least favorite, comments, parts that made you laugh, favorite quotes, parts that you hated, comment on my writing, ANYTHING.  Just let me know what YOU THINKS. 

1) Should Ross take the record deal?
2) What do you think of Riker?
3) Did you like the episode?
4) Favorite part? favorite quote?
5) What do you think its gonna happen at the restaurant?
6) comment on anything.

THANKS FOR THE LONG COMMENTS ON THE LAST EPISODE!!!!! Comments inspire me to keep writing. :D


  1. GREAT ( like always:) Please put me in it @ElanaMarie6 as Elana

  2. 1) Never!! I would cry so hard if he did!!
    2) he's so sweet!!
    3) yess
    4) loved when Ross said that his brothers wont holding him back
    5) Ross and Cody get in a fight and this chikka Lexi breaks it up ;)
    6) I love it and Lexi should definitely come back ahehe :)

  3. 1. it's true what marcus said. if they love him, they won't get mad at him for chasing his dreams.
    2. this is making me a riker fan.
    3. it was short, but the end get's me so anticipated.
    4. not to be mean, butt he part where ross sees laura and cody kissing. suspenseful.
    5. i was thinking that ross would ignore laura and cody, but laura notices him, so she starts to feel something again. then she starts to realize that she has to be true to herself so she tells cody how she feels, but cody forces himself on her despite the audience, nd ross come's to the rescue. then they confess & start dating?

  4. 1)no I want R5 to have the record deal alllll of them
    2)Riker is the best Brother in the whole entire world!!
    3) yup like always
    4)when Riker gave Ross advice
    5)Ross might knock Cody out
    6)I don't no why Ross got excited to go to his date with Bella he doesn't even like her...


  5. 1) It's so true what marcus said and riker, but i have no idea...
    2) I think he's a great brother :3
    3) Yes i did, I CANT WAIT FOR 13!!!
    4) Favorite part and quote when Riker told Ross to follow his heart. :)
    5) I think Ross is gonna get all angry and be in RAGE :D that'd be awesome.
    6) everytHing. and anything. looovvveee <333


  6. 1) Should Ross take the record deal? YES! but i think he should at least let the record producer hear R5

    2) What do you think of Riker? I LOVE HIM!!! <333

    3) Did you like the episode? no, i absolutly hated it... WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT ?! OF COURSE I LOVED IT!!!

    4) Favorite part? favorite quote? riker giving ross advice.. and the quote "it doesn’t matter if I don’t or do. I just know there’s something wrong" SO TOUCHINGG!

    5) What do you think its gonna happen at the restaurant? SHITTS GUNNA GO DOWNN !! LOL , he might start fighting with laura... maybe ! IDK! but i love it nevertheless!


  7. 1) Should Ross take the record deal? I don't know..I mean it would be a great opportunity for him, but I love R5. I think Marcus needs to hear R5 first and he will probably change his mind! :)
    2) What do you think of Riker? I love him so much! <3 He's so supportive!
    3) Did you like the episode? YES OF COURSE!
    4) Favorite part? favorite quote? Rikers advice to Ross <3 Everything he said to him
    5) What do you think its gonna happen at the restaurant? something bad is about to go down... ;)
    6) comment on anything.

  8. 1) I.. I really don't think he should. I mean, I love Ross, but R5 together is just... A COMPLETE PACKAGE. I don't think it's fair for Ross to take all the fame and fortune.
    2) I LOVE RIKER. I've always loved him, and this makes me love him so much more. He's such a good brother, and i really want to meet him someday.
    3) Is that really a question? No, duh! I loved the episode! I love all your episodes!
    4) " “We’ll always support you Ross, no matter what. You do your thing, we’ll do our thing. It’s okay.” Riker told him." ( I <3 you, Riker)
    5) I think Ross will have had just enough. I think something inside of him will just snap, and maybe he'll kiss Laura again ;) But he and Cody will definitely fight.
    6) Write more!

  9. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 17, 2012 at 1:08 PM

    1. NO FUCKING WAY. Neverr in a million years. im gonna cry if he does. :/
    2. Riker is soo sweet, i love him. <3
    3. love ittt<3
    4. fav part, when ross & bella walked in the restaurant and saw laura and cody. fav quote: “Whatever it is. Remember to trust your heart.” -riker<3
    5. i think ross is gonna just stare at laura and cody the whole time, and not pay attention to bella.
    6. sooo amazing so far, cant wait for the next one<3

  10. 1. Noo. I love R5!
    2. I think he's supporting Ross no matter what. Its so sweet of him.
    3. Yepp.
    4. My favorite part is when Ross sees Cody and Laura kissing, My favorite quote
    Is what Riker said to Ross about being always there for him.
    lol i seem weird right now.

  11. Oops im the one above ^^^
    5. What do you think is going to happen in the restaurant?
    I think Laura will see Bella and Ross and Laura try to make each other jealous.