Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 4

 With gueststars: 

“Don’t worry Ross. I got it.” Raini said with a smile.  She bent down a little, and slowly started licking the ice cream from his abs.  Raini tasted his sweat, mixed with the vanilla ice cream touch her tongue.  Ross moved back abruptly, opening his arms in a signal of confusion. 

“Raini, what the fuck are you doing?” Ross said pushing Raini’s tongue from his abs.

Raini freaked.  She had no idea what took over her.  One minute she was talking to him, the next minute she was licking his abs.  She wiped her tongue with her hand and gave him an awkward smile.

“Um, Ross…I’m sorry.  It’s just…well… I really like the ice cream…and…I…I didn’t want it to go to waste” Raini said awkwardly.

“well…okay.  Im just glad it didn’t fall somewhere else then…” Ross said with a laugh.  “but that was pretty gross to be honest, Im all sweaty and stuff”

“It was delicious” Raini blurted.

“what?” Ross said, creeped out.

“The ice cream was delicious.  That’s what I meant!” Raini said quickly.

“oh, okay, alright” Ross told her.

Laura and the rest of the guys watched what happened from the other side, and they all laughed to themselves. 

“well Raini is weird” Riker whispered.

Ross walked back to the group, this time putting on his shirt over his sexy sweaty body.  Laura felt herself turning a little sad that she could no longer stare at his flawless body.

“What was all that about?” Rawand told Ross.

“I really don’t know cuzz, she just…randomly started licking ice cream off my abs.  It was so random” Ross said back quietly.

“Do you think she likes you?” Rawand asked.

“I don’t think so…I hope not.  I think she just…really likes the ice cream” Ross said chuckling.  “But a lot of girls want to take a turn at the Ross machine, so who knows” Ross said with a wink.

“Hey bro, us guys need to go, alright” Rocky said to Ross, giving him a cool handshake.  He left, with the rest of the guys from the football game following behind.

“don’t talk about her too loud, you’re embarrassing her.  She left all sad” Laura said pointing to Raini who was half way back at the Disney Studios building.

Then a red Ferrari pulled by them and lowered its window.  Inside, was none other than Justin Bieber. 

“Hey, guys.  Have you seen Selena Gomez around?” Justin said casually.

“oh my god” Laura exclaimed.

“Is that who I think it is?” Calum said excitedly.

“great.” Ross said rolling his eyes.

“oh yeah, I forgot you don’t like him” Calum said.

Laura ran to the car. “oh my god, you’re Justin Bieber!”

“Yes.  I am.” Justin said smiling.

“Stop embarrassing yourself Laura, jeez” Ross said to her.

“Excuse me guys” Selena Gomez said sweetly pushing through them, going on Justin’s car.

“OH MY GOD! YOU’RE SELENA GOMEZ!” Ross said way too overly excited.

“oh, I, you’re from that new Disney show Austin and Ally, right?” Selena replied.

“YES! I am! Thanks for recognizing me” Ross said, smiling widely.

“Get on the car Sel, we need to go” Justin said from inside.

“wait a sec Justin” Selena said.

Selena and Justin both quickly signed autographs for Calum, Ross, and Laura.
“Hey dude, I’ve actually meant to talk to you recently.  I’ve heard a couple of your songs, they’re tight. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to work with me on a song” Justin said to Ross with a smile.

“Whoah, yeah, of course, wow, thanks, whoah, I’m honored” Ross replied. 

“yeah sure, as long as you don’t keep trying to hit on my girlfriend” Justin said with a laugh.

“of course. I’m sorry.  It’s just, she’s…really really…” Ross said, and then looked at Selena’s face.  “gorgeous” he finished.

“aw, thanks sweety” Selena replied.

Laura rolled her eyes, feeling a little bit jealous.  “Well, Justin is freaking sexy” she said.

Ross opened his mouth a little angrily. “But Selena is the definition of sexy, she’s so hot”.

“Oh yeah?” Laura exclaimed.  “Well Justin is fucking-”

“whoah, guys.  Calm down” Justin interrupted.

“It’s so cute how you guys like each other though” Selena told them.  “falling in love is amazing” she said, giving Justin a cute look.

“WHAT!?” Ross and Laura said at the same time.

“I don’t like her!” Ross exclaimed.

“Yeah, I don’t like him either” Laura said quietly.

“How could I ever like a girl like that?” Ross added.

“ouch” Selena said with an unpleasant face.

“dude…harsh” Justin said, biting his lip.

Laura gulped.  She felt tears forming in her eyes.  She held them back.  She bit her lip, trying to make the pain from his words go away.

“Don’t worry Ross.  You don’t have to worry about me, and how much I disgust you anymore.  Bye” she said as she walked away from him.

“Laura! Please! Wait!” Ross said, extending his arm towards her, but she kept walking.  “That’s not what I meant!” he added.

“you better get your butt over there and make her smile.  Girls are sensitive, you know?” Selena told him.

“yeah, and here’s my number” Justin said giving Ross a paper.  “so we can work on the song”

“whoah, thanks guys, thanks Justin for this opportunity, and thanks Selena for the advice.  You’re so hot” Ross blurted out.  “I mean…pretty”


“Why are you crying Laura?” Raini told Laura.

“It’s nothing. Im sorry.  Just..go.  Ross is yours.  You can have him.” She told her.

“I wish.  It’s not like he’d date a girl like me anyways.  I mean, just look at me.” Raini said sadly.  “Bella was right.”

“well, it’s not like he’d date me either” Laura said sadly, swallowing her tears. “But you know what? I don’t give a fuck, CAUSE I DON’T LIKE HIM!”

“um…guys…you do know Im right here” Calum said awkwardly.  

Alright guys! It's question time! Thanks so much for the comments on the last episode, I LOVE FEEDBACK, and it inspires me to keep writing.  I got juicy long comments and I loved them, it made me smile. So thank you.  So much. I read them all <3

1) What was your favorite part of THIS episode?
2) Do you think Ross was too harsh with Laura, or do you think he was right with what he did?
3) Do you feel bad more for Laura or Raini?
4) Did you like Justin and Selena's appearance?
5) Would you mind if I added some sexual scenes in future episodes, or would that bother you?
6) suggestions? comments? questions for me? :-) (I'll answer them on Twitter)


  1. 1) when Laura and ross were arguing over whose sexier lol
    2) I think he was a little harsh but I see where he's coming from
    3) umm can I say Calum he just got caught in the middle
    4) yess
    5) nopee
    6) lovin it so far:) hehe

  2. 1) When Laura and Ross were arguing about how hot Selena and Justin were.
    2) he was harsh
    3) Laura duhh
    4) Yeah
    5) Oh hell yes! U shud totally do that!!<3
    6) Would you consider putting me in one of your episodes? (Doesn't matter which one)

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  4. 1) What was your favorite part of THIS episode? i sorta like the apperence... i dont like Justin Beiber though, but he worked out in the story
    2) Do you think Ross was too harsh with Laura, or do you think he was right with what he did? i think he was being a butt hole when he said that!! that was MEAN!!
    3) Do you feel bad more for Laura or Raini? Laura... SHE LIKES HIM!! and they belong together
    4) Did you like Justin and Selena's appearance? yeah
    5) Would you mind if I added some sexual scenes in future episodes, or would that bother you? umm... depends... if its TOO extreme , i dont think i'd be able to watch the show ever again... but you know, some hooking up!
    6) suggestions? comments? questions for me? :-) (I'll answer them on Twitter) nope , everythings good !!

    but seriously... the pic of shirtless ross... UR KILLING ME HERE!!! but, GODDAMNIT hes a sexy mofo !!!!

  5. ohh , the sexy mofo one was me , @the_Livvieee <33

  6. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 6, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    1. My favorite part was when Ross and Laura were fighting about Justin and Selena.
    2. Yes! Ross was mean :P
    3. Laura totally, Raini's just creepy.
    4. Yeah, they helped Ross out.
    5. I dont mind, (:
    6. Omg, Laura and Ross NEED to be together, Ross needs to apoligize! Lol, and I'd be honored to be in one of these, Hollie is my name(: (@_HollieR5)
    Thanks(: this is great so far! :D

  7. When Ross was acting wierd around salena when he saw her
    That was harsh
    Do noy make it to wierd
    Love it great writer

  8. 1)Whem Calum heard laura and raini talking
    4)not justin bieber but yes to selena
    5)that would be AWESOME
    6)add cameron boyce!!!!- the pennster @thepennster234

  9. 1)when Ross freaked when he saw Selena
    2)i wouldve paniced and said that
    4)yeahh!!! You read my comment in the other episode!! :D
    5)I'm ok with it
    6)awesome :)

    -Jaiinessa (@loveDEMdashians)

  10. When Ross was like oh gawd justins hre.
    no i like selena but justin beaver is stupid

  11. I Felt that laura she did like ross but she told that she didnt like him

  12. Omg it was hilarious when calum is like I'm right here guys