Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 3

She looked to her left and she couldn’t believe what she saw.  It was Ross.  Drinking from a water bottle.  Ross was shirtless, his pants were rolling low, exposing his striped boxers.  He was sweaty from the football he had just been playing.

Laura took a deep breath.  She felt herself lose her balance.  This was the hottest thing she had ever seen with her eyes. 

Ross pulled away from the bottle and spotted Laura, he ran his fingers through his hair and walked towards her.  Laura felt her heart beating faster, she tried looking away, but she couldn’t stop checking out his body.

“Hi Laura, you came just in time to watch us finish our little game of football”  Ross told Laura with a smile.

Laura was blinking a lot, she couldn’t look Ross straight in the face, she couldn’t make eye contact with her.  She started sweating and getting nervous.  “whoah Ross, where…w-w-w-where are the others?” she asked.

“They’re right on the other side of that wall” he said pointing to the side of the building.  “I just came back quickly to get a bottle of water, it’s so damn hot!” Ross told her. 

“whoah.  Yeah, I can see that. So. Damn. Hot” Laura said licking her lips. 

“Are you okay Laura, you’re acting kind of weird…” Ross said confused.

Laura started thinking to herself: “omg. Laura. LOOK AT HIM!  No. DON’T LOOK AT HIM.  You can’t make it obvious.  But, oh god, his body looks so good.  I need to say something, Im just standing here…thinking of how hot he is…” Laura thought.

“I thought you said you didn’t work out” Laura told him.

“I don’t.  I just do a lot of crazy sports, but I never work out.  It’s boring.” Ross said proudly.

“Well, um, you kind of have a nice body” Laura said blushing.

“Oh thanks!” Ross said, feeling a little shy as well.  Laura saw the trail of sweat trail down from Ross’s jawline, down his neck, through his chest, and down his sexy abs.  Laura licked her lips, as she fantasized in her mind, she could barely think, she couldn’t even remember why she came out here in the first place.

“Now, I know I’m all sweaty and all, but come on, give me a little hug” Ross said, teasing her.

“No! ew! You’re all sweaty Ross!” Laura said pushing away.

“Come on, you know you want a hug.  Come on now” Ross said pulling himself towards her.  Teasing her.

There was nothing Laura wanted to do more than give him a hug.  She didn’t care that he was sweaty.  She wanted to be in his arms, feel his body against hers.  But she knew she couldn’t.  She couldn’t do that to Raini.  She couldn’t admit her feelings. 

“No Ross, you’re all sweaty and gross!” Laura said, laughing, pushing Ross away with her arms.  He was too strong though, he managed to pull in his bare sweaty body against her, and wrapped his body against her.

“Gotcha!” Ross said laughing.

“AH!” Laura said, laughing some more. “NO! Help me, someone!” she added. 

“Am I interrupting something?” Raini said, walking out the door.

In a flash, Ross let go of Laura and placed his hands on his pockets.  Laura’s smile faded as she looked awkwardly towards the ground.

“Hi Raini” Ross said awkwardly.

“Raini, we were just playing, I was just-” Laura started speaking.

“You know what Laura? Save it.” Raini said as she went back inside the building.

“You guys okay?” Ross said confused.

“Yeah, it’s just…girl stuff.  Don’t worry about it.” Laura lied.  “I’m gonna go talk to her”

Ross raised his eyebrows in confusion, picked up the water bottle and went back to his friends.  As he ran, he opened the bottle and sprayed the cold water over his athletic body to cool himself down. 

“Finally back bro!” Riker said.

Roshen Fegan and the boys from Shake it Up were there, along with the ANT farm guys, and the boys from Big Time Rush, and other non-famous guys.  All ready to play some football.

They played for about 30 minutes, the heat from the sun blazing over them, making Ross sweat like crazy.  A few minutes later, the guys saw Raini, Laura and another girl named Rawand (@RawandandAllissa) coming towards them.

The guys stopped playing football.

“Hey guys!” Rocky said.

“coming to watch us play?” Riker added.

“Our team is losing big time…” Logan from Big Time Rush said.  He couldn’t help but snicker at his own joke.  “get it? Big time rush?” he added with a laugh.

The girls were carrying a large cupped plate, with ice cream cups inside.  “The director from Austin and Ally sent these”.

The guys all excitedly grabbed their ice creams.  “Thanks guys!” Ross said sweetly.  “Hi cuzz” he said to his cousin Rawand as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Raini slowly pulled Ross aside, and they started talking and joking as they both ate their ice creams.  Ross is so much taller than Raini, so she was always looking up at him.  Ross’s athletic body would flex whenever he stretched, and he moved his arms, and Raini couldn’t stop looking at his hot body.  Laura looked at them every once in a while from the other side of the court, feeling a little jealous.  Ross felt some of the ice cream from accidentally spill over his abs. 

“Oh crap!” he said. “crap. Crap. Crap!”

“Don’t worry Ross. I got it.” Raini said with a smile.  She bent down a little, and slowly started licking the ice cream from his abs.  Raini tasted his sweat, mixed with the vanilla ice cream touch her tongue.  Ross moved back abruptly, opening his arms in a signal of confusion.  

“Raini, what the fuck are you doing?”

QUESTIONS (leave your answers in the comments below)
1) What was your favorite part?
2) Who's your favorite character and why?
3) What was your least favorite character? 
4) Do you like Ross and Laura together?
5) What do you think of Raini?
6) What celebrity do you think should appear in this series?

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  1. Omg I love it!! I like the part when Ross is like "Raini, what the fuck are u doing!"
    Can u put me inthe next one?? On twitter I'm Ross is amazing @iluvrosslynchr5

  2. 1) My favorite part is when you were describing Ross shirtless. Lol
    2) umm Ross because he's all like sweet and stuff.
    3) um I'd have to sayyy Raini she's a little.... awkward
    4) yeah kinda, a little bit....
    5) she is awkward and different..... I guess
    6) Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautnersonchell.
    Ohh and anyone you add like Lexi will they appear in the story later?? Its @ImLexiR5

  3. Lmfao! :) Ross Gave Me A Kiss On The Cheek!

    Woah! Getting A Little Steamy At The End There.. Err Is It Possible For Me To Be In The Next Part Too? :)

    Excited For The Next Part!

    1) When Ross said "Hey Cuzz" And Gave Me A Kiss On The Cheek.
    2) Pshft Ross, He's A Sexy Beast Daahh!! :P
    3) "The Guys From ANT Farm" They're Like 12 Playing With 16+ Year Olds. Ross Could've Accidently Stepped On Them :P
    4) In The Story.. HELL YES! In Real Life.. She better back off. Ross is mine.
    5) That last part was a total turn off. She'll never get Ross.
    6) Hmm.. lmfao. John Cena! Jks. :) The story is perfect the way it is!

    I'm SERIOUSLY EXCITED for the next epp. Possible to post it now? :P

    You're Amazing At Writing Stories. If you got writers block you know how to DM me!

  4. ok, u have officially KILLED ME!!! i can't, my emotions!! this is worsee than beforeee! the whole describing Ross' body, his sweat, HIS ABS?! i can't u LOVE to torture me!!

    also, im a BTR fan too, and i LOVE Logan's little joke ;P soo cute!

    and Raini , WTF?!?! i want to punch her for that!! that was just wrong!!!

    now to answer ur questions...

    1) What was your favorite part? them hugging :D and Ross... just him being shirtless made my day!
    2) Who's your favorite character and why? at first, i liked Raini, then she became a bitch to Laura, now i have to say Laura!
    3) What was your least favorite character? Raini...
    4) Do you like Ross and Laura together? no, just as much as i hate puppies... R U SERIOUS?! i LOVE THEM TOGETHER!! I SHIP THEM SOOOO HARDD!
    5) What do you think of Raini? she was cool at first (wasnt into the whole Rosini thing at all though) but after what just happened and how she has been treating Laura, I HATE HER!
    6) What celebrity do you think should appear in this series? umm, you can't just stop there with BTR, i'd LOVE to see them again. if not, then maybe someone like Victoria Justice... idk its up to you!

    i LOVE this story so so so much!! please update soon !!

    -@the_Livvieee <3

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  6. 1) ross being shirtless :D
    2) ross because hes really flirty
    3) raini... shes a little weird
    4) yes!!
    5) shes weird and akward... and a little creepy
    6) one direction!!!

    also, i would love to be one of the episodes as a little role or something (: Jaclyn (@RossSquad1)

    I LOVE YOUR THIS STORY!! all three episodes are AMAZING!! :D

  7. 1)ross playing around with laura
    5)awkward and creepy

  8. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 5, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    1. When Ross is drinking from the water bottle & he's all hot and sweaty or when Raini licked Ross' abs.
    2. Ross, cause he's freaking sexy!
    3. Either Bella causes she's a bitch or Raini cause she's awkward.
    4. Um, yess!
    5. She's super awkward! and creepy.
    6. Could you put me in one of your episodes? (: @_HollieR5 & One Direction.

  9. ahhh oh my GOD! <3 that was insane! I can't take it ahh

    1. The way Ross was acting and explaining his body! <333 And when he was like Raini what the f*** are you doing haha
    3. hah well Raini was being really awkward haha and Laura because i'm jealous of her ;)
    4. ohh the jelousyyyy <3 ;)
    5. awwwwkkkkwaaarrrdddd hehe
    6. hmmm idk? :)

  10. 1) Where you described him shirtless and sweaty;)
    2) Ross! Da-Der! He's like a sexyy beast!
    3) Raini. Mostly cuz she needs to understand that he's Lauras man and she's like putting up and attitude and awwkward.
    4) nahh I like me And Ross. Lmfao jkk. Yesh I like them together.
    5) awkward and kindaa creepyy.
    6) idk..
    And can you add me in the next episode please??(:

  11. thanks for all the comments guys! It means A LOT. =)


  13. 1) when Ross was shirtless
    4)yep I'll only let ross date her
    6)Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ;)

  14. omg i love it..maybe ease up on swearing a bit but oh well!!! i LOVE your writing!!!!!

  15. 1.) When Raini licked Ross's abs!
    2.)Ross Lynch
    3.)Raini, because she needs to know that Ross has other things to do.
    4.)Ya that would be cute!!(ME AND ROOS WOULD BE BETTA!!!!

  16. i really thank Ross so very sexy and and him and Laura is very cute couple it is true? 1st: My favorite part when Ross said Come on, you know you want a hug and then pulling himself towards her and as he was Teasing her.
    There was nothing Laura wanted to do more than give him a hug. She didn't care that he was sweaty. She wanted to be in his arms, feel his body against hers. But she knew she couldn't. She couldn't do that to raini. She couldn't admit her feelings.“No Ross, you’re all sweaty and gross!” Laura said, laughing, pushing Ross away with her arms. He was too strong though, he managed to pull in his bare sweaty body against her, and wrapped his body against her. 2nd Who's my favorite character is
    Ross because when he's shirtless has hot abs and he sexy has hell? 3rd: my least favorite character raini she dies not look good with Ross at all. 4th: raini is bitch to Laura in the story. 6th: IDK