Monday, January 23, 2012

A Rosstastic Story- Episode 15

“Ross?  Laura?” a voice said from behind.

Ross and Laura froze, immediately becoming nervous. 

Then Ross saw who it was. “oh my god, what the heck are YOU doing here?”

Laura’s heart started beating fast, and not in the good way like when she saw Ross.  She immediately stood up, and fixed up her hair awkwardly. 

“Raini…hi!” Laura exclaimed with a nervous laugh.  “nice running into you here”

“what were you two doing?” Raini said angrily, disappointment in her eyes.

Ross gave a nervous sexy smile as he scratched the back of his head, “um, just…stuff.” He said.

“stuff?  I just saw Laura, she was about to-” Raini started saying

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Ross interrupted.

“Well, I got a call from Bell- um… you know what. It doesn’t matter why I’m here, what matters is why you two were here” Raini said loudly.

“well” Ross said as he took Laura’s hand.  “Me and Laura are dating now” he told her.

“dating? You two are dating? This doesn’t look like dating to me, it looks like…” Raini said, she tried to hold back some tears as she turned around towards Laura. “what happened to loyalty, huh, Laura?”

“I’m so sorry Raini” Laura said, trying to pull in for a hug.

Raini quickly rejected her hug. “don’t touch me.  Don’t even look at me.  I can’t believe you…you know how I felt about Ross”

“But Raini, we’re best friends, I’m sorry!  I just…” Laura said

“friends? That’s funny.  Cause all I see in front of me is a lying backstabber” Raini told Laura.

“Raini that’s enough! We spoke about this, there’s no chance between us, leave Laura alone” Ross yelled loudly.

“I get it Ross.  I get it.  You’ll never like me.  Just look at me, and look at you.  I’m nothing, and I know that…I was living a dream, and I wanted my happily ever after.  I wanted my prince charming.  I wanted you Ross to be my prince charming” Raini said, tears rolling down her cheek.  “I’m fat and ugly, I was stupid for falling for a guy like you, but hey, you can’t control your heart, no can you” she said.

Ross gulped.  He didn’t know what to say.

Laura started crying, she felt so bad.  “Raini-”

“don’t talk to me Laura.  Never talk to me again.  I might have to see you when we work, but that’s all” she said, as she walked away.

“Raini come back!” Laura yelled after her, but it was no use.

Ross buttoned up his shirt.  He looked at Laura and gave her a half-smile.  “shall we continue?”

“Ross!” Laura said, hitting on his chest.  “did you just hear all that happened? How can you be so insensitive?”

“but baby” Ross said, pulling her chin up with her hand.  He leaned in closer to him, his hips less than an inch away from hers.  “I just want you to be happy.”

“Don’t do that Ross” Laura said, pushing him away.

“do what?” Ross asked feeling frustrated.

“that hot-thing were you’re incredibly irresistible and I can’t think straight.  Please stop it” Laura said, half-jokingly.

“ha, I’m not sure I can” he told her, giving her a little wink.

“I’m serious Ross, I don’t think we can be together.  I have to be faithful to Raini” Laura told him, looking down.

“what?” Ross said, his flirty smile fading away.  “you can’t, you can’t do that.  are you seriously gonna put her over your own happiness?  Are you gonna put her over what we feel for each other?”

“well…” Laura said, feeling confused.

“ugh! You can’t do that Laura!” he said, walking away in frustration, running his hand over his hair.  He turned back to her, “you can’t be that selfish!”

“Ross, you are not in a place to be talking to me like that, may I remind you of your little escapades with Bella and Zendaya?” Laura said, raising an eyebrow.

“I already explained all that to you, we were over that so don’t even bring it up, plus, what are you talking about? You were licking my abs a few minutes ago” Ross said teasingly.

“oh shut up Ross!” Laura said rolling her eyes, smirking at him. “fine, I’m sorry, but I just need some time to think.  Raini is one of my best friends, I can’t abandon her”

“but, why do you always need to think of her? Why can’t she think of you? She’s not being a very good friend either” Ross questioned.

“Ross, she told me since the beginning, she always liked you, I never even admitted it to her, she always had dibs.  It’s a girl thing.  I failed her.” She told him.

“dibs? What am I, the last donut in a box? I’m a guy, a human being with feelings.  And these feelings really care about you Laura.”

Laura said nothing.  She just took a deep breath.  She wanted Ross.  She wanted him really bad.  And Ross knew this.

“Alright, alright…I’m sorry” Laura told him.  “It’s just…I don’t know…I can’t stand her being mad at me, we’re best friends”

“and we’re best friends too” he told her, giving her a wink.

“but didn’t you hear what she said?  She’s insecure about herself and feels terrible about herself, we should do something” she told him.

“like what?” Ross said, not really wanting to talk about it.  He got closer to her, trying to corner her once more.

“how about you go on a date with her?” Laura said, smiling at him.

“um, what? Heck no!” he exclaimed, feeling nearly disgusted by her suggestion.

“Ross, please” she said, putting her hand on his jawline.  She kissed his jawline a little, Ross immediately closed his eyes, then she pulled away. “for me?”

“Laura, you don’t understand…” Ross said, thinking about Raini’s creepy room.  He knew Raini had an unhealthy obsession for him, and he did not want to encourage her feelings.  “Raini…creeps me out” was all he managed to say.

“Ross! Don’t be rude! She just has a crush on you!” Laura said, annoyed by his comment.

“Laura, you don’t know everything.  Raini…” Ross couldn’t bring himself to say it, he didn’t even know how he would explain it.  “Raini has tried to do things to me, kind of forced, she has posters of me and-”

“Ross, that’s not so bad! I’m telling you it’s just a crush.  Listen, all you gotta do is go on a date with her, set her straight, tell her you’re just gonna be friends but that you really like her a lot, end it on good terms.  Maybe that way, she’ll forgive me, and well…we can all be happy” Laura suggested.

Ross took a deep breath, “fine”

“AH! YES!” Laura said, squealing in excitement, as she kissed him on the cheek repeatedly.  “thank you thank you thank you!” she exclaimed.

“no problem…” Ross said unexcitedly.  Deep down he knew he was making a bad decision.

She looked up at him, and licked her lips.  He was so much taller than her, she needed to look up at him and he looked down.  She rested her head on his chest, as he wrapped his hands around her waist. 

“promise me something Laura” he said, sounding very worried.  “you won’t let anything come between us.  No matter how bad things might seem to get, always remember, people throw rocks at things that shine.  Promise me you won’t give up on our love so easily”

“I promise” she assured him.

Ross smiled, looked up at the stars once more, and rested his chin on her head. “so…um…are we gonna finish what we started?” he said, in a sexy teasing voice.

“I don’t think so” she said laughing.

“didn’t think so” Ross replied, laughing in disappointment.  The cool breeze from the night blew at them, but they kept warm, in each other’s arms.

~The Next Morning in the Lynch home kitchen~

“Didn’t go nowhere, never left, UH!” Ross said, wearing only a white v-neck t-shirt, socks and boxers as he spread some peanut butter on a toast.  Dancing from side to side.

“well, someone’s happy” Ross’s dad said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Yes! I’m very happy! I got the girl! I got Laura!” Ross said, very excitedly to his father.

“That’s great news son, I’m very happy for you” he answered. 

“Hey you, Mr. Superior-Brother” Rocky said, in an annoyed tone.

Ross rolled his eyes. “what is it?”

“It’s a phone call from you, apparently a big music agent wants to talk to you” he said, smacking the phone on top of the counter and storming off the room.

“Yes?” Ross said nervously.

“Hello, Ross? Ross Lynch?” the man asked.

“Yes, it’s me” Ross replied.

“It’s me Marcus Welman here, I just played some of your vocal tracks here to a couple of my supervisors.  They really want to meet you.  This record deal is pretty much made for you”

Ross was nervous, but he still smiled.

Please comment.  13 comments for next episode. I GOT 21 COMMENTS ON MY LAST EPISODE. Thank you, you guys made me really happy.  And I also got so many super long comments, and ONE JUMBO-HUGE LONG COMMENT. Not even kidding, I was so happy, that you guys take the time to give me feedback.  It inspires me to keep writing and keep going! Hope you guys liked this episode!

1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part?
2) What were your favorite quotes? 
3) What did you of Raini being there and surprising them?  Who called her?  What do you think of what she said?  
4) Do you think Laura's idea is a good one?  Should Ross tell her what he knows about Raini?
5) Do you want Ross to take the solo-artist record deal?

Comments inspire me to keep writing. :D  LOVE YOU GUYS! :D 


  1. It was Rossome!
    1.) fave part: all of them; i hav no least fave part ;)
    2.) "Promise me you won't give up on our love so easily"
    3.) weird; bella thorne, um, i really don't know.
    4.) Kinda, not really cause Raini might get even more into him. um, yes so maybe he won't have to go long with the plan.
    5.) um, sure why not?
    your story was really really Rossome, it is really hard for me to find least favorite parts because it was all so good! your an amazing writer! i've tried to write stories before but they aren't any good. but their about vampires (which i'm totally obsessed with). um, it was really surprising when Raini was the one who walked up to them cuz i really thought it would be either Calum or Riker for some reason. can you try to bring Calum more into the story if you want. it was really really great. things have really changed since the beggining of the story. but it's getting better and better! keep on writing your doing an awesome job on it! i can't get enough of these stories! their too good to ever stop reading! they've really got me hooked! well, anyways, awesome story, i really liked it! it was so amazing! Good Job! :)
    ~Alyssa - @AlyssaLuvsRoss

  2. I knew it would be Raini!! Awwh I feel so bad for her, but I love Laura and Ross together <3 It was cute how he stood up for Laura and I loved when you said he did that head scratching thing because hes done it on the show before and it's so adorable! I think it's nice that Laura cares about her friendship with Trish even after all the things she said to her. Trish was pretty harsh but I guess she was just jealous..It's also really sweet of Laura to let Ross go on a date with her too. I hope he works everything out with Raini so she won't be mad at Laura anymore and maybe somewhat get over him, but I have a feeling something bad might happen on the date. Hopefully Bella and Cody don't plan anything to ruin Ross and Laura's relationship..I'm pretty positive Bella called her and told her to go to the park. I think it's so adorable when Ross flirts with Laura, they are like the cutest couple ever :) It was so cute when Ross was singing in the morning and telling his dad how happy he was.
    As for the record deal I have no idea whats going to happen! I mean It's a great opportunity for Ross but I wouldn't want him to leave R5 and I don't want his family to be mad at him like Rocky seemed to be. I think that Marcus and the others need to listen to R5 first so they can see how incredible Ross is with the band too. I mean, maybe he could do both? But I don't know if that would work out..I don't know..
    Anyway, I love your story so much and I can't wait for the next part! I hope Raini forgives Laura so everything can go back to almost being normal and Ross and Laura can have their perfect relationship ;) I would hate to see them being mad at each other effect their show. Loved this episode! <33 - Bailey ( @LIV3_LAUGH_LOVE )

  3. 1. My favorite part was when Ross and Laura had their little cuddly moment. Least favorite part was when Raini interrupted them and got mad at Laura. If she was really a best friend, she would have accepted Ross and Laura, not get all mad and pissy about it.
    2. My favorite quote was what Laura said about Raini being her best friend and how she wouldn't betray her. She's putting her feelings aside so her best friend wouldn't get hurt while Raini doesn't care at all. Like if she doesn't get Ross, no one can.
    3. Bella called Raini to come because she knew of Raini's feelings. I was kind of annoyed because Ross and Laura got interrupted. I think what she said to Laura was very disrespectful. She needs to learn that she can't get everything in life. She also needs to get it in her head that Ross likes Laura and vice versa.
    4. I don't think Laura should have told Ross to go on a date with Raini. Honestly, I think Raini's being selfish. Ross should definitely be honest and tell Laura what happens so she would understand.
    5. I think Ross should take it. It would hurt his family's feelings but he needs to expand his experiences to get bigger. He can't always be in the shadows of his siblings. If they love him, they should understand. I think that if someone else got a record deal, Ross would definitely be cool with it.

    Can't wait for the next episode. (;

  4. Awesome story do more everyone loves it especially me!you should make this a book my favorite part was probably when the finaly when out my least favorite was when Raini found out. I really don't have a favorite quote.. When I found out that Raini found out I was pretty scared at first but then Ross said he would go on a date with Raini and setting things strait. I think she is the good one and he should tell Laura it would be better. Well it depends would he be able to still see Laura

  5. Love it can't comment big I'm on my phone so yea.

  6. ....... I know how Raini feels... feeling like she's not good enough for anyone... because look at him... how could I be with someone like HIM. I mean he's perfect, cute, and really talented. And im ugly, fat, and no talent whatsoever... okayy now the questions
    1. Favorite part... when Ross was dancing in his boxers!! ;]
    Least favorite... nothing!!
    2. My favorite quote was ~le types entire episode here~ :]
    3. Ummmm Bella called her... that little skank :|
    4. Laura's idea is horrible!! Ross should tell her what happened ~le nods approvingly~
    5. No.... I would cry my effin eyes out.... look at me im crying thinking about it :'(

  7. ok so my thoughts while reading this:



    OMG LOL 'Ross buttoned up his shirt. He looked at Laura and gave her a half-smile. “shall we continue?”' <-lolol made me giggle.





    "people throw rocks at things that shine" TAYLOR SWIFT FTW WOOO... JAWLINE

    ok so my favorite part was obviously the part with his jawline, as you know i'm a little obsessed. i don't really know a least favorite part, i kinda love it all haha.
    i had a couple favorite quotes haha. my favorite quotes were probably the one with his jawline (obviously.) and the part where its all 'Ross buttoned up his shirt. He looked at Laura and gave her a half-smile. “shall we continue?"' haha it made me giggle. and then i love the line where ross is like “dibs? What am I, the last donut in a box? I’m a guy, a human being with feelings. And these feelings really care about you Laura.” I WAS LIKE AWW<3 and its kinda funny too haa.
    i totally called it, i knew it was raini i just knew it, i totally freaking called it. haha i think this is a good turning point for the story and its a great transition for the date with ross and raini, maybe they'll finish what they started?(; haha i dont want them to be in a relationship though, but i think it would be a good turning point. and raini had a point and i'm glad laura is being a good friend and trying to help her, even though ross doesn't really like raini that way you know? haha i'm totally rambling on right now..
    i think laura's idea is good in the way that it's the thought that counts, but i don't see raini getting much from it other than maybe hooking up with ross (hopefully) and then having it cause even more problems when raini finds out that ross doesn't actually like her that way and that laura just set them up to fix the friendship. and YES ross should tell laura about raini's craziness sooner or later, she needs to know and i kinda wanna know her reaction haha.
    and no! keep the band together, i want rocky to be happy again and ross to be like the hero in the movies doing the right thing you know and turning down a big opportunity for his band, because he has enough talent that he would get another shot but this time with his band you know?
    ok i want the next one now<3<3

  8. I loved it! You should totally put me in it! But otherwise good Idea to have Ross and raini date! -@ElanaMarie6

  9. 1) What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? fave: ross being all happy and stuff! least: when raini came over... it was so awkward.. and I KNEW IT!

    2) What were your favorite quotes? 1) "Just look at me, and look at you. I’m nothing, and I know that…I was living a dream, and I wanted my happily ever after. I wanted my prince charming. I wanted you Ross to be my prince charming" 2) "I’m fat and ugly, I was stupid for falling for a guy like you, but hey, you can’t control your heart, now can you" IT PERFECTLY EXPLAINS ME!!! I CRIED!

    3) What did you of Raini being there and surprising them? Who called her? What do you think of what she said? i wanted to go in the story and drag her away !!! and obvis! bella and cody!! and i loved what she said... only cause its me!! i always feel that waay!

    4) Do you think Laura's idea is a good one? Should Ross tell her what he knows about Raini? no.. only cause raini is a creep when it comes to him... and yes!!

    5) Do you want Ross to take the solo-artist record deal? NO! HE HAS TO STAY WITH HIS BAND!!!!! i wont allow it!!!

    love the story .. as usual! and i knew raini was going to ruin their little moment!!! i want to punch herr!!! >:((((( lol , keep up the good workk ! :D please update soon!


  10. 1) when Ross asked "are we going to finish what we started" or something like that. It's on my bucket list to hear Ross say those words to me!!! Lol!
    2)"didn't go no where never left UH!" my favorite song I listen to it like 100 times a day! Not even kidding!
    3)I think it was Cody and Bella! They might've called her to go to the park to see them making make her feel bad about herself and feel Jealous
    4)I don't think Laura's idea was a good one I mean come on! She's such a good friend to Raini! Raini doesn't even do anything for Raini! Raini knows that Ross likes Laura and she didn't even tell her! Raini isn't a good friend! I think Ross should tell Laura what he knows about Raini! Laura is his girlfriend she needs to know what girls try to give him a BJ! Lol
    5)No is he really cares about his family (R5) he would do anything to get the record deal but with Riker,Rocky,Ratliff,and Rydel! I feel so bad for Rocky! If anything I would make out with him now just to make him feel better! There's a lot of Rocky Lynch fangirls!

    I love your series everynight I check to see if you had written the next episode you are awesome and don't you forget that! :)

  11. i was reading this while wathcing austin and ally i found it really werd

  12. 1. when ross agreed to go on the date with raini! least fav, when the agent guy called at the end of the episode!:/
    2.“that hot-thing were you’re incredibly irresistible and I can’t think straight. Please stop it” (:
    3.Raini shouldnt of went there! she interrupted them! I bet that bitch told her. Bella, that freaking ass mother fucking bitch. i want to STAB HER. Over and over and over and over, well, you get it. I cant believe she said she wanted ross to be her prince charming, THAT WAS CUTE. but he still needs to be with laura.
    4. i think laura's idea was good, but i think raini might do some of the same stuff she did last time. i worried for him. & YESS he needs to tell laura about what happened between him and raini. but shes still a creepy girll.
    Omg, this so sooo fucking amazing, gawd i love it. i hope laura keeps her damn promise about how nothing will come between them. and i hope ross does the same. if they dont, GAWDDD im gonna be mad. urg. ROSS SHOULD FIND RAINI A BOYFRIEND SO SHE CAN GET OVER HIM. or if laura found her a boyfriend. that would be great. i hope the date that raini and ross go on is in public, the whole time, so she cant do anything to him, but what if was like at her house, and he parents werent home, and then like what if she put something in his drink to make him pass out, and then she did all sorts of stuff to him, & laura found out and she would be all mad at raini. that would be interesting. & ross and rocky to need to fucking make up, they need to be cool again because then ross is gonna take the record deal, and the band is gonna break up and its gonna ruin the WHOLE DAMN FAMILY RELATIONSHIP. URG. What if like, ross and rocky were talking on the side walk in the front of their house trying to work things out, and then like a girl come up to rocky and starts hitting on him, that would be interesting. haha, raini should just confess up to laura to what she did to ross. i mean laura would be FURIOUS, but that would be the funny part, LMFAO. Anyways, im gonna be dont know, i think ive put all of my feels out there, okay, once again, I LOVE IT. <333 :D

    1. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 24, 2012 at 4:10 PM

      urg, i put my name in the middle of the paragraphs sorry :)

    2. she already did the thing with the whole drug ross's drink and all that except it was bella and zendaya, it would ruin the story if it happened again

    3. RossLynchGotsswaggJanuary 24, 2012 at 4:59 PM

      no it wouldnt, so shut up anon.

  13. 1. Favorite part is when Ross tells Laura to continue on what they started. Least favorite is when Laura tells Ross to date Raini.
    2. Favorite quote, "Raini... Creeps me out."
    3. That was the worst thing she would do. She is like a stalker, unless she was just going to the park. I think Bella called her. I hate the Bella character. I thought she would say something selfish but yeah she did.
    4. Lauras idea sounds tough. I think Ross should have told her about all the posters and the licking and stuff.
    5. NO. Dont take it. I want R5 to stay, SAY YOULL STAY ROSS.